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@Lorinnae, I use the Nasdaq site I find it very useful good comparison charts too and amazingly fast. I haven’t even set up a login yet.


Will try both, thanks, Lorinnae


DR you are no longer posting on your own board - v worrying am considering buying SHOPIFY NYSE SHOP / retail cannabis among other things. Long term is volatile barely making profit


Yes no longer about for over one month… one of the criticism of chart posters i read on this site ( See 88 e board ) is they suddenly disappear.


Dr m discussion board …
Maybe posts on this board from others only in a rising market.
Mid Jan 18… FT… 7769 … the fall ended after two months low 6921 … then a rise to 7877 .
This fall back from October 3rd 7510 ( it had been edging down and was expected by the many ) 6939 now ( still above March lows ) Santa rally ?


What can be said at the moment / if you have no ideas except adding to positions you already have that are losing ground. I mentioned Shopify / USA co / you could start going long on oil with ETF LOIL add on weakness. Gold is something to avoid. Small Co funds could drip feed - I am waiting.
I have a lot on my plate at the moment my frail wife 71 was run over by an uninsured van whilst standing in a pedestrian area. The driver was allowed to leave the scene by our incompetent police / nothing from them except to say my wife was partially to blame as she could have crossed at the lights ( what if she didn’t cross at the lights and changed her mind that is how stupid they are - she was in a pedestrian area in the market squarer waiting for the traffic on the road to stop / near the lights./ this was a policeman talking to me on the phone - / when she was standing still and was backed over by a van driver who could not see her and drove without any care so that she was thrown to the ground and rolled between his wheels as he went right over her. I am suing will get compensation / driver isn’t checked re road tax insurance / has an Urdu style name. I was not present so can’t get involved in the prosecution process. My MP is taking it up with the District inspector / have filled a complaints form as well for good measure. I asked the MP to establish if this guy has been accurately ID’d I fear he has not and will never be found. Hence nil action. wife has severe osteoporosis 2 strokes in last 5 years / severe arthritis was treated as non urgent case by NHS lay in a neck brace on a trolley for 10 hours / wanted to kill them after 3 hours so left my daughter in charge / they messed around with 5 different scan’s Xrays instead of doing the whole of her in 2 sessions. I had her home in v dangerous position as no beds / just got her up the stairs. Her left shoulder / elbow both fractured / eye socket cracked. Happened 2.5 weeks ago is still in considerable pain is improving v slowley.


I am very sorry to hear your story nonhebel.
I hope your wife recovers and it does not take to long .
My sister had a blot clot to brain stroke last year 8 Dec , the top consultant at Kings ( London )
Told her daughter a big shot lawyer that he had never seen anyone recover from such a bad one .
I said to much annoyance to rest of family that my sister might add to his experiences .
I waked her into someone else’s wake on Friday .
Have faith .
PS… I always thought pedestrians always had the right of way ?


Yes / however the young policeman was trying to justify inaction re a prosecution / he was an idiot / because whether she crossed the road or not / where she stood was where pedestrians might be at any time for any reason. We will win in a civil action / the police never want to do anything if they can get away with it. On Tuesday the Salisbury market traders who were there when it happened might provide witness statements to my solicitors - there could also be CCTV if the market stalls did not block the view. Basically if you revers over a pedestrian with as much force as this bloody man did you are a careless driver / as you would be if you drive into the back of anyone.

changing the subject have a look at BLUE dropped a bit has long term prospects / need to keep with it though.


This is the info i wanted you to see you may not have clicked on it.


So sorry to hear of your ghastly problems Nonhebel11, and very best wishes for a speedy and painfree recovery to your wife. Sure you will win the case, eventually. Lorinnae


I had a look nonhebel.
See its a Favourite of Motley Fool as well they tipped it last on 17th Nov @ $125 dropped back a little since .
Year low 29 Oct @ $105


Thanks for your concern. Margaret is working hard to get her shoulder ball joint moving which was fractured. is v painful - she can’t take opioids just paracetamol and a sleeping pill at night. I an having an additional stair rail fitted today. She can’t move her elbow without substantial pain / this has a chip out of it right where the muscle is . I own Greatland Gold so does she up 36% in 2 days. This board reminds me of the old iii one / do look at what people are saying on there from time to time I beleive this is a v good long term bet trade it / have core holdings / it is good fun too especially when you get it right selling at the top buying at the bottom. Not selling yet.


Hi nonhebel11 .
Hope wife gets better. i had GGP on alert , i thought posters on here didn’t like small asx
listed shares such as that one, have you ever mentioned before ?
Not sure what you mean about old iii board ( Posts on there ? )
I see the link is to lse.


Dr m discussion board …
If most on here have been holding back that has proved so far to be wise.
" Global equity’s came under sustained pressure as risk appetite deteriorated and losses continued "… Was a good quote from ( TP ) toady .
Advise was to sell into any strength over medium term they think any bounce on technical analysis limited to 7050 - 7075 . ( 111 points above 6939 )


Dr m
Not been about for two months now FTSE up from lows to 7061 yesterday dropped back 0.5% today to 7030 two weeks since TP Advise … right so far .


Dr m
My last post one day before biggest fall for 7 years fell to 6674, just as the markets ready to break out higher , it tanked lower once again .
All those staying away here have been wise in hindsight .
All still bearish ?


Hi Ripley - good to hear someone’s at least alive…shame we all only share stuff in the good times, but maybe to be expected as no doubt we are all a little or more likely a lot “lighter” now?
Cash is still king but I’ve done a little dabbling, not with any great or even tiny success, but just hoping to be in a little before we’re off up again!!! Anyway hope we’re all preparing for a frugal Christmas of sausages and mash…Lorinnae


Dr m discussion.
At times like this bears will spread fear, just looked at the ftse all share started 1962.
( ftse 100 1984 )and ( ftse 250 1992. )
A great time to invest when Thatcher came in 1979 .
Global Financial crisis 2007 - 2008 .
Read retail were the biggest losers here they sold institutions bought.
If you looked at chart in 2010 not long ago , one might think it never goes higher then 3000 .
would of made a bad call if you went by that in the hindsight of 2018.


Dr m…
Still so volatile big falls this week closed today @ 6711. ( 37 up on the big fall 11 days ago )
Computer driven high-frequency trades ( HFTS ) must be making a fortune .


Dr m…
"Wild swings " in markets massive fall in Dow Jones Christmas eve then a rise of 4.98% to 22878 on boxing day biggest one day rise ever back to level 21st Dec.
FTSE did not follow on 27th Dec seeing two year low @ 2pm… down to 6583 .
Comments on internet over Christmas mainly American suggesting bad times and strongly suggesting "sell all your stocks "
Opposite to what i would suggest.
The pound will most probably plummet on a brexit that will be good for shares.
In calendar years in which equity’s register double-digit losses this tends to be followed by years of positive returns.