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I think so, or is it the Ford news?


Worrying times MacB


GBP has to dip for many reasons

UK Economy
UK and Brexit
Flight to USD

Biggest drawback to GBP is the flight to USD.
Thats why USD is going up.
Both EU and GBP are under threat.


I’m back in the money on this one.


Good on you, I’m way behind but things have turned a corner. Boost in leu of Tuesday’s ASM?


here comes the dip -
I think this would be the last big dip for commodities

just not sure how deep this will be,
hoping gold and silver to retrace
under 1300 and 14 respectively


Sold $215.02.

I will keep the profit in shares and reinvest again.


I like how you milk everything until it dries up


In all honesty it was a poor trade, however, as soon as the sellers were trapped, it was going to get pretty close to 220.

The important thing was that I didn’t keep averaging down.


you milked it so technically not a poor trade anymore

TSLA has some competition coming up from China and Europe
could be a while turns to profit


TSLA close of 21521 on Monday. I was excited to open up and see a 1.5% gain of 300+ points. But it’s a lie, I’ve noticed this on several occasions.


set an auto order so it does jump you will catch it
why are you getting 2 values from same broker - makes no sense


Not sure BA, it happens often. It opened at 21522


Yes I have set a sale order already at 22500, can see it hitting today. I’d like to catch a spike pre-asm. Good news could take it further.


I said a while back I could see GBPEUR back at 111xx, looks like it may be the case yet.


call IG
they are pretty good unless your screen is showing futures and all sessions mixed up i havent a clue


I must take 225 off the table or accept lower right now. It’ll be good news and hit 240 before friday or it’ll drop back to 117.5 is my guess.

So, sell now or hold. I’ve always like a gamble!


yes this can be tricky give it sometime


Was just points away from closing at 229 but it moved fast as I listened live.

A positive update though and biggest fear should be quashed in a few days with Q2 publications (see article below).
I’d say judging by Elons demina, he was being sincere and restrained. I’m now quite relaxed that tsla will return me a profit over the coming weeks.


GBPEUR short 11250 looking for 11215