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gold short 1355.95



1355.06 short gold add.



Closed 11220


1354.08 short add



Nice shorting soi


1352.6 short add.



Excellent. Stacking profitable trades. Hope you are keeping records. Next stage is to increase size.


No records MacB, I’m planning a large bet on GBPEUR at some point probably a couple of monts down the line.
Tesla still gives me a headache but the good news is as things stand, I will close the week as profitable as I’ve closed since I started trading.
Wish I’d closed at 226 the other day but greed took hold, although I have already really curbed my greed,
I need to learn from soi’s excellent scalping techniques to improve my profitability now.

I mainly trade gbpeur and I read charts again and again every trade. Biggest help was learning to ignore news and trade the flows, however I keep a very careful eye on brexit news and my large play is both planned and dependent on brexit, I am sat in waiting on that one and I am confident for the large play to come.


1351.72 closed



1351.32 closed



1351.04 closed



1350.63 closed



Currently up 29% on my deposit since i started trading late January MacB that’s if I close my losing Tesla at a loss.

I’m very happy with that but well aware it could go belly up at any time.

My profits may slow down as I’m aiming to enter at what I hope is a better price now, however I’m also more likely to place larger stakes as I acclimatise to certain movements and the pace of those movements.

What will really throw a cat amongst the pigeons is the eventual market correction or war.

I’ll be like a deer in the headlights!


you already know certain things always go up during correction or war
just find them and
fingers on the buzzers


1341.57 short gold



1340.56 closed.

O/T but just got back to Italy today, tired but nice to be back.
4 month stay.




Tesla behaving very strongly today. Shorters are covering in leu of Q2 results.

If musk is proven correct and “Q2 will be either best Q on record or it’s close to the best Q”, where do you see it going to @macbonzo?


Things which really make a difference, hope you catch the golden Italian sun and all the Italian beauty


1341.74 gold short. ( posted as 1431.74, obviously wrong )

Edit as just noticed had inverted 2 digits.



1346.72 add short