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Owing to the huge demand to reveal the feedback from my latest email question to the great man himself, I will set the ball rolling with the question itself which will be followed by the answer later this evening. Feel free to criticise the question, or even guess the answer! Question ………….

"I would have thought that an update regarding CSD launches would have been made by now, even if it’s just to reassure shareholders that there is nothing to worry about and there are no serious manufacturing or regulation issues. You also mentioned that it’s all very much out of Futura’s control as the partners are responsible for the launches, but are Futura not in control of Blue Diamond? Why was there mention of production being underway for an order made by Kabey but Blue Diamond is not selling?

Also, how are the negotiations progressing with potential partners for MED?"


Glad you’re continuing to question JB.
Will wait for the reveal.


Tony, - everyone,
It would be helpful to limit the chaos by posting using the ‘Market Discussions’ category, (where everything else is) as opposed to the ‘General’ category if possible.


@TonyDeadeye I am guessing here, but think Mr Barder perhaps said no more Blue Diamond as this is subject to the commercial discussions that are ongoing?


Maybe I’ll get shot down for thinking the reply was “interesting”, but Mr B did include this ………

“……. at the moment we are exploring a number of commercial approaches including potential distributors for the Blue Diamond brand”

Now the reason I thought this was somewhat intriguing is the obvious no more selling in the Belux region (were any sold in Luxembourg by the way?) and the non Launch by F Lima. I know some of you guys think “Blue Diamond” is an awful brand name, but I beg to differ. I think it’s an excellent name, with the added spin connecting it to the blue diamond shaped Viagra pill. Maybe Pfizer like the name? Just my immediate take on reading his reply. And Mr B was very prompt (as usual).


Yep Tony
I agree. Interesting reply

It seems like a lot is going on behind the scenes but we don’t know exactly what.
The silence leads to frustration for some.

Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.

Ross Perot


Good analogy, Aberdeen. Also remember reading a book where a guy had bought drilling equipment for £100k looking for a gold seam. Drilled and drilled but nothing. Sold it for £5k to someone and after taking it over, drilled just another 100 yards before hitting gold. Well, you never know. Just don’t give up hope.


Tony, I thought it was Belgium and Holland…without Luxembourg…therefore not Benelux but ‘Bene’.

They have/had a distributor for ‘Blue Diamond’…so Mr B’s answer doesn’t really tell us anything (which is what we would expect).


Maybe, oil, maybe. Only thought it was “interesting” because Blue Diamond appears to have halted but not binned so I’m guessing a global interest rather than regional deals.

If there’s no update tomorrow I reckon we’re still in line for a closed deal before the end of June because (as Mark Mango on the other thread points out) the AGM will become somewhat of a battlefield. An update tomorrow will (IMO) say a deal is now more likely to be closed in H2, no update and the AGM on Wednesday will simply say “everything on track”.

But Mr B has to stop putting timescales on these things …………. 15 years and he still can’t call it right, he’s doing himself no favours and folk usually perceive such timescales as deadlines so automatically thinks there are problems when not met. Just say a deal will be done when a deal is done. Stop putting pressure on it all!


Yes Tony - agreed. - I contacted Bizzy Diamond last week to see if I could elicit further info, by asking if they knew when to expect stock of BD. - Alas no response.
But the website is intact and functional.