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I am keeping my powder dry for the moment have not sold the remaining positions having cut by approx 50% Have not added to any funds did add to paypal. Will decide what to do soon / feel that the crash is still not going to happen / bearish at the moment though - USA will gain from trade war / they can compete in their own country if Tariffs are slapped on China and elsewhere. Their deficit will reduce. they are one country with all their own resources who would gain from a siege economy. However they will win new trade deals if they stick with their action.


Hello nonhebel11, and all other reading…

This is IMO.

AFC what will it do next? Could go anywhere now. We will have to wait, and see.

I have changed my tactics after the stocks went up over the last few years, they now go all over the place. So I only have two now, VRS, and PHE.

VRS went up a lot last year so not sure how long before they go up again for a new product. Just give it time . I bought mine at 70p.

PHE huge gains coming sooner, or later. Most of my money is now in PHE, when it starts making its new equipment up she goes. I bought mine at 0.31p now it is at 0.57p I have added a lot more since 0.31p. It makes its Hydrogen at a cheap rate, about a third of the other companies. Plus it can make it where the plastic is available, ie Anywhere, a lot coming in Japan sooner, or later, then wold wide… Plus we shall have some here in the UK. Buy PHE now.

If you want my information about PHE.
Click all tags.
Click search.
Enter lse:phe.
Read all my information about PHE.

Good luck with all your shares.



AFC what will it do next? Could go anywhere now. We will have to wait, and see.
Has AFC been mentioned on this Dr m board before ?


123 maiden have you added to Melrose / did you sell some - interested to know / have a small first tranche at loss thinking to add


I am adding to ibstock Barratt’s Scottish Mortgage Lindsell Train Global Equity Fundsmith Baillie Gifford American


Good morning nonhebel11, I haven’t posted here for a while as have been rather involved with problems elsewhere and have not spent as much time looking at shares. I have just seen about your wife’s accident - I do hope she is improving now.

I have not changed my position on Melrose, it is still one of my larger holdings. I have no immediate plans to buy or sell more, I will be interested to see how the management get on with the acquisition and this is not going to be very rapid, so plan to give them a good year unless something obviously disastrous happens.

A couple of other shares that I have mentioned in the past that others may want to take a look at are AGL and MTFB. This news from AGL resulted in the biggest one day rise in any share I have ever held, so is worth adding to your watch lists:

MTFB is involved in the development of novel antibiotics and they have a fast track application for approval with the FDA and the results of that are due by mid February (assuming this is not delayed by Trumps’ government shutdown).



Good to see some of you back on this board. Share Maiden I like my quick look at MTFB - will research further. End of Dec I took a small bit of WPP largely for the div, but it’s going OK so far. This month took a small piece of ACB and CRON - both going well so far worth a look if you dont mind going abroad? All best to all, Lorinnae


Thanks 123 / wife is now home / hard work / is getting and out of our house and the car. using wheel chair / she is frightened of falling / hope to get her walking on my arm in the house / get her confidence back.
Blue Prism is volatile also Burford / still hold / good for the long term.
Theresa May is an industrious fool imv / should have worked out a plan that parliament supported / then gone full tilt for no deal from the start / making trade deals to be switched on on day one if no deal became the outcome. Negotiate with a strong hand / not cap in hand.

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PHE. Have a look, and look at all the videos.

Read all the information like invest in PHE.



I still hold Burford but never bought Blue Prism (you can’t buy everything) and I agree Burford is good for the long term.

I topped up my holding in Boohoo after the recent drop on the back of the ASOS profits warning. I was a little surprised at the size of the drop after yesterday’s trading update but the price has gone up a bit again today. I shall continue to hold.

My long term hold of Somero is up nicely again today on the back of its trading update. This company seems to under promise and over deliver which is always a good thing. It also pays a nice dividend.

On the funds front the biotech sector seems to be picking up of late, as do my Indian funds.

Don’t know what to say about Brexit, apart from the fact it was always going to be a poison chalice for whoever was in charge of negotiations.


I had a quick look at ACB and CRON but I think the cannabis stocks are in bubble territory now, so I don’t think I will be buying those, but good luck with your holding.

I currently hold more in cash than usual but am topping up existing holdings on some of the dips if I am still convinced by their stories.



Hi Share Maiden, quite agree ref bubble, but aim is to make a bit - have already - time it right and get out - that bit could prove hard = risky. I am longish holder of BUR and BOO too. I sold SOM as it just started to go down, but todays good news = well done you.
Also believe in a chunk of cash for now, but am a believer in CREO had since Sept not yet out of the red but today looked good. Others which have done fine over last months KEYS, IBPO and amazingly GGP. Lorinnae


Nice to see some coming back to life on this page .
Were have you all been , missed some great buying opportunity .
Nice rise here today .
But nothing like GCM wow and i had a buy limit in this morning @ 33p what a buy that would of been.
Sold some instead what a mistake that was after an hours hindsight .
I wish everyone a happy 2019 and hope you all enjoyed Christmas .
Have to add that sale which looked premature after an hour looked smart at close so chose to buy a few back .


Hi Lorinnae, I too held CREO shortly after the IPO but got stopped out. Chart looking interesting now though and I will add it to my watch list, thanks for the suggestion. I also like the look of IBPO as it looks to have weathered the recent storm rather well.



Not sure if people reading this board are interested in miners, but my best share performer since my purchase in July has been Bushveld Minerals (BMN) recommended by Lady Jennifer a previous poster on this bb. I am up 74% on my initial purchase (should obviously bought more as it is only a small holding). Here is a brief description of the company:
“Bushveld Minerals Ltd is a mineral development company operating vanadium and titanium bearing magnetite ore, tin, and thermal coal assets in Southern Africa. The company’s principal activity is the exploration and development of projects in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa. It operates through three segments of exploration activities for Iron Ore, Tin, and Coal. Its property portfolio consists of projects which include Mokopane Vanadium Project, the Brits Vanadium Project, the PQ Iron Ore Project the Mokopane Tin Project, the Marble Hall Tin Project, and the Imaloto Coal and Power Project. Its exploration operations are based in South Africa and Madagascar.”

Vanadium is used in the newer batteries being used to store renewable energy and in the production of steel.

Interesting video about Vanadium here:

As always DYOR



Greatland Gold is making me money it is at a high again!!! having dropped back the CEO video a month ago is worth a listen. I am now in long term / trading it with my wifes smaller stake too!! Large investor increased stake the other day which started a further hike continuing as more people become aware. It is worth watching staking a bit as and when as I have done for 8 years now. This is gold copper zinc cobalt / copper v good prospects / gold outstanding


Dr m…
Up 1.95% today to 6968 end of Dec was the bottom back to early Dec levels now.
Glad i kept buying . Hargreaves advise as always "Focus on long time goals , Diversify investments , keep investing through all the market turmoil "


Elliot Waves another way at looking at forecasting the markets


Greatland Gold am watching it rise overall each week. There is news on the horizon - this independent assessment of its merits might interest you to gamble on this one.


Hi Nonhebel11 I also am enjoying the ride with Greatland at the moment - one of my best two performers in these difficult times, the other possibly being Cronos, but watching closely to jump. Lorinnae