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Aramco IPO priced at $8.53 per share. Saudi Aramco will be priced at 32 riyals, or $8.53 per share. The IPO will raise $25.6 billion and value the company at $1.7 trillion.




The main problem for OPEC is that without the support of Russia they now represent less than a third of global oil production… and Russia has NOT been complying with the latest quotas.



The keep talking about extra security etc etc on the pipelines…

If it were working, they wouldn’t still be talking about it, surely?


Hence oml18 and partners are spending $200m on new lines of their own,security and fso I suppose


Indeed. Lets hope the ‘leak’ isn’t a ‘white collar’ one from within the partners. That could be a whole new can of worms.


No leaks!. All out in the open and posted it a few months ago eadwig…


You misunderstand me.

A ‘white collar’ loss from the pipeline could be entirely in reported figures rather than physical leaks. It isn’t uncommon, according to various energy agency reports, and in Nigeria especially it is easy to hide by blaming actual vandalism/theft etc which everyone (now, at least) acknowledges is all too common in the Niger delta.

The Canadian company SLE bought their interest from, Mart(?), stated in company documentation that the numbers didn’t add up, not just because of pipeline losses, but also how losses were apportioned.

That is why I said previously it could be critical that SLE have full oversight of this new system.

I’m sure that their Nigerian board members have fully opened their eyes to such possibilities and they’re not going to allow the facility to be operated by a third party, partner or not, and just accept the figures they are given.

I’m not sure how it all works when you only have an ‘indirect’ interest in production though.


Yes I did eadwig sorry.


typed in eli akaso on youtube and this came up!..very interesting as the youtuber is malaysian…