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if all goes well, USD should climb back
Long Silver next cycle
1450 would do for entry point


VIX long @ 14.98
Overnight funding is very expensive (just under 5% per night). Might have to close this one earlier than anticipated.


It is not so.In my experience.

If that is the rate you are being charged you are getting completely ripped off.

What provider ?



Is this futures as DB low is 15.69 ?

typo ?


that doesnt seem right

besides that under 15 is a good position
if you can hold long enough


getting warmer


No, its outrageously expensive.

No end date, just daily interest. Perhaps I should have opted for July or August option!

Never used the open ended option before & might not again at this price. Last 4 nights were just over 4%, initial 3 nights were just under 5%. Luckily it’s gone my way so far. I’ll exit asap.


learning never ends, i wouldnt worry you know to close and exit


Escaped at 15.84, good prof6but would have liked to hold a little longer


Daily was never as low as 14.98




I never exaggerate!


Who was the provider ?

I only looked at IG.

Your screenshot does not appear to be from them.

Appears to be a cracking trade.



That is IG soi, I use the mobile app for 99% of my trading. Very different feel to the pc platform.

Maybe you didn’t see the price because I took the DFB instead of July or August end date. Over 30% of my profit was daily interest but it was at least profitable.

Speaking of which, July VIX end date 17/07/19 currently in the range.


ps, My trade opened Tuesday Tuesday 2nd July, low show in image. I mentioned the 7 days interest earlier for confirmation.

For research purposes, end date 17/7/19 below for comparison.

End date 17/8/19 below


Hi S_R

Misunderstanding on my part.
I assumed you had opened the trade on the 9th, as that is the date I saw your post.
You were however merely posting about the holding costs.
You clarified by stating open was on the 2nd.
I had not realised that.





No worries soi.

I put the additional info there simply to document the prices for myself to compare the visual side by side to help me understand the difference in options.


1416.99 short gold



Us 500 short @ 3000.93


1410.96 closed