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European elections will show 2 main party’s what they refuse to believe. Then incoming PM must react & it cannot be May’s deal re-hashed. Could it go back to 11100, I’d not rule it out. Banks are certainly scared.

It depends on how you see the government taking this forward. Nobody knows, there are so many variables.


SP 500 2828.29 long



2835.19 cl. half + 6.9.

stop at + 2 on remainder



2838.31 cl. remainder + 10



Ok, she’s gone. I’m going to put a stop in a 1.13. Looking to scale at 1.137


Sterling is dropping. 1.132 EUR. The drop from 1.152 to 1.132 has been anything but normal. This was BIG support.


I just noticed that the Sun says “the value of the Pound is climbing against both the Euro and the Dollar” as a result of TM’s resignation. And “Now could be a very good time to buy your holiday money”

Pity they don’t look at the bloody Forex chart.

They have phoned round a coterie of Interbroker FX shops and get wonderful quotes from the teaboy like:

“The Pound is likely to remain unstable for the foreseeable future”

Then we have the sage advice: “Of course any number of events could cause the Pound to go up or down”

Also you should not buy your currency at the airport.

Makes my dental hygienist sound like Greenspan


If Tesla rumours of leaked email are true MacB, then 11th June annual update could see a bounce of some sort once formally announced.


Not familiar with email, however, shorters will most likely cover their positions before the update. They’ve done really well, but, if you were short, you would be looking to book profits


Sold half 1.1375EUR

Again sell the rumour buy the fact. While the masses are addicted to the BBC/Sky “entertainment” coverage of the European elections, Sterling rises. Stop at B/E 1.1325


I put a short in at 11350, funny how we see things.


That looks great at the moment. Where is your first scale?

My remaining portion was stopped at 1.1325.

I will certainly short at 1.148


MacB, I’ve no scales and no stop on board.

I see a greater risk of WTO, I know it may not happen but it probably leans that way in the interim.

BTW, TSLA have a surprise Chinese announcement on Friday.


Closed 11317.2


Nice. Stacking profitable trades. Great job. Always strive to be in the learning mode and maintain a flexible mindset


SP 500 long 2788.45



SP 500 long added @ 2791.45.



ah SP under 2800
this better climb up or the VIX will shoot high


GBPEUR Short @11357, looking for 40pts


Unfortunately I’m stacking a big loss on tsla, hope it returns soon.