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@Marksman51, Almost the same thing happened to GKP! See the chart below:

However, I sold all the shares at 298.3 (was a bit too hast as I could have sold at 303) as I sensed that the SP went too far up and I published my view on the GKP discussion board. See the following post:

Then I bought them all back at 270p (Was a bit hasty too as I could have bought back cheaper!) with an additional 1.9% extra shares plus enough cash to buy 2000 VOD shares on its current weakness and still had some cash left for me to spend and enjoy!

It is always a shame when the shares of a sound company that is growing and doing really well (like WATR, GKP and VOD) gets trashed by crazy Mr Market for no real reason that could affect the business future, just mere speculation or some short term circumstance or an event that is unlikely to have any long term effects.

Best of luck with your investments @ValueSeeker8


No Ripley , I don’t sell in tranches as sp breaches every line: No.
I sell the lot of them when the sp goes below the 150 ma. Just one sale.


Thank you and well done i bet that makes it clear for all readers. :wink:


American shares on Nasdaq continue their volatility. Up and/or down massively.
Today my share OKTA is up 23% as I type. I traded this share many months ago without much happening. I repurchased recently when mememe mentioned it.

I bought because the chart was good. Most of you know I only buy shares if they have good charts, the charts that I like.
There you have it.
Dr M


@Marksman51, thanks for some good news… I was about to look at my US stocks but trying to avoid because of all the recent bad news.

I bought Plus500 on the dip. Associate of Chairman bought £64K worth of shares before the close.


Well done with GKP value Seeker i sold some a smallish proportion and bought back same .
I post all trades strait away on the appropriate board .
I do not look at averages ect .
Maybe id do better if i did , from memory ( ill look when i get home ) i might of sold higher then you in the last two weeks , not sure if i got them back as cheap.
I do not like the BB, to much dross .
And so much from a Micky Adams who is he ?


@Ripley94. Yes, I saw your posts on the GKP board. So I’d like to reciprocate and say well done to you too. With regards to MikeyAdmin, he is a long term GKP shareholder, well before me. He monitors GKP everyday with his L2 Quote-stream and posts what he sees every day on the GKP board, a nice person. Over the years he gathered a wealth of information about GKP and sometime I (and others) discuss with him certain issues about GKP, sometimes we differ sometimes we agree but we get along well.

Best Regards @ValueSeeker8


Thankyou Value Seeker , i looked and see i sliced on 23rd @ 300.21 , and got them all back same day 31st @ 270 & 265 , i see also i made a remark it was not a bottom of bollinger band… lol it is now .
Maybe ill get better at it .
I am still learning.
And thanks for explaining that about Mikey hes a bit to technical for me never sure what hes suggesting.


ROE , Return on Capital.
Companies that convert a lot of investors cash into profit, return on capital, are desirable as investments. The Daily Telegraph tells us today citing Stockopedia. Five companies, see below, have a high ROE and therefore they are a buy.
Here are the five Cos:
Games Workshop, Rightmove, Bioventix, PayPoint and Hargreaves Lansdown.
This is for info not advice to buy.
Dr M


ROE: the paragraphs below are copied from the Daily Telegraph with my thanks. I quote:

“There are countless traits to look for in a stock that might indicate it is likely to succeed, but one that many top professional fund managers favour is a company’s ability to turn investment in the business into profit.

Some business models are more predisposed to this than others.

So-called “capital light” companies are those that require minimal investment to keep running.

Add in additional elements such as a growing customer base, and pricing power – an entrenched position in a market that gives a company the ability to set the price it wants for its good or services – and you have a powerful machine for turning invested cash into profit.

Reader service: Get professional SIPP advice with The Telegraph
There are a number of options for measuring a company’s ability to do this. One that is particularly relevant to shareholders is the return on equity (ROE).

This is a measure, expressed as a percentage, of how much profit a company generates using the money that shareholders have invested.

So a 50pc ROE means that for every £1 of shareholders’ cash that is invested, the company is able to generate 50 pence in profit.

