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Just sold DiscoverIE, DSCV shares. Chart deteriorated , lost £55.
C’est la vie


BIOM the environmentally friendly company.
I bought these shares recently as “rising” shares. They continued to rise. The chart below looks good with sp, 50 ma, 200 ma, Volume and rsi all ok.
Worth having a look folks, you may make money if you buy. I’m in it to win it. Please DYOR before taking actions. This share may or may not suit your circumstances.
Good luck :wink:
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We now have this discussion forum technically called thread. It’s not easy to follow one topic discussed by many people through. And essentially follow this forum as frequently as possible ie daily; it doesn’t take much effort if you are really interested.

The bottom line here is discuss and move on to a new subject within a day or two, don’t hang about for two weeks and then wanting to revisit the topic. Not ideal, but will have to do as a necessity.
Just my opinions, just me.
Dr M


This is doing well. People who bought in recent weeks/months have been well rewarded.
It has been volatile so not everyone’s cuppa, I admit. I’m a happy holder though.
The chart below looks good. May be worth a beer token invested and let it run. Please make sure this share fits with your circumstances, DYOR.
Good luck :wink:
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you will enjoy this


@nonhebel11 yes very good


SXX Trading
This share is ideal for traders. They buy at support ie near around 26p and sell at resistance at near 36-37p within weeks. Just opinions. My opinions.
Are you trading this share this week? Anyone? I’m not involved in this kind of thing, not my cuppa.
The chart below with 50, 200 ma and vol and rsi.
Good luck. DYOR
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Might be tempted but not at 26p i’m afraid .
If you feel 36p within weeks not sure why you do not buy , what do you suggest will beat that ?
Talking of one for traders do i recall you were once in or taking about IQE Marksman .


I don’t trade SXX or any other share because I could end up doing day trading as a full time job which I don’t want to.

Sometime it appears I’m trading but I’m not, I’m usually a forced seller if the share hits my stop loss target. This may have happened with IQE 2 years ago. Buying and selling when the retrace hit my trailing stop loss. Anyway I’m now out of IQE having sold the bulk of my large holding in the 130s p.


The chart below shows a decent chart, a good rise today.
I played this share wrongly. I bought twice over the past few months and was persuaded somehow not to continue holding. My fault, pure and simple. Just got it wrong.
I don’t know much about the company but the chart suggests time to buy and hold, don’t trade for a period.
Oh well, C’est la vie.
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Gulf Keystone maybe a buy is making money is at a massive low / is however a rising share in spite of this


Diageo is into Cannabis stocks / investing in future of Cannabis beverages would you buy


Good job you got out of IQE. its lot lower now .
Did you make anything before you sold.
You mentioned SXX ( I hold as you know ) id say GKP would be a better one to do what you suggested.
You have mentioned before you spend a lot of your time with your investments.
You don’t have to do one thing or the other.:wink:


I bought IQE first time at 26-28p. I sold and bought again three times I think, this is long time ago more than 2 years. I built a large holding at a purchase price of around 68p from memory. Sold at 135 and 131 p.
Made a lot of profits out of IQE. I was hoping for much more but it seems it has now failed to supply the big telecom guys with their waifers or whatever they do. So no moves into the stratosphere for IQE share price, imo. Thus I’m out. Thanks IQE, you were a star.


Bought Blue Prism at low today now back up 6% from price bought have been waiting


DR this article selects 5 AI stocks do you own any of these


Many thanks Dr M, hopefully I can be more regular on here if the equines stay a bit more peaceful, just been firefighting recently on all fronts with only 2-3 hrs on shares trying not to lose! or should I say too much. Some despite things still seem good but maybe for how long?


what was that 16% drop in prsm first thing this morning? A tree shake I suspect, some big buyers wanted shares, hopefully.


Re AI shares. Good stuff Leb. I hold these shares in funds not directly the likes of google, Microsoft , Baidu …etc.

DELPH I tried to buy this share last year but was refused by HL because the company doesn’t use the settlement system of buying and selling shares in the uk and in Europe. I’m hoping it’s held in my funds.

I hold Pictet Robotics UT which is an AI specific fund. It’s 12 month return has been around 18%, much less than general technology funds which returned 30% plus ie AXA Global Technology UT Up 34% in 12 months and ATT IT up 48% in 12 months, I hold all these three funds.
Dr M👨‍⚕️


I bought this share recently, well-documented here, as a “rising”share. It continues to rise, Cushty.
The chart below looks good with sp, 50ma, 200ma, volume and rsi all ok. Worth having a look folks. May be buy small amount now and see how it goes. Please DYOR.
Good luck :wink:
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