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I read US stocks near record highs , a mistake to turn to cash on fear of pull back by many at start of year in hindsight.
Still no news of Dr m …must be loads of rising shares to buy into ??
Also looks like i should of gone for the same trick again when Motif Bio when it dropped back towards previous lows , as it has indeed bounced back 40% once more.
Hindsight …lol
I am not very good at this picking lark .
Is it worth holding shares at all after the board of Debenhams put themselves way above shareholders interest ?
As bad as any member of any AIM company board id suggest.
I will never shop there again .


@Ripley94, I’m still on the sidelines with Motif Bio as I am sure they will need to do a further fund raise even if the outcome from the FDA discussions is good. Basically you are betting here against other PI’s.

Have a look at AGL up 65% YTD (year to date), I recently topped up my holding there, it looks as though there is a promising pipeline going forward. This is not a buy recommendation, just a comment, you should always DYOR. I am still underwater with part of my holding here, but I have held this for a long time.

I’ve just been having a quick look at the YTD rises of some of my AIM holdings and there are several that have gains of 25% or more. These include (in no particular order) BOO, WIZZ, AMS, GB, GAMA, OMG, FEVR, ABDP, KWS, SCT, BVXP, HCM, HOTC, CAPD, D4T4, GTLY, INS and WATR. Obviously it depends when you bought the shares, but 5 of these have had gains of 40% or more YTD (ABDP, AGL, D4T4, INS, GAMA, SCT). All of these look better long term bets than Motif Bio does at the moment, but it depends whether you are holding for the long term or trying to make a quick buck trading shares.

I’m not sure if you hold any US stocks, but several of my holdings have also made significant gains YTD there too. These holdings tend to be companies with much larger market caps than those AIM listings mentioned above.

As always, DYOR, but don’t always follow the herd!


@share_123_maiden, my portfolio is showing a gain of around 33% for D4T4 since I mentioned it and FUTR to you in Feb? I believe you said you bought D4T4 then but thought that FUTR was too high.

US tech stocks have taken a big hit today.


USA. Shares ( a British one )
I have mentioned GWPH before.
My best ever buy.
Topped up again today on dip.


Hi Ripley, Meme, 123 share maiden et al. Ages since been on this board.
I take note always with shares you mention to see whether they suit my particular criteria.
Here a few of mine that I’m happy with MANO up 73% since 19.2.19, EVR up 19.% since 26.2, ACB up 50% since 10.1.19, and ATYM up 43% since 23.8.17% so not so good but on rise I think now. Obviously hold the obvious good FEVR, BUR…, but the above might be of interest and I still hold one or 3 that are not performing and do I sell or will they pick up??? eg CHRT, PRSM.
I use iii for research/trading, HL for research and recently paid for Stockopedia - wont again! but I need to get the old Jim Slater page for foreign which it does when it doesn’t lose my password and waste my time, it’s good for that but the rest I don’t seem to use/need = expensive. Where do others get their foreign info? Happy Easter to all, Lorinnae


@Lorinnae, I get most of my US tips from listening to Bloomberg or the Nasdaq site. Also the 10 top holdings in well performing Investment Trusts. Medical stocks such as TNDM in US have taken a hit with the recent Medicare for All Plan proposed by Sen Sanders but could possibly recover.

What is the Jim Slater page for foreign? Can you provide the link please.


@mememe, I didn’t buy FUTR as it looked both expensive and overbought on a RSI perspective. I still think it looks expensive, but not quite so overbought now, I have no immediate plans to buy.


Hi Mememe thanks for your US tips, will try. Years it was Jim Slater who made it in Co. Refs. That was taken over by Morningstar, it can still be got on there but they’ve changed it somewhat and it is not as good as it was. I need it or something similar for my research on foreign shares, I can still get Morningstar/Hemscot/Co refs. here at home as husband uses it, but I have tried Stockopedia this year who do pages similar, but cover more foreign, but as I can’t find much else of current use there, I will not spend this much on them again, thus asking where others get foreign shares info in depth. For UK and minimal foreign I am happy with iii and HL. All best, Lorinnae


@share_123_maiden , FUTR gone up 40% since I mentioned it. Agree, I would not buy now.


Nearly hit 200 two days back lol .
Must admit one of by best picks and just luck , i no nothing but not sure any one does . ???


@J_Westlock, are you still with iWeb?
I called them today with a view to transferring my ISA had to wait 8minutes for the phone to be answered. When I asked if they could hold the stocks (sent to them in an excel file) I was told that I would have to wait up to 10 working days to get a reply - their ‘normal’ response time for all queries.
I suppose you get what you pay for low charges but minimal service.


Interesting @mememe and not great service, agreed.

I’m still with iWeb (as one of my brokers) but it’s very much a ‘leave alone’ portfolio with them and other than when I first used them I haven’t had to speak with them at all. I found that secure messages are usually dealt with within 24 hrs but I haven’t had to send many.
It might (though I don’t know for sure) be the case that anything to do with transferring an ISA has a longer response. I’ve only transferred existing portfolios from one broker to another a few times and each and every time it has been a far lengthier process than I expected and one where I felt that if I hadn’t occasionally chased both sides up (From and To broker) that it would have taken 3 x longer.


I was doing a search and came across this post. I need to post a chart on ii for reasons I wont bore you with, and this gives me the opportunity.

I bought into this boom fairly late as there was no way for me to get into it easily until ii started allowing access to more varied markets (I wanted to get in years ago when West coast states were first making cannabis legal).

I hold a tranche in the below company. I’m still in profit (nothing like the 1000s of percent mentioned) but fx rates have stopped me adding when I really should have. Very volatile, as you can see, but for my research this looked like a solid company (relatively within this space) with contracts for medicinal cannabis with national health services under its belt.


@share_123_maiden, are you still holding ANGLE?


Yes I still hold. One tranche in profit, one at breakeven and one at a loss (having first bought back in 2015). It is looking oversold now I think, but not sure how long till they make money, but at least they have plenty of cash in the bank and the news flow is good.


@share_123_maiden, thanks. I was thinking of buying some perhaps tomorrow. Did you buy Taptica on the dip?


Quite pleased with recent purchase of Barco NV (listed on Euronext) for the ISA this year.


No I have never held Taptica, I am a little wary of firms from China and Israel listed on AIM as there have been a few shockers in the past.


Do you hold ABDP, an old favourite of mine? I was delighted to be able to subscribe to their recent open offer to existing share holders at £22.00 at the beginning of this month (it closed at £26.80 today).


Agree Plus500 has been pretty volatile too but I bought Taptica on the 36% dip yesterday today its up 18% I will sell out if/when it hits 20%

Yes I’ve held ADBP for some time in two different accounts. It was scaled back so much I only got a few ‘excess’ shares.