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SP 500 long @ 2867.08


SP500 2865.2 long cl. @ 28677.3 + 2.5


ES June 19 long 2857.

Market top 2950 ish. Nearly 100 pt correction. Media reporting trade tariff news. Dumb money sells here. Buy the rumour sell the fact (or viceversa in this case.)

So what are YOU doing?


Sold half 2868 +10 stop or remainder 2857


Sold a quarter 2872 +15points. Free ride on last quarter


Last quarter sold at 2887 + 30 points.

That’s a bone crushing 60 point rally in a couple of hours.

Remember when a story reaches the mainstream media, it’s done. Play it the other way.

Never short in the hole


MacB, I’m very tempted to short the GBPEUR a little heavier than usual.
The way I see it is Brexit party are going to mop up. That will scare markets (BBC will help scare the public) for long enough to exit the trade at good profit.

11 days of drops to your favourite 11520/11480 region?



I was long on the dips, several trades, closed out all for about 50 pts total.



SP500 2856.44 long


2849.44 SP long


2847.19 long SP



2843.69 long SP


1297.82 gold short



1296.84 closed



Sterling is back at 1.152 EUR level again. Personally not taking it as I am busy elsewhere.


Nor will I take it, I see it diving and possibly a long way.

However, breaking news as I type is May is bringing deal back again, under what guise I wonder. There will be a 3 card trick within this one.


Ignoring the political machinations, the inability of Sterling to rally cannot be overlooked. We have been nowhere near the 1.19 area which I anticipated as resistance.


11523 GBP/Euro long



11528 closed + 5.

Would have liked better but was unable to place a protect in stop profit with IG.

Plus I am no FX trader really



11498.4 long GBP/Euro