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1.148 EUR long GBP. 1st Scale 1.151 Stop 1.142


I’m still not sure about the GBPEUR, Farage gets a home run on the 23rd at it’ll dip big time. That’s the buy time for me.

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11471.1 long GBP/Euro add



I don’t trade news, but, this pullback is quite nasty. I just follow my process.


Dipped my toe in the water GBPEUR long 11444


Oh, I like that. My stop is 1.142, which I have missed by a whisker. If this thing slips through the 1.152/1.148 zone without touching the sides, it will tell you a lot


Stopped out 1.142.

This area 1.148/1.152 now becomes important resistance. I could be proved wrong, but, in the years to come people may be saying: “I wish I’d sold GBP at 1.16/1.17”


Gold, silver, euro, Tesla, all my watchlist performing poorly along with my trades.


so nothings changed - USD trying to break past 2800
its gotta go much higher
no point getting in to commodities
silver looks pretty good for a longer term hold


Long TSLA $204.71

More than half of all new cars purchased in Norway are electric. There is no VAT, free parking, you can drive in bus lanes.

The British remain to be convinced


Nice entry MacB, they’ve now lost 12 days on the trot and at lowest since 2016. I suspect you will do handsomely well on this one.


That’s gotta be a long long long


Long Sterling at 1.135EUR


I don’t trade news, but, does Sterling rally or fall if Maximus Old Bagus resigns tonight or early tomorrow?


This TSLA thing is looking like a falling piano. I’m finished averaging down. I will only average up. Unusually for me this is not a trade, it is an investment. Plainly this is getting heavily shorted. At some point the shorts will be crowded out and forced to cover, but, discipline is paramount


It landed on my head, horrid week.


I do not know but perhaps a drop in sterling on news, then perhaps a rally.
The prospect of BoJo as a potential future PM could well freak the markets.




TSLA long @ 18648



Sterling should really see parity with EU. 1:1 but this isnt discussion thread.

Anyway Sterling lower will get USDX higher
That in turn keeps a lid on Commodities Gold Oil etc

Bit more chaos in number 10 then USDX will just propel higher
Time to buy USD


I think you gotta give this one a longer time but should see fruition