Dont Cry For Me Georgia




I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure!!!

All the best.


Fozz, I have ONCE (or maybe twice) said that you seem to have the same attribute one of my teachers said I had, namely verbal diarrhoea BUT and a BIG BUT, you have always taken it gracefully and it was never meant maliciously. I can screen out what I don’t want to read but also would not like to lose the snippets etc you do sometimes come up with like ‘Meet Ann Davies’. I do think you are being very unfairly ATTACKED in an inappropriate way by Thenick… who is not adding anything whatsoever of value to this discussion board.

He may well decide to ATTACK me after this but I will just ignore him.

By the way, what accent do you think Ann Davies has? I’m sure there’s a hint or more of Scottish there.


Cheers Gordon,

Oscar Wilde said there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about.

As much as all this serves only to massage my ego, shall we all agree to get back to FRR. I think there’s something big going on in Georgia right now and our efforts are best focused on this until the official word comes from FRR

All the best gentleman.



Blimey! I asked thenick… not to do a countdown, now you’re doing it!

Ann definitely of Scottish origin but spent time out of the beautiful land (google Torridon)
Can’t identify the other part of her accent yet.
Awra best!


Davies could be a Welsh name?


I would hazard a guess that she’s from Shetland with that Accent. it’s definitely not an Aberdeen accent.


She is Welsh as am I, although I’ve lived in the North East for some years. Definitely Welsh.


Yes , you are right , checked her Linkedn page and she is a Welsh speaker and former captain of a rugby team . She’s one of your own !


T his thread is in the chocolate fire guard league and should be allowed to melt away. Let it die peacefully !


Any thoughts on Gipps51 post on the LSE?

"Pyro/ others, absolutely not a wind up . That would be sick, cruel and an in humane thing to do. I know how much the PIs are suffering, including myself, some with whole futures on the line. If what I have seen was not faked and what I have heard was not bullshit then my only worry is whether we are going to get taken along for the ride by FRR/Zaza.

How many of you are in the Frontera Resources Group ?"

I don’t like to knock positive posters but it seems like a windup to me. Although in this day of social media it’s easy to make contacts with people that 15 years ago would have been out of reach.


People can drag up any half truth up from the dark swamp waters and turn it into ‘new news’ who knows what is going on. The real news blackout still holds and we still wait the moment Zaza will sing!

eyeson…no news is good news!


Always very cautious of this stuff.

519 “verified” shareholders on the list and just over 28% of stock represented.


I regularly email the Fronterra co just to remind them they have investors all over wanting news - no reply as per usual. You’d think they would say something at least, even if it to say they are still alive!


Best advice here is don’t invest any money or any more money in FRR based on what GIPPS is saying over on LSE. LOL. Especially if you have been space travelling…

Off the back of this there are a few posters over there hinting that they know something. Zib has been hinting. Puddy came on a while back and said he was a lot happier with the situation. It’s pretty upbeat over there.


Lol, how you gonna invest, Pop? Being suspended an’ all! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What??? We are suspended??? LOL.


Great point PoPHead!


The scariest thing about the whole FRR fiasco is the presence of the Russian government - or more specifically their President. The fact that FRR are referred to as an American Company - is that an advantage? Does the US contact protect us to a certain degree?


Sueneave9 the other way to look at it is while on the face of it the Caspian Drilling Company (daughter of national company SOCAR) look the stronger bid there is a massive political backdrop to this. Suggested that if they win it is a strategic move by Russia to take the whole of the Ukraine not just the Crimea. Ukraine may favour the “little” American company that is bidding especially if it is backed by a much larger interest. One thing for sure is if this little American company wins there will be War Ships sent to the Black Sea.



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RE: UkraineToday 22:08
OK folks, I’ve been doing a little research and refreshing my memory on the Geology of the Caspian-Black Sea basins. The Dolphin block in the NW sector of the Black sea seems to be a continuation of the Kura trend. This hydrocarbon trend starts at BP’s Shah Deniz field in the Caspian and continues to the North West along the Kura basin through Azerbaijan, FRR’s Block 12 in Georgia and out into and across the Black sea with its underlying host rock, the Maykop formation continuing to the Northwest corner of the Black Sea, an area called the Odessa Shelf. That’s where the Dolphin Block is. There are plenty of Gas condensate fields to the North of the Dolphin block, so it’s a gassy area, that’s for sure. Geologically, the block has plenty of carbonates and they can be excellent host rocks for oil and gas deposits. The Oil and gas Journal stated, dated 15 April as follows:
"The Ukrainian government has launched a public tender for the Dolphin offshore block under a production-sharing agreement, covering 9,496 sq km of the northwestern part of the Black Sea’s continental shelf. Interested parties have 60 days to submit applications to PSA Interagency Commission. Winning bidders will be notified by July. Prospects already discovered within the block are Zonalna, Myrna, and Charivna. The PSA duration is 50 years. Bidders must provide a minimum financial commitment of $55.5 million throughout the 5-year exploration period. A minimum work program requires drilling of no less than five exploration wells.
There are three other bidders for the exploration of Dolphin. From the dates stated, it sounds like an announcement is imminent. Maybe this is the catalyst that will get the ducks off the water.