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1295.45 closed


Silver closed 1516 + 10.xx

Another auto buy placed at 1500


BA are you changing tac to try trading? I don’t know why but I thought you bought at the right price and held for longer larger moves than the silver trade.


Auto positions triggered.

I have taken this small trade as I dont see anything happening over weekend.

I hope to see another dip, I am mentally prepared for a flash dip, much deeper which could last few weeks before both Gold and Silver jump back up.

I do think you will get nearer to your Gold position at least it will minimise your loses but you could make money as well, be vigilant.

USDX has gone above its 50MA its likely to cause havoc and thats what am hoping for, a big havoc


Is anyone looking at shorting Lyft? Unlike GOOG, FB, AMZN, I don’t think either Lyft or Uber have any competitive advantage nor barrier to entry. They remind me of Purplebricks -72% last year - pure hype.


Purplebricks, Spotify ? I am sure there are other examples too.
Lyft IPO document doesnt tell time to get to profit - on top of NO Barrier and no end to competition. Wonder why no one has started London only Uber like service.

Shorting Lyft is a good idea but is that the only trade ?

A wave of IPOs and M&A coming ahead from all direction - Economic Expansion by definition but end of a cycle in other words - slow down by other measure, new start hence slow growth by other view and possible sign of recession.

I would like to make one or two trades for good return -
One is Commodities my main area lately.
Another could be an equity or a Forex.

I want to be able to leave something on its own without having to man it daily or even weekly these days busy with my own little business thing


gold long 1288.98



1290 closed



Closed 1288.4
a loss but glad to be out of it.


very good and thats not a loss


gold long 1289.63



1290.63 closed



gold short @ 1295.35



1294.29 closed



gold long 1288.26


1289.37 closed



gold long 1286.53


1286.53 added long at identical level as prior



I have removed auto buy
USDX is very bullish - broken 9700 today and could easily spike up.
Wait and see
Whilst I will get both positions - pattern doesnt suggest it could bounce that easily


1287.67 this one cl.