Dr m discussion board


Hello Dr this could be used


What a great idea. But I need to police it.


How anyone can post on it if they find it - also no ignore. Search for the names we know and tell them. You can search for posters by their nick names. Your friend Nigethesnake for example.


where are you Dr oh of course G & T at the club. Have cooked a curry for my tea.


Just arrived at the Club. Will spend time on this ii new website. I feel like a nuclear bomb was dropped on me. I’m talking my ii virtual portfolio which I usually visit 50 times a day, yes 50. It’s different now. I’m hoping it will appear better on trading days ie on Monday.

I’m also trying to suss out how to do my all important stock screens and other research features.

The discussion boards are of secondary importance to me. Although I need to learn to produce charts and copy and paste them into my posts.

I will be very quiet by my standards in this discussion board, the ACTA bb, for a while until I sort out some ways of resolving some issues. Including locating the ignore button. I’ll probably speak to ii on the phone in a week’s time with an avalanche of questions.

Nige the Snake and a few others are a problem; they don’t fit within my needs and requirements in people who join my company. They fall way short because of their lack of so many personal qualities. I’ll have to sort this out as I go along.

I won’t be talking much Stocks and shares because of all of the above. Give me ten days.

I’m now sipping my wine and will navigate this website as a whole. Will speak later on.
Dr M:grinning:


This is Sunday morning. I’m just checking this discussion board still works. I’m going to use this bb as my main posting vehicle not the ACTA board. I will still occasionally use the ACTA bb if required.

It is imperative that only people interested in a genuine dialogue with me visit and contribute to this Dr m discussion board.
No time wasters please.
Thank you
Dr M


Ben Hobson of Stockopedia talks in article below about how well AIM stocks have performed recently. The main thing is Quality and Momentum. These stocks had their shares rising ie high momentum and often appeared expensive. But investors kept buying them because of their Quality and these shares, indeed, continued to deliver the goods and justifies their high sp.

He lists 10 examples. I currently only hold two of them, Elecosoft and Plus500.
Have a read folks particularly if you are fixated on value stocks and refuse to buy a so called expensive share.
Good luck
Dr M


Heh Dr M… Wow uve done well to create this, Ive no idea how to get back here so bookmarked the link.

I use iii bulletin boards a lot, and if they had ever had an inducement to bring funds over and trade with them i would have, as they seemingly have one flat fee, whilst selftrade has some addons, one being an extra charge for funds.

When you get over your fury at the stupid changes to the quite reasonable old iii site, i wonder what you think of vin trust, holding a bit of direct property, and some nice big blue chips unilever glaxo etc. it raises the issue again of holding these big divi stocks yourself or having a greater spread with higher charges. This style at the moment is served for me by the new woodford income fund, 2 percent up in a year and a half, 5pc divi… Selftrade charges eat into this however to move from selftrade involves charges on each holding over a sip isa and pep.



Hi gwm121
This new ii website is a complete disaster.
I will avoid the ACTA board for a few days, a lot of waffle in there, not good enough for me.
Good luck


Cant believe they had ruined the discussion pages. I just cant find out how to post or get to any discussion page.


hello testing has had server error


Dr how are you Ocado up today did you buy Zagg up 6% since I told you also Tradedesk on the up. pennon a stage 2 up 7% since bought recently too good div will be my Vod


just search put acta in comes up immediately


This will be v messy soon as no way of getting rid of the previous posts will have to scroll down a massive amount the days go on no page numbers as far as I can see. Have moved to ADVFN drainpipe club may be easier. As I started this board I get email alerts re posts here and on ACTA board


Good luck Lebehnon
I’m still weighing all my options. Nothing ruled in or out.

The discussion boards are of secondary importance to me as they’re largely unprofitable. I exclude Moonsurfer and at times yourself because you have been useful to me. No question.
Let’s continue to keep in touch here and see where we go.

I’m certainly not interested in all the waffle and drivel coming out of a few of the ACTA posters including Loadsadough although he can be useful sometimes. I’ll read but not contribute on ACTA I think.

But I will continue to post here regularly even if nobody reads my posts. The reason is posting makes me concentrate more on what I’m doing so it’s advantageous.
Will chat again soon
Dr M


Have a look at FEVR.
It’s looking good. However few people are shorting it. I have a decent holding here. We’ll see


As I said the discussion boards in ii are of secondary importance to me now. Not as good and as fun as used to be. And with no ignore button to use it’ll become more boring and tedious for me I suspect.

More importantly is the virtual portfolio which I use extensively, an exact replica of my real money portfolio with HL, has become a mess. Horrible. It’s like a nuclear bomb dropped on my head. I usually look at it 50 times a day.

The other problem is the stock screen. I can’t do that anymore in ii. Disaster. I need to find an alternative. I wonder if either Lebehnon or Moonsurfer can help me here.
Cheers Gents.
Dr M


Today at 7 pm I checked my HL portfolio and I’m in a new Peak Valuation. Never seen these numbers before. It is widely based involving most shares and funds and most geographies.

I suppose the Conga is in order later this evening after I finish cooking my curry dinner in an hr or so.
Good luck to everyone
Dr M


I haven’t bought much recently. I already hold 80 shares, 53 UK and 27 American.
So I’m sitting tight. I can’t buy everything.
I’ve nothing to sell either, all are ok.
So, just watching for a few days or a week or two. Good luck
Dr M