ROE of greater than 20pc is generally considered high. For reference, telecoms company BT has a ROE of 22pc, supermarket Tesco 14pc, according to stock screening tool Stockopedia.

A number of British businesses score much higher. Here are five to consider, that top fund managers are backing – the ROE figures are sourced from data service Bloomberg. “


@Marksman51, not too sure about Rightmove with Brexit round the corner and neither Paypoint for me have you seen the graph. It is/was a Neil Woodford stock so I stay away. GL


Hi folks

Just some thoughts for you.

I have been actively buying global funds for a long time now. The idea is to avoid Brexit-related possible mishaps with the uk stock market. The FTSE 100 doesn’t look too bright already. A number of funds are worthy of consideration imo.

Fundsmith has been a favourite with many investors for a while now and rightly so; great performance. I never held it until recently (I bought three months ago) because I had it’s constituents held by other funds so I was covered. Fundsmith has now grown too big; in excess of £6 billion. This size could affect and has affected performance. One month return is -0.7% and 12 months return is 17.2%.

Alternative funds that I already hold are smaller and possibly better bets going forward from today, in alphabetical order, with % gain in one month and in 12 months include:

Baillie Gifford Global Discovery 8.1% / 44.4%
Baillie Gifford Positive Change 1.5% / 29.9%
Kames Global 2.1% / 21.1%
Lindsell Train Global Equity 1.7% / 25.5%
Rathbone Global Equity 1.6% / 21.9%

I hold three others that performed less well:
Baillie Gifford International -1.2% / 14.8%
Neptune Global Income 1.2% / 13.0%
Threadneedle Global Select -1.2% / 15.3.%

I also hold EWI Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust IT, 7.3% / 54.9%, WOW.

Therefore, going forwards, Fundsmith may not be the best choice.
I tend to buy investments in threes usually ie to cover possible underperformance. May be you wish to split your initial investment three ways.

These are just thoughts. They’re opinions, my opinions. I’m not having a go at anybody. Just to give you people something to look at and research and then do your own thing.
Best wishes
Dr M


Hi Marksman.
Good to bounce ideas about wondered what you would make of article on this site i just read claiming “Dogs of footsie beat the pack over 3,5 and 10 years” .


Ripley. It’s not easy to make much of articles like this.


ANCR Animal Care Group
The chart below shows a “rising” share, sp moved up above it’s 50ma with rising rsi. I invested in this share before without success. Tonight it appeared on my stock screen.
I’ll be researching this share tomorrow and see how I go.
This is not advice to buy, just my opinion no more.
Have a look folks. DYOR.
Good luck
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FTC Filtronic
The chart below shows a “rising” share with a Golden Cross developed 10 days ago, good volume and good rsi.

This share was mentioned in here last month. I said that I was not hopeful this share will do well. I’m obviously proven wrong. Good opportunity to make some mint gone. Ouch !!

I traded this share a long time ago when it was at around 60p, now it’s only 18p. They’re a telecom filters makers could benefit from 5G spectrum soon to be introduced.

Has the sp gone up too far to buy now? I wonder. I’ll research it tomorrow. I may invest a beer token, no more, and see how it goes. May be.
This is not advice to buy, it’s just an opinion, my opinion.
Good luck
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@share_123_maiden, BKS another good tip thanks. doing well. did you buy SOMO?


This is complicated - I cannot get to the bottom or today or September discussions -having to be absent from here for a few weeks on other things - threads oh dear thanks for explaining but it doesn’t work like I need it, i.e. like the old ACTA board. How do you find the old ACTA board, it might be easier for me without threads, and just putting whatever latest at top, but it has been removed from its old place on one of my watchy portfolios? Thanks, Lorinnae


I had a dabble today in both FTC and ANCR, small entry amounts. I’m in profit with FTC already :slightly_smiling_face:

Good risers for me today : GAN and VRS
It’s been a struggle. The FTSE 100 less than 7300.


RNC Minerals finds gold. It is based in Canada TSX, RNX.