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VRSK has a great chart!


@Lastemporer, re Okta I wouldn’t call the fall a bang up 80% in 10mths +well known institution holders have increased their holdings (as reported at end of June).
I’ve held VRSK for some time too. One of Fundsmith holdings.
Take a look at Roku up over 170% since Feb’19 now coming to the UK


Yes I do the same, look at Terrys picks and buy them individually also.


@share_123_maiden, thanks always good to get a different view but as I said to @Lastemporer institutions have increased their holdings both in Okta and Everbridge what do they know? I’ll keep a close eye.

AMS I’ve held for over a year and still sitting on a 17% loss


Got rid of Okta and Everbridge earlier today - kept a small holding in the latter. Monitoring now, can always buy back.


Disappointing results from AMS this week with sales hard hit in the US. I’m still sitting on a large profit (although much reduced) here and plan to continue to hold.

On the upside AGL has had some more positive news this week and continues on its way up, there looks to be resistance around the 80p level. Also ITM continues to rise, but I am slightly concerned as the results seem rather late this year, having been posted on 13th August last year. However, the share price seems to be climbing nicely. I had considered adding at 36p but decided I should wait to see the results before topping up, that’s looking like a mistake now! Looks like there could be resistance around the 57p mark, so still some scope here.

BOKU on the up again after some encouraging interim results and some increase in volume. I don’t think I have mentioned this one before, I don’t have a large holding as it is yet to make a profit, but it has some interesting contracts. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, Spotify, Square, Sony and Western Union use Boku to simplify sign-up, acquire new paying users and prevent fraud. One for the watch list if you haven’t heard about it before.


@share_123_maiden, shame about AMS I should have got out with a smaller loss
I sold AGL it became too volatile for me try to stay away from small pharmas.
Can’t remember who mentioned Boku some time ago if it wasn’t you. I monitored but it was all over the place so not even on my radar.
Did you buy BB Healthcare which you mentioned Aug 18 post no. 66/161?
I bought BUR and Vod both doing well. Also ANF which has provided me with a return of 20% in 2 weeks.


GAN, one of Dr M tips up 21% yesterday


@Lorinnae, my post no. 1345, I mentioned SPWR which you said was marked with a distress. Today it has risen nearly 10%


Hi mememe well done 10% feels good in these times, yes I remember and looked it up - I’ve gone on Stockopedia’s Stock Report page and although the graph to this point looks quite nice, you can see it is still virtually in Distress, and too many criteria are negative for me at this stage. They’ve got a nice order, so good luck with it.


@Lorinnae, when you say Distress do you mean it’s near bankrupt?
Nice order - you mean the one from Walmart?


HI Share maiden.
What do you make of the ACSO drop …
Maybe no interest ?


Did you post "ACSO still looks as though it could be a takeover " before it put itself up for sale Share maiden ?
Did you hold on to it ?


Hi Mememe - the order was Sony Pictures going to use their product. From Stockopedia apart from graph which still looks nice, all else does not to me i.e. Distress they mark a column safe-caution-distress and SPWR is now well in Distress, when I look on how they get to this it on several criteria that points them to believing this company is likely to go bancrupt within 2 years. Also on their page “Stock Report” Revenue, Operating margin, ROCE. ROE down etc. Also there are 11 brokers no strong buy, 3 buy, 5 hold, 3 sell. Of course even Stockopedia could be wrong - Im just quoting them. Think you can get a free trial which I did before deciding to fork out for a year. Hope it’s helpful. Lorinnae


@mememe, apologies for late response but just back from a week’s holiday in Italy.

AMS seems to have recovered quite bit from its original share price drop. I did not sell any at the time as I have held this for many years and have a large capital gain, and not in my ISA, so might top-slice at some point in the future but no immediate plans to do so.

I did buy and still hold BB Healthcare, I transferred my holding into my ISA at the time of the big drop at the beginning of the year, thus crystallising a loss which I used to offset capital gains elsewhere. I’m now in a reasonable profit in my ISA holding.

I didn’t sell my holding in Burford either, I feel as though a lot of the plunges in share prices are often overdone these days, so I am generally giving things a few days to see how things pan out. Again I am sitting on a large profit here, although obviously reduced from where it has been. This seems to have stabilised for the time being, but I will be keeping a close watch.

Another holding I still have which has been in the doldrums lately is KWS, but again I have no plans to sell. I have top-sliced in the past as this is an ISA holding for me, so I don’t have to worry about CGT implications.

With regard to GAN, I don’t hold any gambling related shares anymore having seen at close quarters the personal devastation caused by gambling addiction. It joins the tobacco industry on that front as far as my investments are concerned.

Re SPWR the ‘distress’ in the Stockopedia report refers to the Altman Z score which estimates the risk of bankruptcy.


@Ripley94, sorry for delayed reply - I’ve been on holiday.

Yes I did hold on, I transferred a reduced holding into my ISA on the last drop at the beginning of the year. I have made a lot of money out of this share since back in the Lo-Q days (as it was called before it started its expansion). I am still up over 18% in my ISA so will again hold to see what happens next.

I think there may be some potential interest in this company from the US as with the weakness in the pound will make it more appealing. I haven’t had time to read their Q2 results in any detail yet, but at first glance, it is disappointing that they have reported a loss and revenue was below management expectations.


@share_123_maiden, me too just got back hence the delay in replying. I hold KWS but am staying clear of Boku.
I partially sold AB Dynamics and bought Craneware and Accesso Tech the latter on the dip.
I’m still holding SPWR but am monitoring closely. Some large institutions increased their holdings in June.


@Lorinnae, I’ve just sold SPWR -now wait and see!!


I’ve held Craneware from October 2016 and August 2017 during which time the share price went nowhere. Needless to say the share price took off just after I’d sold it. Chart looks interesting again now, although possibly a bit over bought and expensive now with a forward PE of 45.7.

I’m not really doing any buying or selling at the moment as I have no idea where things are headed politically at the moment. I eventually got round to reading ‘Prisoners of Geography’ by Tim Marshall whilst I was away, which was very interesting. If you haven’t already read it I would recommend it.


Bit of a tin hat week on the markets so far. Some good news from ITM about funding yesterday which seems to have done wonders for the share price. I can understand now why the results were delayed, kicking myself for not buying some more at 38p (49.8p as I type now). Still I’m hoping I might be able to pick up quite a few in the Open Offer @40p , although probably not as many as I would like.