Director Buys



Following our new CEO (ex chairman, ex CEO) splashing his cash yesterday, we’ve got he FD & a NED buying today - not so much, but £10k % £25k are still buys; and they wouldn’t be doing that if they thought the business was on the way out.


Make that 4 directors having bought + Legal & General & Invesco have both increased their stake.


Am I correct in reading that Invesco Ltd of 1555 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1800, Atlanta, GA 30309 United States have bought in to the tune of 5.47% ?
They must know a good thing when they ser it.

Yours Ever Hopefully


Invesco & Legal & General have both increased their stake (or taken a stake.) As their holding before this (if they had one) was below the notifiable threshold, we don’t know how big a buy their recent one was.

And another director buy today - only £20k, but even Directors of PLCs don’t all have wads of readies to shell out at any moment’s notice, so it is still positive.

I’m waiting till it stops going down and shows some sign of recovery before I join them.


More director buys.
Spartan hurdle cleared.
More large investors increasing their stake.

Yours Bewildered


“More director buys.” Yes & another fund taking up upping its stake.

“Spartan hurdle cleared.” As I read it I think it is one hurdle has been cleared but there is still another regulatory one before the deal can go forward.

An impression I get about the way markets react to good or bad news these days is (in my opinion) best explained by the rise in technical trading - the number of people - not just private traders, but brokers too - who trade share with no knowledge of what the company does or what news affects it. They love to see momentum and all jump on the bandwagon when they see it. What this tends to do, in my view, is when a company announces bad news, the share price goes down, and keeps on going down way past its sensible level. (The converse is true with good news.) This should give people who understand the true value of a share a big advantage in being able to buy something cheap and sell expensive.


The amount of director buying going on, gives me reassurance to top up more at these levels. Another case of markets over reacting to some not so good news, Just short of targets so share price falls by 20%. Overcooked!