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So pleased you just watched IDP Marksman.
And i consider myself lucky to have got out at a higher price then it is now.
Unbelievable as i was kicking myself when it made more in a few days after i sold, then it had in the whole time i was in .
This must be be a danger of buying into a rising share .
It came to mind that you have to be quick with your stop loss rather like when you go short.
I am "at it " to much time as it is.


Ripley, I’ve just removed IDP from my watch portfolio, it’s not for me.


Bought GM and STT this pm / recovery plays oh dear what have i done


No idea nonhebel what company’s are they lol


Ripley. These are American shares , GM, General Motors and SST, State Street Corporation.
Both are rising shares from a low level. Could be interesting.


CGNX Cognex Corporation.
Nasdaq listed Artificial Intelligence Company. I invested in this last year and lost quite a lot of money Ouch!!
Now it’s on the up with the 50ma blue line rising towards the 200ma the purple line in these HL charts. This will become a Golden Cross if the 50ma moves above th3 200ma. A powerful positive signal for shares.
I’m tempted. DYOR

Dr M


Stocks approaching 52 week high DR

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (REGN)

Target Corporation (TGT)

G-III Apparel Group, LTD. (GIII)

Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX)




LTG Learning Technologies
I’ve held this share for a long time, in good profit. Today’s trading statement is good. The chart below looks good.
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LTG my best riser today currently +19.84. I had thought it would be safe and boring, so far great. I’ve sold some and some profit ex NMC thinking cash is king, but anyway can’t get excited about much maybe CREO or IPX, but then I remember Brexit…? Lorinnae


Another one that did well for me today. Very good trading update. Chart below. Have a look.
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DR this will interest you / mini nuclear reactor heating gas 50% efficiency invented by USA young genius see TED presentation he gave


FTC doing well. I bought some a short while ago. They’ve been doing ok. The future? Who knows.
Have a look folks.
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Marksman .
If you like American listed shares how about the British GWPH .
Higher Highs just what you say you like .


@J_Westlock, wouldn’t SaxoGo be ideal for an ISA/SIPP with the US market so buoyant even taking into account the higher charges or perhaps you prefer to also hold funds in the ISA. Quite surprised to read that the exit fee is a maximum of 160 euros - that’s low.


Yes agreed @mememe; as you know Saxo provides access to a lot of markets. Personally, I don’t yet use Saxo as either ISA or SIPP but not for any particular reason.
I think it’s a good idea to spread your hard earned cash around between a set of different brokers with lowish costs.


@J_Westlock, thanks for replying and fully agree with what you say. Bit concerned about Saxo’s customer protection which is limited to the FCA standards- no additional protection


What is so good about Saxo what are there charges ?
I always thought you holdings were ring fenced away and only cash held was in danger should the broker fail .
And indeed when wills and co was closed down all my shares just transferred to share centre . ( Appears administrates sell off the book to another broker )
I did read that when Beaufort was shut down similarly this year clients assets were in danger but i thought this was being challenged .
Anyone with them ?


@Ripley94 Saxo provides access to many more markets than most brokers… that’s why @mememe was initially interested too I believe. If you want to trade individual Japanese companies, US companies, HK companies etc then you can… no problem. You can have multi-currency subaccounts too which is useful… and their trading app and charting is also pretty good compared to most other offerings.
Not meaning this to sound like an advert for Saxo… there are other cheap and cheerful offerings like iWeb that I prefer.

If a broker fails then… and usually only then… you will find out whether the client and firm assets have been segregated either at all or in part… irrespective of what they tell you. The FSCS will protect you up to £50k… after that… you may or may not get some or all of your money back after months/years of admin wrangling… as customers of Beaufort found, the bill for administrators isn’t small either.

That’s why I was suggesting in the past keeping ‘only’ around £50k with each broker.


@mememe Yep, they are ‘Authorised’ and thus you are limited to the current £50k basic from FSCS. I wasn’t aware that others offered additional protection tbh… can only be a good thing if that’s the case.