Dirt low MC of £15 M /Cash ~£10.5 M / 3 Products in Pipeline including a Potential BIG Blockbuster



Latte macchiato I need something stronger than that after this rollercoaster, make mine a gin and tonic, a double at that.


AI, If Phase 3 hits the jackpot we will cross the 1£ mark easily IF the pharmaco’s are willing to start a bid war for the MED asset.

In the end your frustration will pay off nicely so that you can buy second round of drinks.:wink:
But I do realise that FUM is in its final make or break year…Buckle up, sit tight and enjoy the ride…


another 13% jump ralllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and still massive undervalued yippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


When are we to expect an update on TRP next?


it takes around 12 months to get the approval after regulatory submission so news on that front likely to come in June or July but new partner deals outside of UK for tpr100 could hit the wires anytime now . important to know is that this stock is still a pure gift at a valuation of 26 million other companies who developed the blockbusters viagra and cialis quickly adding BILLIONS of dollars to their valuation and we have the wayyy better drug who has the potential to dominate the markets for a long time once approved .STRONG BUY AGGRESSIVE thats all i can say

This new gel could give you an erection within 5 minutes, according to a study…

Apart from the fact that it works fast, there are a number of benefits from this new treatment for ED; one of them being the fact that it is a topical drug and is simpler than drugs like Viagra and Cialis. According to Dr Rajfar, who spoke to Men’s Health earlier, Viagra and Cialis work best on an empty stomach, requiring you to wait for two to three hours after consuming a large meal. You don’t have to worry about any of that with the gel and just get down and dirty after application. So, it might be smart for you to consider switching your treatment to this nitroglycerin gel which might get you laid faster than you can spell its name.


Lombard reducing their holding again if I’m reading it correctly. Wonder what their strategy is on this.

I’d like to think they’d know things we don’t so not sure what to make of this.


lombard added around 25 million shares at 7p so selling some of them after 100% jump in a short time is not a bad idea i would do the same. they still holding a massive stake of over 44 million shares which isl a strong sign .In general FUM has super strong institutional ownership thats very rar for a microcap biotech so they must like what FUM has .


Hi Guys

At the moment I am thinking about a very large sum to invest here. I am still hesitant about the current market situation. I dont know what to do. I see the great potential of FUM with this Phase 3 program and a lot of other news coming. But you often hear in the media that there will be a big financial crisis in the next 1-2 years. I also have big risk-taking friends, but I want to be convinced of my investment first. How much possible is to come a crisis this year 2019? And how deep could the stock price go when a crisis arrives?

best regards


My 2 cents… I personally don’t think a crisis would effect such a small company like FUM… look at the chart when Brexit happened… With FUM i do keep thinking nothing else can go wrong, though I did think this before and it did…

Only problem I see is that P3 becomes a binary bet ( 1 or 0) pass or doesn’t, although I’d say the odds are favor of a pass.

It all comes back to risk vs reward… still see a huge amount of reward for now a relatively low risk.


Who would take more than a decade to push a new drug through 3 phases, then set up an R&D day early in the year where the final results will be announced and finally fail those trials…I am feeling confident​:muscle::muscle::muscle:


more good news to come

Futura Medical set to share further safety data


Im optimistic about the upcoming Phase 3 outcome this could send this stock to all time high and beyond very quickly …Market cap of 28 million still a PURE GIFT …I LOVE IT

Futura Medical Reports Positive Data In Erectile Dysfunction Gel Tests
28 January, 2019 | 12:53PM

LONDON (Alliance News) - Futura Medical PLC on Monday said that new testing on MED2005, a topical gel for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, showed no difference in tissue harm between the gel and the two other lubricants.

“These data are strongly suggestive that there is likely to be no increased risk of sexually transmitted infections being transferred to sexual partners, as a result of disruption to local tissue, when using MED2005 compared to the two lubricants also tested,” Futura said.

A phase 3 study of the gel is currently underway to assess efficacy and long-term safety of MED2005 at doses of 0.2-0.6% in 1,000 patients with mild, moderate or severe erectile dysfunction.

Futura Medical shares were trading up 7.9% at 14.025 pence each on Monday.


What are your stocks price targets at FUM?

Is it a good idea to keep the stocks up to the P3 data?


it depend on how many shares you own and what price you got in . i got mine at around 7p and i will likely dump half or more before phase 3 readout stock likely will run up faster the close we move to these important day . Im will not hold all my shares through phase 3 readout thats for sure .


But it’s about 10 months to this announcement. It is a long time for us. Hopefully we see big price increases up to there. I bought my shares with a relatively large sum of 13p.


I’m hoping to see this slowly rise, I’ve bought a few more shares to average down and my average is now 21p, I’ve got a large holding now though.

Hopefully this will be back in the 20’s in the next month or so.

We’ve got a lot to look forward to:

  • R&D day on the 11th February, hopefully this will boost the share price.

  • Then hopefully in the summer we get some news on TPR.

  • Then it’s all anticipation, this will steadily rise until phase 3 results, I imagine up to between 40-50p. People will buy in hoping for them to be successful and if they’re who knows where this could go, but then if they fail it’s back down to were we are now.

It’s all risk-reward but I think the risk will pay off.


Yes, you’re completely right. But it may also be that the course falls. It can not always go up. I think any investors will eventually be realized profits. What do you think about that?


I’ve no doubt people who have managed to buy in at 7p will be getting out pretty soon, or at least take some profit along the way.

I think we’ll see a slow steady rise throughout the year, it’ll have it’s ups and downs though.

At the end of the day it is a risk though, people who bought in a 7p will be doubling their money now. They might look back at this stock in another year and see it over 100p, but then again we could be back at 7p.


I believe there is the expectation that there will be no significant news until q4 this year (ie I don’t believe holders are expecting anything to happen with csd etc), therefore I also don’t expect any bad news up to P3 results… so not much to take it down apart from profit taking with a likely steady rise up to P3 results.


What share prices did the major shareholders buy on average?