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Thanks Ripley, yes I too have a number of USA shares, but so far they dont look much different, i.e. BAD! I had EVRAZ but then chickened out and sold when they took a little dip and I lost my nerve re Putin, since then they have gone well if not well not as badly as most.


I am not quick or clever enough to do that nonhebel .
Looks a great idea in hindsight but i do not know where bottom or top is , and the brokers win by increasing the spreads.
I have sold two investments which had takeover offers in at near the offer prices .
And purchased some that have dipped that i think is a good idea .
But others obviously must be buying ones under offer as prices where at month high.


Hi I’ll reply to myself as I’m probably the only person who has bought anything today - I hope you wont say “fool” you might be right, I have sold a lot and for once I can’t find anything wrong and a lot right with IGR (some might say not Stan 2 and other in than this climate I’d agree).
Anyone interested see what you think. Fingers crossed…


Hi Lorinnae.
Good luck with that came across a tec site trading view they do not rate IGR so i guess the charts do not look good.
I see the USA bounced back a bit after London closed.
Your not alone buying i went for 3 today , 2 yesterday.
Must be near year low on indices .


Hello everyone, walthonian, Nige the Snake, Andy-Reilly, and others.

I am on The Drainpipe Club these days, why not come and join me, waothonian, Nige the Snake, Andy-Reilly, share123, penhome, goldminer, John-of Groats. roco, sasa43, and all others. I am using namruts25 for my name.

I only have a few stocks these days mostly I am using PHE at the moment. PHE, ITM, SXX, and VRS.

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Here is some information for PHE.

Whatsthepoint18 Oct '18 - 07:13 - 349 of 351
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This should massively help PHE

Waste2Tricity congratulates PowerHouse Energy Group on receiving a Statement of Feasibility from DNV-GL
As PowerHouse Energy Group’s (PHE) Project Development Partner in the UK, Waste2Tricity (W2T) is currently negotiating a pipeline of projects for the commercial deployment of their Distributed Modular Gasification (DMG®) technology. To date WT2 have engaged with six substantial waste companies which have identified significant advantages from the implementation of the DMG® Technology. The most important factor is that, by removing plastic from their existing supply line, they can achieve savings on that waste plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill at a cost of around £120 per ton.
W2T are therefore delighted that PHE has received independent validation of the feasibility of its DMG® technology from DNV-GL (, one of the world’s leading technology appraisers.
In parallel with PHE advancing the design engineering, W2T, as primary project developer, are in advanced discussions with a major engineering, procurement and construction business to offer a project wrap (a guarantee), initially for their first project. This wrap will underwrite funding for the first system developed from a project pipeline that currently has 15 sites identified. All are co-located sites, where feedstock and electricity offtake are part of the deployment agreement.
A number of these opportunities include multiple trains (i.e., more than one) of the DMG® technology. W2T believe the UK waste sector has potential to support at least 200 units, as pressure grows to effectively dispose of unrecyclable plastic. These projects have potential to be upgraded at a later date to provide up to two tons of road fuel cell grade hydrogen per day at 99.999% purity, as confirmed in the DNV-GL report. This would support the rapid development of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market, especially for HGVs and buses where hydrogen offers advantages over battery operated vehicles.
W2T will shortly be raising funds via a pre-IPO by way of a private share issue open to high net-worth individuals and approved investors. Details will be available shortly on the W2T website
About Waste2Tricity Ltd
Established in 2008, Waste2Tricity is a structured solutions provider to the energy-from- waste (EfW) sector, an industry supplying increasing amounts of electricity using feedstock diverted from landfill. W2T works with clients and partners to develop, fund and support EfW deployment projects that use proven technology and are profitable and progressive. In the case of PHE these projects will use high temperature gasification and internal combustion engines to efficiently convert waste plastic to energy and go on to produce hydrogen to support the growth of the hydrogen economy in the future.

About PowerHouse Energy Group Plc
The DMG® process can generate in excess of one tonne of road-fuel quality hydrogen and more than 28 mega-watts per hour of exportable electricity per day. The PHE process produces low levels of safe residues and requires a small operating footprint, making it suitable for deployment at enterprise and community level.
PowerHouse Energy has developed Distributed Modular Gasification, a proprietary process technology which can utilise waste plastic, end-of-life tyres and other waste streams. It can efficiently and economically convert them into EcoSynthesis gas from which valuable products such as chemical precursors, hydrogen, electricity and other industrial products may be derived. This PHE technology is one of the world’s first proven, modular, hydrogen- from-waste (HfW) processes.
PowerHouse Energy is quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Market under the ticker PHE and is incorporated in the United Kingdom.
For more information visit

Good luck




More blue then red today might be the turn you might be able to get your EVRAZ back cheaper if your fast ?
They did not fall to the 480 some BB posters were looking for.
What were your buy and sell price ?
All the Uk indices up around 1.4 % … USA about to open .


Hi Ripley ref EVR I bought at 535 - and sold at 518 = loss roughly 3.19% - today back to about my previous buy, still not so confidant though


Still not sure Lorinnae … i am better at making suggestions for you then picking for myself think i saw Evr about 5 % up today …:smile:


You are right I should have listened to you! You did say hurry up too.


Maybe just as well i have just seen i made a comment on that board in March after the Daily Mail ran a story on Abramivih .
But in a way Saudi behaviour and our response might help with that.
Kevin Matras of Zacks Research e-mail today " i expect the S&P 500 to double in next 5 years "


Hi Marksman / all
I have read references to Marksman on fjet board here and more surprisingly on lse .
is it our Marksman .
Was he in this one / posted about it ?
I see hes not been about on here for 27 days.
I hope you are all Ok and well .


I am not clever the markets were at a high USA interest rates were increasing / the mid term elections were near / brexit is a mess Italy is as well / the right will soon be in control of the EU parliament
KIN is on the up a definite add / Melrose is one am looking to add Share Maiden may have views as is a long term holder. Added to Paypal recently. Am drip feeding global; funds slowly.


“KIN is on the up a definite add”… are you referring to BIDS


KIN is Kindred Bioscience

Italy may well leave the Euro listen to Mellon v interesting. The beginning of the end of this nonsense currency to keep Germany competitive imv.


Jim Mellon … not sure what to make of him i had PLE… now part of Regent Pacific and listed in Hong Kong…
Not doing that great.


OK … that was a waste of time looking @ BIDS ( KIN is London tag for them )
I can see why you like this one fits style of rising share.
A poster on FJET ( stev-Gurr ) has claimed Marksman also posts as investerphobe any remarks on that ?
I did ask earlier in week had Marksman ever posted about FJET as i thought it did match the style.


This podcast is what I thought sold half - wish I had sold the lot. Peter Schiff: ‘Dollar is Going to Implode,’ Fed Magic Won’t Work Again Buy Gold now!!!



Where is Dr Markman when you need him? I’m sure he can advise me where I can get more info on USA shares as HL and Morningstar are not much help?All the best all, hard to keep peckers up. Lorinnae


I hope he is well can anyone confirm that ?


Have a look on the baba board Lorinnae .