Director Sales



LONDON (Alliance News) - GlaxoSmithKline PLC on Monday said Global Vaccines President Roger Connor and a close associate sold shares on Thursday, the same day the company announced its 2018 results.

Connor sold 6,464 shares at 1,557 pence each for GBP100,645 while a close associate named as “Mrs D Connor” sold 23,205 shares at 1,554.29p each for GBP360,673. Roger Connor’s beneficial interest following these transactions was not disclosed.

Pharma major Glaxo posted a pretax profit of GBP4.80 billion for 2018, up 36% from GBP3.53 billion in 2017. Revenue was GBP30.82 billion, rising from GBP30.19 billion in 2017.


Director sells doesn’t mean diddly. Thought you’d know that.


It does Doug, they sold them m8, and it’s not an insignificant amount totalling close to £1/2Million.

It doesn’t necessarily indicate anything of significance from an overall perspective but it’s still worth noting. I’d prefer to see directors buying than selling, wouldn’t you? - especially as GSK is supposedly on the cusp of such great things with Emma’s new found drive to everything oncology.

I provided it for information only.

and you can also add these to the mix - the company secretary decided to offload most of her recently accrued options :-

07-Feb-19 Sell Victoria Whyte 1,569.41p 6,910 £108,446.23

And she’s still selling the old girl :-
11-Feb-19 Glaxosmithkline GSK Whyte,Victoria 5,199 @ 15.54p £80,782.06

Games - Victoria - I’m a believer yeh yeh yeh !!


Maybe I’m inherently contrarian, but I never set any great store on director buys/sells. I see Simpy make a big deal about them but IME directors are often the worst predictors of where their companies are going … seen so many times over the years where Director buys were subsequently followed by SP falls worse (eg. CNA/RB/Carillion).


she bought a few back

GlaxoSmithKline director Victoria Whyte acquired £47,000 worth of ordinary shares in the UK’s biggest drugs company on Thursday.
13-Feb-19 Glaxosmithkline GSK Whyte,Victoria 3,020 @ 15.47p £46,719.40

all seems a bit pointless unless she got pressure from the CEO to man up and keep the faith.