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@share_123_maiden, thanks I will have to spend some time understanding Stockopedia. I’m not thinking of selling any of the ones mentioned for now.


@mememe, if you want to do a 2 week free trial of Stockopedia you can use this link.


Hi share_123_maiden
Did you see the RNS from MWG yesterday might be the turning point ?
Market might think so went up 14 % …
Stan Weinstein approach ?
Good Luck



It would be interesting to know how long it will take before/if approval is granted. Still looks like there is quite a long way to go yet.



@share_123_maiden, thanks. I had visited their site but just haven’t had time to look.

Are you still holding Electronic Arts? I bought some recently.


Yes, I noticed there was another broker upgrade since the recent Q3 results. According to SharePad there were 16 buy, 7 out perform and 8 holds, with no under perform or sells, as of 28/1/2019. I’m not sure how often those details are updated, but obviously the Q3 results have come in since then.

Unfortunately my entry timing into WATR was not good, however, I plan to be in for the long term so will ride this one out for the time being.

I am awaiting with interest the outcome from the New Drug Application (NDA) to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) by MotifBio (MTFB) which is due by 13th February. However I fear this may be delayed by the recent government closures in the US.


@share_123_maiden, for EA recommendations are similar to what Nasdaq currently says.

Are you still holding ATVI?


Yes I am still holding ATVI, results due later today. I’m hoping the bad news is all factored in now. Broker consensus is similar to that of EA with 17 buy, 7 outperform, 8 hold and no under form or sell.


Big gap up for Cerillion CER (not to be confused with Carillion!) after the announcement of a large contract win this morning. Not sure if anyone else here holds that one.


ATVI share price continues to rise after results announcement.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for MTFB which did not get a positive response from the FDA and will require another fund raise soon.


I am looking at USA media
Will be buying CBS seems to have potential in current market


@share_123_maiden, ATVI good rise but bit concerned as Bloomberg says games market is saturated. From article on Nasdaq ‘Activision Blizzard’s outlook for 2019 was lighter than expected, with the company saying it will not improve in-game monetization as quickly as it would like, and it has less new content to release than it should…’
Take a look at DOMO, PRSP, FIVN, LSCC


@mememe I agree that the performance is not as good as could have been hoped for going forward. However with the expansion of esports, which it is anticipated that will soon have larger audiences than live sports, it is an area I intend to remain invested in and this company is the biggest in the sector. I intend to hold this one for the long term as an investor rather than a trader.

Thanks for the other suggestions, I will take a further look.


@nonhebel11, how is your wife? I hope she continues to make progress after her accident.

I have a holding in Walt Disney (DIS), which I have had for a while. I read recently that it is starting its own streaming service which will have an impact on other players in this arena. It was thought that DIS will reduce the availability of titles from their enormous back catalogue to other companies, such as Netflix. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the development of all new content is expensive.


Margaret is walking with a stick / with me behind her ready to catch her / grab her round the waist in case of problems. She has had 2 strokes in the past which have effected her recovery as she tires easily. The NHS have not provided physio for her hip problem since leaving the nursing home 5 weeks ago / her arm is being dealt with by the NHS separately no combined treatment!!! - fortunately our health insurance has covered her for 4 treatments because of the delay. I will probably continue privately for both problems as the private physio is v on the ball. It will save me time and effort going to the hospital.
we will claim back the expenses via our civil case against the driver. The police are delaying providing their report to our solicitors am waiting to hear their reasons. Will report problem to my MP who has been v helpful if they do not respond to my query regarding this.


HI share_123_maiden
What did you make of the MTFB massive fall , i took a mad gamble and doubled up holding that morning brought my average down but still under on it.
I did not recall it was one of Dr m s board favourites .
On a brighter note the Ft 100 is on a four month high @ 7236.
No news of Dr ?



I was not surprised by the massive fall in MTFB, it was inevitable that there would be a huge fall if it was not approved at this stage. Unfortunately I did not have the courage to pile in when I saw it at just under 5p, which was a shame as it closed on Friday at over 10p.

There will now need to be a further fund raise, as I expect the FDA will require a much larger trial to confirm that there are not toxic effects on the kidney, as those are known to be encountered with Vancomycin, which is the current treatment of choice for ABSSSI. So unless the success rate is much better or the toxicity demonstratively improved (statistically significant difference in the number of side effects between Iclaprim and Vancomycin) it will be challenging to get any new drug to market.

The question here now really, is how much longer further trials will take. This will depend on what the FDA say they need to see and the company will not be meeting with the FDA for at least a month by the looks of things. It will also depend on how things go in the other trials that are currently ongoing or planned into other treatment areas such as hospital acquired bacterial pneumonia (HABP), including ventilator associated bacterial pneumonia (VABP).

The other possibility might be that MTFB gets taken over by an existing pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical companies in recent years have concentrated their research into more profitable areas, hence one of the reasons for the current crisis with antibiotic resistance. I think it is about 20 years since there was a totally new antibiotic, hence the fast-track approach being used now.

With regard to my own holding, I shall probably sell at a loss to offset some large gains made earlier in this financial year. I shall probably then re-purchase in the next tax year (avoiding the 30 day rule). I’m not sure how much information the company will give after their next meeting with the FDA because that might give us a better clue about timescales for another submission, so I may wait for some clarity on that.

This was always a two-way bet at this stage, the price would (hopefully) have soared if it had been approved. However, all is not lost as the application was obviously not rejected out of hand, so it all depends upon your investment time scale or timing your entries and exits if you are trading it. As always you should DYOR.

With regard to Dr M, he’s probably fine, but he is refusing to engage with me after our disagreements over Lloyds and Vodafone. I no longer have positions in either of these companies.



Thank you.
I was unaware of your disagreements with Dr M.
I hold Lloyds & Vod the first since before the crash .
Was put off adding more to VOD at recent prices mainly due to a poster last call who was very bearish and i thought him smart.
He was correct with hindsight but got another SOU very wrong .
Maybe no one knows nothing . ( except the city types who have an unfair advantage with inside knowledge of placings ect )
I wish i had stayed clear of AIM and was as cautious with my own choices as when i was advising my son and stuck to ones like LGEN , which i carefully chose when he said he did not want to lose any money .
LGEN another last call got wrong in December .


Dr m …
HI share_123_maiden
Has today’s Rns caused your views to change on this one ?
Have you noticed yours , mine and a majority of avatars against names have disappeared on this site ?


Hi Ripley94

No not really, so I sold my holding first thing this morning. Rather sad, having invested here back in 2017 and held ever since. I should have been content with my 20% gain before the rejection announcement then I wouldn’t be sitting on a 70% loss. However, it was not a large holding and was always going to be a bit of a gamble. I will watch from the sidelines now for the time being.

I saw your comment about how you wish you had steered clear of AIM, however I have made some of my largest gains from AIM shares. Take for example Advanced Medical Solutions which I have held (and still hold) since 2010 and bought at 42.5p, now trading at £2.98 and it pays a small dividend, I have banked some gains along the way. I could name a few more such as BOO, BUR, IQE on all of which I have made large gains. Just because it’s a large cap it doesn’t mean it is safe, think Carillion recently or the BP disaster.

Good luck with your investing and always DYOR and don’t rely on others.