Dirt low MC of £15 M /Cash ~£10.5 M / 3 Products in Pipeline including a Potential BIG Blockbuster



Good to have you back Tony :))


Good to have you back Tony.


Thanks for the kind words, guys. I’m not registered on LSE, Pharmatom, but I do occasionally have a gander to see what’s being said. I notice that I’ve been touted as being T Adams but I’m afraid not. If the T stood for Tony then it’ll most likely be A Adams (ie Anthony Adams). His (or her?) holdings RNS stated that he/she is based in Exeter, so I did wonder if it was the great biosciences legend Thomas Adams (scroll down on the link) ……

…. but maybe not.

I’ll pop on sometime this weekend to give my latest thoughts on what is happening with FUM. Cheerio for now.


Welcome back. Your research is welcome. In your absence I floated Tony (donkey) Adams of the Arsenal as the mystery investor, but there was not much acceptance of this theory on the forum. I think your hunch has a little more credibility.


New Dailymail article out today could boost sp tomorrow
British firm is developing Viagra rival that takes effect in just five MINUTES



It’s everywhere!!!


Only lasts for half an hour…some would say that is quite sufficient unless you’re into marathons


fum and amyt the hottest and cheapest biotechs both have same valuation of 44 million , both have approved drugs and both awaiting Phase 3 readout for their potential blockbuster in this year. Amyt has the better management with shire founder harry stratford as chairman on board , TOP PICKS 2019


Just spotted a podcast of yesterdays R&D seminar on MED2005 on the FUM website. An E.D. expert gives the thumbs up for the product, ( I missed his name). Check it out.


what’s the reason for this drop?


Market was probably expecting news from the R&D day but got none. Will be a wait till end of year now why I imagine its dropped.

I sold my shares will buy back in if we see under 14p sold at 18.p 55,000 shares had already made £3k here previously but took a 800£ hit this morning selling but anticipated the drop


at Bernstein.babe
Do you have another stock with the same huge potential as FUM and AMYT? I think stocks with Phase 3 data like this are the most promising investments. I’d like to spread my Investments.


We are only 6 weeks into 2019 and last week when FUM was in the low 20s this represented a threefold increase in sp in 2019. Little wonder people took some profits. Lombard have sold a couple of % of their holdings … enough to cause the pull back.

Don’t worry and don’t be too greedy!


I like to spread my eggs among different sectors as well as stocks.

Not a straight recommendation but take a look at Bushveld (BMN) who mine vanadium and Hurricane (HUR) who are soon to pump first oil from offshore Shetlands.

I hold both and they are crackers. Much less risky than FUM (which has been a right disappointing cow for a number of years!)

But in all things stockmarket, do your own research. I am only a (retired) Ecologist.



No idea why this has fallen off it’s little perch in the last two days…

Am I missing something?


Result of no news from R&D day thats why it went up in price as people expected something, not sure why


I think it will do this a lot throughout the year, I’m staying patient at the moment.

I’ve no doubt we’ll have another rise soon when people are expecting a TPR announcement and then later in the year getting towards phase 3 results.

I’m sure this will bounce back again sometime soon and maybe go even higher.


this fall is completely exaggerated. There are many panic sales. I hope there is a rebound.


Maybe the rise was exaggerated based on the fact that no news was expected… this is what traders do… buy, make money and sell so no surprise really after the multiples increase in sp.

Mango just has to let us know when he/ she and mates are piling back in :wink: although that will probably be obvious when the ramping posts start up again.

Finally listened to the whole podcast, nothing new but good to hear it all again from the horses mouth so to speak. The FUM team actually sound quite excited. I guess the only negative that I wasn’t aware of is that there could be a need for part 2 of phase 3 trials. And knowing our luck, this would probably end up being run prior to launch for certain countries. Would have liked to have had some more questions around commercialisation, time for approval after phase 3 successs etc, what the shelf life (!) is of the product etc.