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Hi all, Motley Fool ramping might just be what’s keeping this share looking quite healthy when I’d think being associated with motors might be iffy, alright there are new types to be worked on, but it might only take a couple of the big car players to pull out for it to go the way of most others at the moment, but until last week I was very happy, so long may it last.


@Lorinnae, @mememe, @Ripley94

ABDP share price seems to have recovered from its oversold position again. I am generally feeling more cautious at the moment and have doubled my holding in my silver ETF (PHSP). I first bought this ETF back in March this year (and mentioned in post 1265 on this board). Capital Drilling (CAPD) which I also mentioned in the same post produced some good results last week and is being aided by the increase in the gold price. My physical palladium ETF (PHPD) also continues to perform well up over 15% since the beginning of the year.

I have also bought some AT&T as it is forming interesting alliances in preparation for the roll out of 5G. It is also on an undemanding price at the moment and pays a decent dividend. I’d be interested to hear what others are buying and why, or selling come to that!


Hi share maiden .
Are you based in USA ?
I always post my trades live on the board on this site for that share.


@Ripley94, no I am UK based although I do hold quite a few US shares. I can understand why you post those on the relevant board, but it is not easy to spot your comments unless you happen to be visiting that particular board. This board gives us the opportunity to get a broader view.


Hi share maiden .
Its very easy just click my avatar ( or anyone else’s )
I’m not that good , but you might find someone else who is .


@share_123_maiden, PHSP has done well and like you I increased my holding in April up 27% since then. I’m mainly into US shares hold some UK but Brexit a major concern. I think we’ll suffer with No Deal.
In addition to the US shares I’ve mentioned previously (Okta and TTD still doing well) I also like Equifax, Dexcom, Paycom Software, Twilio, Sirius XM, TEAM, UTX, TTD.
Also Centamin and Sibanye Gold in a volatile market.
In UK , AAZ doing well but very speculative. Sold out of Accesso soon after the news. No longer hold BUR either . Are you still holding IQE?
What about your US shares how are they doing? Which ones do you hold?
Bloomberg very iffy about a recession. Good luck


Yes i stuck with lonmin ( Sibanye Gold ) was not easy as many brokers wanted to send you certs .
Another decided to sell every ones ( like taking part in a CA ) unless you told them you did not want to take part .
Had to act quick , it caught my son out as hes in the army .
Luckily he put proceeds into savp so got away with it maybe.
Mine now stuck "untradeable " have to transfer out .
Any suggestions on various brokers who deal JSE .


@Ripley94, I don’t understand what you have written. What is ‘CA’ , ‘savp’ ?
If you mean the stock JSE I am not interested in it so don’t know who deals with it.
I bought Sibanye Gold (SBGL) on the NYSE - held in a nominee account no problem whatsoever.


That would be corporate action .
SAVP a ticker.
JSE is the main stock exchange listing for Sibanye … interesting you bought the ADS ( you will have to google that lol )
I was told not much trade in them .


@Ripley94 I don’t need to google anything I knowingly bought the ADR (not ADS). Take a look on the Nasdaq.Plenty of trade and they are doing well.
I don’t know what you mean by JSE is the main stock exchange listing for Sibanye - which stock exchange? Who is your broker?


OKTA Results today after US close, I’m also a holder.

SHOP booming it’s hit over 400, I see a few holders here also. I can’t invest P/E too high!


@Lastemporer, fingers crossed. Okta currently down over 2%
Where do you get the information for P/E for US stocks?


I use to follow my US Stocks + news, really really good website.

PE of 661, don’t think I’ve ever seen something over 150 before this!


@Lastemporer,many thanks. I’ve seen that site via links from Nasdaq I’ll register now. I also find the Nasdaq site provides a lot of information.


@mememe, I hold over 30 US shares, many of which I have held for some time. One of my oldest holdings is Service Corp International (SCI) which I bought back in 2013, still showing steady progress and paying a dividend. This year I sold my holdings in Wynn Resorts for a good profit. I also sold my holding in Boeing and replaced it with a holding in Lockheed Martin (LMT). Only other US purchases this year have been CSCO, TMO and V. Several of your ideas look interesting but I am wary of buying shares with high PE’s as I think they could be punished in a downturn, the likelihood which I feel is increasing. I like considering shares with a dividend yield as this provides a cushion in times of turbulence.

I still hold ACSO, BUR and IQE and still sitting on decent profits on all of my current holdings in these, although obviously below previous paper profits. ACSO still looks as though it could be a takeover target. Sale of the latter two would have CGT implications for me, so I will consider my holdings here later in the tax year.


Thanks mememe ADR and ADS are very similar i keep mixing them up not sure there is much difference maybe you can educate me.
They are both linked to the “home share”
They should be doing exactly the same as my ones on JSE so i am pleased they have recently done well post the lonmin merger.


I agree it’s a great website. I receive a daily email with articles relating to sectors of interest which often offer differing perspectives on a share.


@share_123_maiden, I’ve held ServiceCorp for some years it was one of Allianz Tech top holdings and perhaps still is. Also hold the others you mentioned except TMO. Masimo and Mastercard have done well. Never held Wynn Resorts.
Lucky you to have CGT implications for Burford. As I said previously I sold half in last tax year precisely for CGT purposes did very well on that tranche. On what was left after the MW fiasco I was still in profit (way smaller) decided to get out completely. C’est la vie


@Ripley94, SBGL up 3.28% as I write. Good luck to us both


@Lastemporer, I also get daily updates from Proactive Investors which can make interesting reading (though don’t always have the time)