Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX



Us500 short 2980


Both closed 11171.1 (handsome)


Closed 2975

Since opened 2985 short and closed at 2980 also.


Tsla short 23550


Tsla short 24696


Commodites - What a farce !
USDX just wont and cant stay low - Even with Dovish FED
USDX making 100 is more than probable now.

Just not worth getting into commodities just yet
Too much uncertainty

May be next quarter


Been 2.5 months
Still waiting


BA, will you be opening a DFB or a time dated position on VIX


Closed 54.25


Closed 54.26


Closed 54.24


Closed 54.26

Just one Lloyd’s long open at 56.36 now (plus 2 tsla shorts)
Holding record profits heading into the weekend.

I hear junker meeting boris Monday, I could of sold too early but it’s a first for me to sell the news and bagsy the profits.
I still think we get a deal and Lloyd’s flies past 60p but I see more needle once boris turns up and junker has a sore head after another boozy weekend.


DFB always for me.

DFB gives me flexibility since my trades can go on for very long time.
Besides without time dates position there’s one less variable to calculate


Yes I noticed you play a long game, ensuring the correct entry price and having commitment to it.

When I held a DFB on vix, i remember complaining about the daily interest. I think you’re on IG as am I.

I’d have to scroll back a long way to find my posts about the figures but I seem to remember the interest was 5% of the stake value without leverage considered.

ie, If I was long £100 (£500 with leverage), it cost £5 per day.

I think at the time I’d entered vix long at 15. So after 20 days, my break even would have been vix at 16. If another 20 days passed I’d of been break even at vix 17.

Admittedly 15 now looked too high an entry and your 11.5 is really good starting point. But it put me off vix.

ps, My PC has the blue screen of death right now, so I cannot check my facts thoroughly on my phone but I’m not far off.

Anyhow, I know you are fully aware of what your doing and I’m certain 11.5 will ride out any DFB interest, still I wish you good luck and great profits.


Cost on VIX is always an issue as you mentioned, not just fees but the spread is bonkers as well -

So if it turns out VIX is expensive, i could just leave it.
VIX does a lot for me, I dont have to play VIX
but when VIX hits that low, then I go long commodities.

As you hinted not everything is always profitable.
I have decided to ditch gold now for Silver.

Also the volatility these days - doesnt take that many days for it to jump into 20s from 10.5.

All the fun and learning continues
Good work on LLOY TRADES


I think if we persevere a little as we get closer to autumn, we can a good entry point in Silver for few hundred points


I would have no issues entering vix at your price despite its cost, you would get 3 months of which you’d hit profit.
The bigger issue is when to pull the plug, after 3 months, youd probably want out and your be nearing 15. At which point you wouldn’t want to hold another 3 month.
And so, you may end up doing the trade for a tight margin. Of one point but holding the risk. Just thinking out loud though, I could be wrong.

As you say, it can jump to 20 in a day. Then you hit big profit for what could be a break even risk, that would not be so bad.
It needs consideration.


certainly a good point to bear in mind

VIX getting as low as 10 I think can open up many other aspects, lets keeping talking. As much as I understand it VIX should cool and which opurtunity it then presents that’s we have to find out. Silver is there on the top for me


this Iran issue needs to get into a definite stage
military attack or no attack

otherwise all metal / currency trades are just pure

so wont get involved until we get one way or other


Us500 short 3010.19