Dividend dates



Hi. Can anybody tell me where I can find the dividend and ex-dividend dates? I’ve looked on the invesco trusts website - no luck. Thanks in anticipation.


Try Trustnet.


The historic dividend dates are published on this website. If you click on the fundamentals tab and scroll down tp the bottom of the page you view the old dates and use that to forecast the approximate dates of the next ones. Most ex and pay dates are not known exactly until they are published by the company but you can try UK Dividend Investor or Trustnet for a wider view.


Try an obscure webite called iii.

Go into Fundamentals and scroll down


and what you will find is out of date / inaccurate data!

If there is one thing iii website should never be relied on and is TRULY ABYSMAL at, you have just found it.


Hardly true of the ex-div date…


Perhaps not on this, but there are numerous examples of total inaccuracies. eg until recently the final div for AV.L was quoted as something like 26p…in fact that was the total divi for the YEAR…despite the fact that the interim was also listed. I don’t want to exhaustively list lots of examples.

There is also a serious delay in posting ex-divi dates. I know I can go to the relevant company’s website and look there, but why have a dog and bark yourself? I have monies invested in these companies though Interactive - is it too much to expect that the figures should be both timely and accurate?

(It would also be nice if the divi was also consistently paid when most other brokers do rather than up to 10 days later - most recent example VOD)