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The Barryroe Partners confirm the completion of the Barryroe site survey, which comprised a seabed debris clearance, environmental baseline and habitat assessment survey over proposed well locations A & B in the Barryroe field within SEL 1/11. The site survey over proposed well locations C & D in the Barryroe field can now be carried out as part of a separate campaign. The site survey was completed ahead of schedule and under budget due to excellent vessel performance and overall favourable weather conditions. Gardline’s M/V Kommandor survey vessel has now left the Barryroe field area.


Ambrose Tamunobere

Senior Facilities EngineerEroton Exploration and Production Company LimitedJune 2015 – July 2018 3 years 2 months

Managing flowlines construction/replacement portfolio for restoration of production of OML-18 from inception of Operatorship.
Documentation of contracts and contract management for off-plot & On-plot surface facilities
Managing Dredging portfolio for OML-18 Assets
Managing Pipeline asset in OML-18
Pipeline condition monitoring and audit of OML-18 Pipeline systems
(a) Routine Pigging of OML-18 delivery Lines
(b) Intelligent pigging of OML-18 Pipeline System to meet Statutory requirement
(b) Documentation of Pipeline work programme for DPR
© Geomatics Services and provision of Maps for OML-18 Pipeline License Renewal
Construction and replacement of several flowlines in the following fields Orubiri, Cawthorne Channel 1, 2 and 3, Akaso, Krakama

This guy also worked on fso and fspo projects










lots of radio silence from sle…Im hoping the reason is a hamper full of goodies in those interims!! week is it?..


Are they in a ‘closed period’ approaching the AGM and or the Half Year results?

I think they might be. H1 results were given 25 Sept last year and I think there is a closed period prior to any such release when SLE can’t talk to the media.


Correct eadwig, much going on I get the feeling of…


You always do, buddy. Why the big drops in the share price do you think?


A seller most prob/small fund maybe!..


Obviously one or more sellers, but what is their motivation i wonder? More to the point, is it anyone who has inside knowledge. You can’t help wonder about that when there are such sharp drops on no news.

The one silver lining is that it is possibly a seller who is still making a profit after the lows last year and has simply decided to put the cash elsewhere given the uncertainty of the form of the ‘return of cash/value to shareholders’.

In terms of the operational business I’m unaware of any reason why the business (OML 18) shouldn’t be going along as predicted in previous forward guidance, therefore it seems to me that if SLE announced what it was going to do with the next buyback/divi then it would raise the share price and put a bottom under it.

Unfortunately, SLE have never been good at that, possibly because they’re still relatively young in terms of having on-going revenues. I don’t know the reason , but not knowing is certainly making me nervous about going back for another tranche as discussed in my post in another thread.



quite agree…and more to come imo!!..



with all the talk looks like this is gunna happen!..wonder if eroton/sle interested!!