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Closed 49.2

Not great but small profits and it allows cash withdrawal.
I know MacB will disagree with this but I just had a really nice low offer accepted on a uk property.

You could say I’m long Lloyd’s as it is an ex branch freehold. Always wanted to own a bank.


New Lloyd’s longs average 52.08. I may have to wait until 1st November for that.


Getting Ready to open another Silver position
Still see some up stream in the Main markets

Still have some time to get into Silver
I think



No support until around 1450-1460 levels
and Silver to go down equally lower

Lets wait this one out before I get in


Anyone got any suggestions for today
Thank god that bloody jackson hole meeting is on friday afternoon
what a mess lol


2 hours 15 odd mins left before Markets open
Nothing has changed or improved from those tweets

No clue
If I ignore all the noise and stick to my plan
Still early for Silver


Keep your eyes on USDCNH, brutish open, gold could move a decent portion.


JPY opened higher which is more of a bullish sign for Gold and Silver.

Friday hike in safe haven gold JPY etc was proportional to loss in major markets - so its just money which has moved emotionally from one end to other. Plus money managers made money on gold price.

I call for consolidation, wait and see. Its not the start yet.


wow thats one dramatic 40 minutes


Short 1530.xx


Tsla long 21200


close 1528.xx




Closed 22000


Thats very good
My own view TESLA isnt going anywhere up for a little while
Not sure whats happening short term there

V. Good you sliced it


GBPEUR long 11001.8


GBPEUR 11002 (2 longs open)


Did you get in BA, I hope your making good profit on silver, you called it very early.

Where do you see it topping out?


2100 and higher
in slow increments of course

its a long term investment
I have chosen SB as a vehicle to exercise


That’s exactly the figure I had in mind. Could go beyond but seems a good strong limit.