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I hope someone who knows him can confirm hes ok :wink:


Good morning @nonhebel11, I did think Dr M might return as the market has picked up since the dip at the end of last year.

I hope your wife’s health continues to improve.

Did you buy Melrose (MRO) in the end? Good set of results out today with one of my favourite statements too “The results for 2018 are ahead of the Board’s previous expectations”. I have always thought the management do a good job here, I was just slightly concerned about the size of the GKN acquisition.


This is one of my fav high risk bet


Yes bought Melrose have not added yet. Margaret is walking unaided in the house/ is v weak as her stroke symptoms from a few years back have returned to a degree. Police have divulged insurance info which we should have had day one / they gave us an incorrect reg no so we thought they had their own data base in fact they are using the same one Motor Insurance Data Base The driver has not yet been interviewed they intend summonsing him / I give up!!! You can get away with murder with them in charge - the Paakistani driver may have done a runner for all they know or care!!! He could have been using a foreign driving licence. Their report will reveal this at some point. Will be complaining again when i know the facts. My complaint is still open anyway as we thought the vehicle was uninsured and they had not followed procedures.


it is just a matter of time before platinum blasts off to the upside. The pressure from gold, palladium, and rhodium is just too intense for the metal that can be both a financial and industrial substitute for its precious cousin and sisters.

The most direct route to the platinum markets is via physical bars and coins for through the NYMEX futures contract. However, the Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares ETF (PPLT) provides an alternative. The ETF holds 100% of its assets in physical platinum bullion and does a good job replicating the price action in the metal. The price of platinum has moved from $755.70 in mid-August 2018 to its current level at $845 per ounce, a recovery of 11.8%.


Did you read the same article as me in Moneyweek by any chance? I have held a physical palladium ETF for some time now and topped up again in January, it continues to perform nicely, I believe there is a world shortage.

I’m also considering taking a position in silver which has both industrial uses as well as being used in jewellery etc. A physical ETF for any of the precious metals seems the easiest option for investment as far as I am concerned.

I’m pleased with the results from Capital Drilling (CAPD) today, I purchased shares just over a month ago and they are doing very well. They provide equipment and expertise for several large mining companies. This presentation is worth watching if you are interested.


well done have made money on these before / what is your target price? Copied article Hesch report re Platinum / Paladium is produced from the same source I think . Will look at silver am badly in red gold will hold long term unlike last time when lost out on massive hike.


I don’t generally have ‘target prices’ for anything. I tend to hold until I see a trend reversal and try to work out the cause. If there is no obvious cause and my reasons for investing have not changed I tend to stay put and monitor closely. Sometimes prices drop because they have got ahead of themselves so there can be a small correction before the upward trend resumes. I try not to trade too often as you incur too many costs. This time of year I do a thorough review and sell any poor performers to offset capital gains elsewhere. Unfortunately this year my poorest performers have been in my ISA which is not helpful.

Do you still hold Burford Capital? That is a case in point as the share price dropped back for a while, along with the rest of the market, but the upward trend returned and the share price is now nearly back to its all time high. The recent set of results were excellent so I’m glad I wasn’t tempted to sell. Often people don’t realise all the costs they incur when dipping in and out of stocks, especially with the smaller stocks where the spread can be large.


I did buy back into Burford on drop / am in profit hold a number of losers that are recovering Blue Prism See Softcat Do yo u hold SXX seems a massive investment debt if they borrow / have my doubts. I would not lend.


I’ve never held Blue Prism, it was one of those that always looked expensive. Nor have I ever held SXX, I prefer to invest in companies that are at least making money and not piling up debt. SEE looked promising in the past but is a ‘sucker’ stock, yet to make a profit and no obvious signs it will in the future. Best avoided in my book.


Softcat (SCT) I bought in February last year and topped up in March. I never sold on the dips and currently sitting on 38% gain. It has continued to grow its profits and pays a dividend, all round my kind of share. It’s not far off its all time high at the end of August last year.


@share_123_maiden, is the palladium ETF you mentioned PHPD?


bought PHPT is up since bought the other day PHPD is it’s sister


@nonhebel11, if that’s the case why is PHPD doing so much better than PHPT. What’s the difference?


Yes the palladium ETF I hold is PHPD. The other ETF PHPT is for platinum NOT palladium.


PHPT is lagging behind was up 2.4 today PHPD up 1.2

Platinum and palladium are nearly identical to the untrained eye. Because of their similar makeup, they react as catalysts to the same chemicals and elements and, when used in jewelry, maintain a bright white color with no tarnishing over time. The differences between the two mainly come down to density and price.

Platinum is much denser than palladium and, because of this, is often recommended for men’s jewelry, as the heavier metal is more durable than silver or gold and may be considered more masculine. In terms of price, platinum’s density allows for more minute manipulation of the metal without breaking, therefore raising platinum’s price to nearly twice the price of palladium per ounce.
Industrial Uses

Both platinum and palladium are used in automotive catalytic converters, electrodes in medical equipment, and in fine jewelry. Platinum is also used in dentistry, in the form of surgical instruments and electrical contacts, as well as in the production of strong, permanent magnets. Palladium is an essential part of white gold, is also used in the production of dental equipment, and makes up some of the fine workings of high-end watches.
Platinum and Palladium Investments

Platinum and palladium’s rarity, coupled with the growing uses for the two metals, makes for great investment potential. For example, if gold mining ceased today, the gold supply would last for nearly twenty-five years. If the same was done for platinum, the supply would last about a year. Because of its similarities with platinum but generally cheaper price, palladium shares the market with those seeking to buy platinum. The price of palladium is volatile and unpredictable — giving investors ample opportunity for speculative profit.


@mememe, you might find this article of interest.


@nonhebel11, I understand the difference between the palladium and platinum. I have not looked at either ETF in detail but the 5 year performance charts looks very different


@share_123_maiden, thanks. I hold Anglo American so have exposure to precious metals but will consider PHPD.
Who do you use for US shares? Apologies if you’ve told me already.
You might find this interesting. STNE rose 18% today on Q4 financial results


@mememe, I use Charles Stanley ‘Execution only’ account for the majority of my overseas share purchases. I know this is more expensive than other services, but I have my own account contact who I have known for many years now and do all my deals by telephone. This allows me much more flexibility than I would have with an on-line account, also because the charges are higher than some on-line accounts it does tend to make me more disciplined about sales and purchases.

For my smaller AIM and small cap stock purchases I use Hargreaves Lansdown but never do enough trades in a month to get the commission charge down below £11.95. This is really what I term my experimental area. When things have proved successful here they tend to get transferred to my ISA account with Charles Stanley to free up more capital for further experimentation.