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It was not intended as a slagging off it is an actual statement of fact. I am quite happy to state whether I still hold or have sold a share that has previously discussed when asked, and to justify my reasons for doing so. Just because our investment styles are very different doesn’t mean that either of us are always right.

I think I am going to take a break from this bb as I too am becoming a bit fed up with always being shot down in flames when I voice an opinion that doesn’t chime with your own.


SXX… 2 years… 25 to 38p is over a 40% rise of the top of my head ?
If id had more balls this morning id of made 14 % in an hour.
Which vanguard fund do you suggest will make 40 % in two years Marksman ?
A broker this morning after the news had a target of 60p .
But hey none of us know not even these overpaid city types . ( Except when they hear all the inside info when they all mix in the pub )
They certainly new of the sxx news before us lot just look at this weeks chart lol


I looked at this / the trade / dead cat bounce is risky / this share will drop further / there is a 600 million gap in their funding - who will lend / nobody / there will be a placing at massive discount imv. The price recovered today because the share is popular with inexperienced investors who will get shafted. AIM cash burning stocks are shit / SEE is an example. Trade this one as a gamble.


@share_123_maiden, please don’t take a break from this board. I value your comments as they are always reasoned. I have taken up several of your tips and been very happy with them.


I meant The 25-38p is a trading range for the SXX shares to move about in between those figures NOT a rise from 25p to 38p in years.


Leb. My understanding and I could be wrong is that the price of copper and other commodities for that matter are influenced by China’s growth and China’s economy because China is the largest consumer of commodities.

With the trade war between China and America, Chinese growth may diminish hence copper prices could have further to fall.
Who knows, I don’t.


@Marksman51, please don’t have a go at @share_123_maiden. His/her comments are very useful I would hate him/her to leave this board. I have taken up a number of the tips which have been successful. Besides S123 is saying it would be better for him/her to sell Lloyds and Vodafone - it is a fact which I agree with - it was not a go at you.

I’ll remind you of your comment on the ACTA board on 4/4/2018 you said Two shares I’ve never sold come rain or sunshine ie IPGP and NVDA. You must hold these forever. Yet when IPGP slumped you said you had sold out - from the your words you implied before the event but I can’t remember exactly.

You seem to have a go at others if they don’t agree with you - but often they are right


@share_123_maiden, if you do leave this board please tell me which one you are moving to.


Yes Marksman i did understand what you meant, i’m not like my friends wise old father i told you about last month ( i must ring him he would not of noticed it , be surprised if hes interested )
I like him will hold a certain percentage for the long term gain which we both seem to agree will happen . ( hes much more experienced and wise than me )
Seems to have done much better in shares then myself.
As i am a bit addicted to dealing i will be buying if it falls to my limit order of today ,i’m not confident ill get that chance again . ( But nonhebel has given me hope )
And ill be slicing if / when it gets around your high level .


How could you treat a poor Sharemaiden so / Dr Tut Tut / mind you she is doing well so prefix should be rich.


@nonhebel11 @mememe
What did I say that actually upset sharemaiden? What was it?? The fact I referred to her slagging off LLOY and VOD is because she’s been doing that, periodically, for absolute ages. Sharemaiden will testify to this. Seriously.

@mememe , I’ve known sharemaiden for a long time. I’ve met her in person, along with Moonsurfer, twice for lunches during the past 18 months. So we are friends and we are known to each other in real life. So please, in future, please be patient and don’t jump to conclusions. And please stop harping on about past statements from me or any other poster. If markets change I change. If circumstances change I change. If IPGP sp falls off a cliff I sell. This is the stock market, not an eternal marriage.

Myself and sharemaiden agree on a lot of things, that’s why we meet for lunches. The next one she’s due to pay for it. HaHaHa . Sometimes we disagree, that’s normal, we are different people. What’s wrong with that?

If I have said anything wrong please tell me and be constructive. I don’t like emotional scenarios when we are dealing with stock market investments which are serious business.

Can I suggest please we close this chapter completely. Thank you.

My best wishes to all three of you, sharemaiden, mememe and lebehnon.
Thank you
Dr M


@mememe Looks like you’re never going to get an invite for Luncheon.


@J_Westlock, quel dommage. I’m probably not posh enough to be invited anyway.

BTW seeing your name reminds me that I must do something about Saxo. I hope you don’t me asking, if you have sub accounts for different currencies do you work out your dividends (and P&L) in £s as you go along or does Saxo do that for you?


@mememe - Yes, you’re right that having the subaccounts simplifies one thing in that there are no FX conversions until I decide to move to another subccount (currency) but I still have to declare commission income to HMRC in GBP… and I have to say for the latter Saxo don’t help much… no clever HMRC TAX report to assist you unfortunately but I always record my opening (and closing) trades on a separate s/sheet anyway along with the FX rate of the day. If I forget to do the latter - it happens - then I use the HMRC provided list of historic rates to be used at the time I file my SA return.


@J_Westlock, many thanks for the info. I thought I might have to do that. I tried to call Saxo and IG. Neither were helpful, I felt the advisers didn’t even understand my question . I converted in IG to multicurrency for a short time but then found it too cumbersome to monitor. I’m sure knowing what I’m like, I’ll miss the best exchange rate to convert back to £s. Have you ever worked out how much you’ve saved by having a subcurrency account?


@mememe - I haven’t worked out how much tbh I just find it cleaner/easier ie. I have subaccounts in HKD, USD, EUR and JPY and just leave amounts in each… sometimes moving it around between each if I see (FX) reasons to… for me it just takes the extra element of cross rates out of the picture so you focus on the company/trade.


@J_Westlock, you must be a multi-millionaire. Your middle name isn’t William is it (as in Gates) - only joking.
Sleep well tomorrow we’ll all be poorer after Brexit/Trump.


Not sure about that @mememe - maybe a JPY multi-millionaire.


Water Intelligence sp chart below shows weakness.

These kind of shares which I’ve held for a while and have more than one tranche invested and, crucially, have a good sp chart with a nice uptrend for several months, my stop loss rule here is if sp breaches the 150ma shown in green. The 50ma in red and the 200ma in black, volume and rsi are also shown.

These are general views not set in stone. I can change them if I wish. Depends if I like the company or the Sector or not …etc. So please don’t come back to me quizzing me, months down the line from now. Just read this and do your own things and move on please.
Thank you.
Dr M;150;200;&EMA=&OVER=&IND=VOLMA;AreaRSI;&XCycle=&XFormat=&Layout=2Line;Default;Price;HisDate&SV=0


Thanks Marksman i’m always interested in what others do.
So you sell in tranches as it hits the three different lines ?
What would make me hesitate as lots of people might be doing the same thing and this would cause the price to overreact as it hit these lines.