Dont Cry For Me Georgia



Please tell me you’re not going to count down from 97.
Suggest you put aside your already expressed grievance and move on.


Why not? I live in the West and am entitled to free speech. I have expressed an opinion that thefozzer will only produce 1 fact in 100 posts, which I think is incredibly unlikely given the nonsense he has posted since December, so I’m going to keep tally.
Or would you prefer I post like he does? Is this better?..
I had a slice of toast for breakfast, I put butter on one side but only covered 83% of the surface. Having thought about the consequences of this I have decided that FRR will not produce an RNS this week. More breakfast musings tomorrow, with continuing countdown.


Ironic you’re spouting made up statistics and also posting nothing of substance or fact either. Pot, kettle. Good luck trying to find a BB for FRR where only facts are posted, to which you would be able to contribute nothing.


Lol, yep, I’m posting complete and utter nonsense and that’s a fact.
If I can post 20 pieces of nonsense every day i’ll still be nowhere nearer getting my money back from FRR but it’s my inalienable right to do so. Apparently.


At least could you try to make it interesting for us and a bit more mature?
Maybe include some humour?

eg. my neighbour, a gynaecologist, wallpapers his hallway through his letterbox.
See. Much nicer I think…



I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure!!!

All the best.


Fozz, I have ONCE (or maybe twice) said that you seem to have the same attribute one of my teachers said I had, namely verbal diarrhoea BUT and a BIG BUT, you have always taken it gracefully and it was never meant maliciously. I can screen out what I don’t want to read but also would not like to lose the snippets etc you do sometimes come up with like ‘Meet Ann Davies’. I do think you are being very unfairly ATTACKED in an inappropriate way by Thenick… who is not adding anything whatsoever of value to this discussion board.

He may well decide to ATTACK me after this but I will just ignore him.

By the way, what accent do you think Ann Davies has? I’m sure there’s a hint or more of Scottish there.


Cheers Gordon,

Oscar Wilde said there’s only one thing worse than being talked about and that’s not being talked about.

As much as all this serves only to massage my ego, shall we all agree to get back to FRR. I think there’s something big going on in Georgia right now and our efforts are best focused on this until the official word comes from FRR

All the best gentleman.



Blimey! I asked thenick… not to do a countdown, now you’re doing it!

Ann definitely of Scottish origin but spent time out of the beautiful land (google Torridon)
Can’t identify the other part of her accent yet.
Awra best!


Davies could be a Welsh name?


I would hazard a guess that she’s from Shetland with that Accent. it’s definitely not an Aberdeen accent.


She is Welsh as am I, although I’ve lived in the North East for some years. Definitely Welsh.


Yes , you are right , checked her Linkedn page and she is a Welsh speaker and former captain of a rugby team . She’s one of your own !


T his thread is in the chocolate fire guard league and should be allowed to melt away. Let it die peacefully !


Any thoughts on Gipps51 post on the LSE?

"Pyro/ others, absolutely not a wind up . That would be sick, cruel and an in humane thing to do. I know how much the PIs are suffering, including myself, some with whole futures on the line. If what I have seen was not faked and what I have heard was not bullshit then my only worry is whether we are going to get taken along for the ride by FRR/Zaza.

How many of you are in the Frontera Resources Group ?"

I don’t like to knock positive posters but it seems like a windup to me. Although in this day of social media it’s easy to make contacts with people that 15 years ago would have been out of reach.


People can drag up any half truth up from the dark swamp waters and turn it into ‘new news’ who knows what is going on. The real news blackout still holds and we still wait the moment Zaza will sing!

eyeson…no news is good news!


Always very cautious of this stuff.

519 “verified” shareholders on the list and just over 28% of stock represented.


I regularly email the Fronterra co just to remind them they have investors all over wanting news - no reply as per usual. You’d think they would say something at least, even if it to say they are still alive!


Best advice here is don’t invest any money or any more money in FRR based on what GIPPS is saying over on LSE. LOL. Especially if you have been space travelling…

Off the back of this there are a few posters over there hinting that they know something. Zib has been hinting. Puddy came on a while back and said he was a lot happier with the situation. It’s pretty upbeat over there.


Lol, how you gonna invest, Pop? Being suspended an’ all! :rofl::rofl::rofl: