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Thank you again for reply share_123_maiden.
I was going to sell the 5.5 top up first thing but the spread was very large of course and it did pull back after , i think there was panic .
Thanks for advise i am a little suspicious of the avatars that can still be seen as i have had doubts about some of those names in the past ?



Avatars don’t seem to be working on my iPad but do appear on my laptop, don’t ask me why!


Thanks share_123_maiden
With me its no show on the laptop but a select few are showing making me suspicious .


HI share_123_maiden
Well Winnifrith has blogged you have to be "nutso to hold " so you might of been wise to sell yesterday early .
Oddly well up again today not sure if all these commentates manipulate these AIM share prices all the varies sites appear connected maybe by a group of friends .
Stockapedia owned by Ed Croft , its claimed Paul Scott works for him there all familiar names .
Good luck to you as well .


Hi @Ripley94,

I gave up with the website a while ago when they started charging. I have never been a great fan of Tom Winnifrith, although he has spotted disasters in the past (e.g. Globo). He has however been ramping OptiBiotix for years, repeatedly saying the share price would soon be over £1, it’s still about 85p at the moment.

I do read Paul Scott/Graham Neary’s SCVR every day as they are both good at dissecting balance sheets and give good insights as to what to look out for in accounts. Neither of them offer share ‘tips’ but they do say which companies they have holdings in. This always appears very clearly in their reports so you can decide for yourself if you think they are biased.

Another one I quite often look at is the, where he highlights recent purchases and sales and outlines his reasons for doing so. I attended one of his seminars in the past and it was very interesting. Again he says that he does not provide tips and his website update only appears fortnightly these days.

I would say that the commentators may influence PI’s with their reports and this is magnified because volumes are often very small on AIM, with some stocks not even having any trades on any one day.

I just find it interesting to look at and read about other people’s approaches, but I would not invest without doing my own research. Everyone’s circumstances are different and so you need to cut your cloth accordingly.


@share_123_maiden, I mentioned Future some time ago. Did you buy? It posted a good trading update and is up 20% today.

Also dotDigital doing nicely


@mememe, well done with your holding in Future, I did not buy. I did buy some D4T4 which you mentioned at the same time and hold with some reservations. It came up under two screen for short selling on Stockopedia, relating to earnings manipulation. However, it also came up on four other screens relating to quality, value and momentum. I had looked at this share in the past but had not bought before. Their celebrus product looks interesting.

DOTD is another one I have held twice in the past, but don’t currently hold. I made a large profit on my first entry and then proceeded to make a small loss on my second foray. I’ve read quite a lot of positive feedback about their product, but it still looks a little pricey to me at the moment.


Thank you for that reply share_123_maiden
I looked at not sure what to make of stuff like radio chat but glad i scrolled down and saw list of trades .
I have a few of course .
By the way if you down load a pic you will get that as an avatar ( someone here kindly pointed that out to me )
I did not have a photo or anything more suitable then this badge i found .
This naked trader seemed a fairly genuine guy with photos and nice comments about his young son .
Worrying thing i noted is he seems to trade less then me if its all there .
And he has no shorts listed ?
What is your background if you do not mind sharing ? :smile:


I should have said scroll down to the bottom for the ‘Markets’ section. The naked trader does not record all his trades on the website and he does short stocks and indices. His books are well worth a read as they are quite easy to digest and explain his philosophy. Here is a link to his amazon page which shows you his books and gives a bit of background about him.

I have been investing for many years now having got my first shares as part of an employee share scheme at Beecham Pharmaceuticals, as it was back then (ended up as GSK). I have added to my portfolio since then whenever funds have been available. Over the years I have tried to put as much as possible in tax efficient wrappers, starting with PEPs and now ISAs. I would describe myself as an investor rather than a trader, although I do have an account with a set amount of capital which I use for my more risky or experimental ‘trades’. If they come off they may get moved into my ISA as and when funds become available there. I try to run my portfolio in a tax efficient manner by utilising my CGT allowance each year and I have moved most of my high dividend paying stocks into my ISA so as not to incur additional tax liabilities on those dividends. I work part-time and so I do use automatic stop losses in my ‘trading’ account as I am not in a position to trade every day (half-term this week though). This is a double-edged sword however, as there are often quite large swings early in the morning and you can get stopped out of a share only for it to stage a complete recovery later in the day.


@share_123_maiden, thanks. D4T4 up 6% today so fingers crossed.
Stroke of luck, yesterday I bought Attunity and today Qlik has made a bid.


@mememe, I just had a quick look at the Attunity chart and can see why you liked it. It’s a bit of a shame that if the bid goes ahead the company will be taken private.


@share_123_maiden, quite happy with the one day investment return. There are lots more good players in the US market.


PHE information to read.

Some interesting item from the PHE web site to read.

In around 3, or 4 moths They should have there first DMG running and new orders coming in. Let us hope they can manufacture DMGs quickly enough. By then the share price will be going up. Remember PHE also produce electricity to be connected to the main supply, as well as hydrogen.



@mememe, more good news from Future today I see!


@share_123_maiden, yes but counterbalanced by ZOO Digital. D4T4 and EKT doing nicely.
Are you still in BKS and SOM?


@mememe, I’ve never been in BKS.

SOM I continue to hold and they will be due to give their Q4 results later this month. SOM is a long term hold for me and in the past they have under promised and over delivered, so I’m hoping this will still be the case. A relatively large volume seemed to affect the share price yesterday, which has recovered a bit today. They also pay a decent dividend (was yield currently about 3.5%).

ZOO seems likely to have been caught up in the general sell off in the e-games sector (I only have a very small holding in ZOO relative to the rest of my portfolio).

Volatility seems to be quite dramatic in some of the small caps in particular lately. Have a look at VRS, down yesterday but up over 15% today, this is all on no official news.

I was looking at the performance of my portfolio since 1 January yesterday and noted that several holdings had shown fairly dramatic improvements over the 2 month period. IQE is up about 40% and still rising, indicating a recovery in the semiconductor arena. AGL, INS, PANW and Boeing (BA, I recently added to my holding here) up 35%, SCT, TER and WD up 30%, BBH, HOTC, LGEN, MU, STM, TOMO and III up over 20%, EA and SWKS up 20%, ISRG and ABC up nearly 20%, ADBE, BWY, CHKP and FEVR up 17% ACN, ASML and ISPY up 15%, to name a few.

Obviously some of these are up having suffered previous large drops, but impressive all the same over a relatively short period.

Fortunately I have not had too many disasters (apart from MOTFB, which was always a two horse race).


@share_123_maiden, thanks for the detailed information.

I heard on Bloomberg that the e-games market was saturated that is why I sold ATVI even though I made a loss. It’s recovered but is still 10% below my sell price

Many of the stocks you mentioned I hold but not sure what INS, TER and TOMO are can’t find them in Search. BBH is back to where it was 6 Sep 18 (I bought that day), and STM is showing a loss (perhaps not looking at the correct one).

Some that I hold are DOMO, LSCC, MEET, Everbridge, Match, Paycom Software, RingCentral, Okta, Fisher&Paykel, Intuit, Netflix, Roku, Cronos. I hold a limited number of stocks (got rid of several dogs) I’m sure far less than yours. Good luck


Good morning @mememe
INS - Instem Life Science Systems (listed on AIM)
TER - Teradyne Inc (listed on NASDAQ)
TOMO - Tomra Systems (listed on CBOE-OSL)
STM - STMicroelectronics (listed on NYSE)

I’ve mentioned Tomra before as it involved in various recycling operations, including reverse vending machines. I think at the time you said that the platform you use doesn’t allow you to buy on the Oslo exchange. Tomra used to be one of the top ten holdings in the Impax Environmental Markets (IEM) Investment Trust but was no longer there when I checked this morning, which is slightly surprising.

Thanks for sharing some of your holdings (several of which are on my watch list). I’m going to embark on my final end of tax year review and reorganisation this week, so I will be ready and waiting for the new tax year and ISA contributions. I need to decide whether I am going to do Bed and ISA transactions or whether I will just transfer in cash and make new investments. I am currently still sitting on quite a lot of cash in my portfolio.


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