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For me, TSLA is not a trade. Apart from L’Oreal it is something I have a multi year timeframe on. That said, I will only average up, on it. I may trade it, but, it’s a stock I want to build up a holding on.


Did you mean pips?


Not sure of a point to a pip. 11317 is limit set, may raise that above 11320 at some point.



You will need some liquidity with TSLA to cover the dips before it rises again


I think we are approaching the last dip for Gold and Silver before retest of 1300/1500 respectively.

Another dip and I am in again


Is it time to buy BA?


Gold and Silver buy Upon the next dip
USDX will stay high and will even get higher
but FED is now much more likely to cut its future rate
rate cut will reduce USDX - after its peaked

giving any dip now to become the bottom


I think September is the first month where the Fed could cut rates. There are two problems: Firstly (something you partially alluded to earlier), the lack of liquidity in the market, and, secondly, the trade negotiations with China, will take years.


Everyone chasing gold. Maybe time to short then ?

1307.64 short.



1308.87 gol short.



1312.16 gold short


1314.06 gold short



Yep looks like a short squeeze - sentiment drive too


This redness is very slow, it seems much deeper
slow drip isnt good

seems too early for this
another interest cut will put wings behind it again

US500 getting closer to 2700 - that will burn


Yes, squeezing me, did part cover with longs at 1317 & 1318, since closed part of the longs.

It is going to be hard to get out intact.



It should go back its too early
Or I think anyway

First wobble will be Rush to USD
That’s not happened yet


25 days to go.


I have to hand it to you MacB, you called this in March.


GBPEUR to dip?