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@Lorinnae, GAMA has gone up a lot in the last 6 months so expect some profit taking. I’m watching closely though currently sitting on a profit.
I do US stocks. Who do you use? I was forced to sell cannabis stocks in my sharedealing account by IG(they stopped trading them)
I bought LOOP on the massive fall. Notice Baillie Gifford and SFM UK have made big investments recently. Also a small holding in Lindsell Train which fell 22% in 1 day!!
PS Your IIPR looks very good.


Mememe, hi timing is all, you’re doing well with a profit on GAMA, but I did sell as having had since March and a 4% loss I’m out at least for now, but I think your profit must therefore be less than it was. A daughter told me she was still pleased with her FEVR profit, till I spoiled the day by showing her a graph showing that all that declining profit was from before the last year, as is mine,which I’ve had since 2015, having sold a couple of tranches, but I’m sitting with that for now at any rate.
I’m sorry IG stopped you out or wont trade canabis shares, not sure which? I’m with iii which took over TDW who in turn took over DLJ so I’ve been with since 2001! I’m very happy with them and their fantasy portfolios open several possibilities, and dealing is not expensive.


@Lorinnae, IG didn’t stop only me out for cannabis shares. It was general policy but they gave plenty of advance notice. They now only allow cannabis shares for leveraged products. Still I’m happy I sold out at good gains for all 3 I held they are much lower now. I have an account with iii but their FX charge is too high compared to IG so I prefer to trade foreign stocks with the latter. My US stocks are doing really well - with Brexit on the horizon UK PLC is not in a good way.
I did well on FEVR but sold out when I saw the price falling. If I see an upward trend I will buy back.
I’ve had a VP account with ii for the past 20 years and monitor all my portfolios on their site. I prefer the VP portfolios to that on the Trading site
Did you look at LOOP up another 16% today


Not sure I understand IG’s policy, and hope iii don’t follow suit as although I am out, it’s possible I would like to go in again at some point. I did look at LOOP but it’s not for me though I see it seems to be on rise and a big buy there this afternoon - you do mean loopup don’t you? Amongst your US shares do you have SHOP I’ve had since May and 29% gain to date.


@Lorinnae, can’t remember exactly what IG said but it didn’t matter I sold all but one stock before the notice was sent.
Good to know you’re with iii assume you’re pleased with the service. Is that a SIPP account?
I’ve held SHOP from just after the IPO , take a look at TTD and SPWP. Do you use ii for US shares?


@share_123_maiden, you mentioned Charles Stanley for one of your accounts (sorry can’t find the post) but who do you have your SIPP with?
Looking to transfer an existing SIPP and want a good provider don’t mind paying higher charges. Fed up with poor service.


I don’t have a SIPP only ISAs.


Mememe yes iii suits me as I have a number of Fantasy portfolios with them as well as Trading but I don’t do SIPP. I trade US and CAN on iii but research on Stockopaedia as well as iii and HL. Several of us contacted them after the big sort out saying the old TDW set up suited us and my main gripe was that it is not enough to know … has gone up or done 20p we all needed the % as well which eventually they allowed.
Your TTD has gone in as maybe, i.e. watch but SPWR? not P is marked with a distress?


@Lorinnae, I did mean SPWR SunPower Corp on Nasdaq but it’s just paid a big dividend so expect to see a fall. TTD is up 5% as I write. I used IG for non-UK stock and have multicurrency accounts so don’t pay FX charges until I convert to GBP. Isn’t ii’s FX charge 1.5%?
I’ve had a VP account with ii for 20 years and use the site extensively for monitoring all my portfolios both actual and fantasy - prefer it to the trading site.


@Ripley94, Tremor (was Taptica) up 20% today. Now at 170p. Dr M was right and I’m very pleased with my holding.


Hi mememe
I you look on that board you will see I have a large holding.
Couple of months back topped and sliced another traunch.
Hindsight should of kept that traunch but had to many.
When did Dr M suggest buying?
Looks to me it’s an example of holding he was against doing that.


@ mememe
Just looked do not think TAP is available now here ( can see it on discus the market site were they are copied )
RTHM is … i was buying both earlier this year.


@Ripley94, you said you have a large holding so your broker should have advised that the name had changed to Tremor International. It is available both on the VP and trading sites.
I had RTHM but it is too volatile for me I sold out.


@mememe I did not need broker to tell me been buying both .
When did Dr M say buy it ?
Where is he ?


ACSO has put itself up for sale today after having several approaches, I’m guessing it would be looking very cheap to some US software companies because of the fall in the pound. Share price is up 46.4% today as a result. I transferred my holding into my ISA when the price dropped in February as I thought a takeover might be a possibility. Now sitting on a large profit and need to decide whether to sell now or hold on to see what offers come in.


@share_123_maiden, me too. I have in my ISA like you bought on the dip - from experience I had a strong feeling a takeover bid would come sooner or later, it’s a good company.
Did you buy FEVR on the dip a couple of days ago?


I’ve just got back from holiday so didn’t buy FEVR on the dip, but do already have a holding, so hoping share price will improve when progress in US is apparent. I’m delighted with the rise in IQE in the last couple of days as I have a holding where I’m in for nothing, having top-sliced in the past to retain my original profit. Also one of my US holdings doing well today is TER it is up 18% as I type. STM (STMicroelectronics), WDC (Western Digital) and MU (Micron) are also on the up. ASML (on Euronext Amsterdam) also doing quite nicely.


@share_123_maiden, I don’t have TER or WDC but I have IQE and STM , MU, ASML on the Nasdaq. I’m heavily weighted towards the US so not buying any more.
Take a look at the 2yr graph for Okta and TTD on the Nasdaq site. I mentioned both months ago. Did you buy?


@mememe, no I didn’t buy either of those. Okta is still too far off making any profit for my current risk profile. TTD looked expensive when you mentioned it although the share price has continued to rise, but with a forward PE of 74 it is still looking expensive. I also have quite a large exposure to the US which is currently benefiting from the rise of the dollar against the pound. I will be keeping a close eye on the exchange rates as we enter the next stage of Brexit.


@share_123_maiden, Okta has risen from $23 in Apr’17 to a price of $137 and just over 20% in a month today you may want to read this article.

Amazon too is expensive but it’s gone up 43% since Dec 18.
I too am keeping a close eye on Brexit but I have a multicurrency account - also hedging my bets.