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@share_123_maiden, thanks for the prompt made me take a look at the offer. Won’t get that much @ 1 for 19.
RingCentral which I mentioned some time ago is up 25% as I write because of a tie up with Avaya.
Okta was up over 10% yesterday I bought back on the 11th.
Craneware at a loss but still holding. Also bought back into ABDynamics different account holder to avoid 30 day rule (sold the previous lot for CGT need to plan ahead)
Must take a look at BOKU and BB Healthcare


Well done with RingCentral and your timing of your re-entry to Okta as it had definitely headed for oversold territory when you re-bought. Boku also in oversold territory now, but the markets are very jittery so I will stay put with my holding but don’t plan to top up. BB Healthcare trading at a small premium to NAV but holds some interesting companies that I don’t necessarily want to take an individual holding in, so just spreading my risk there.

Akamai still doing ok, as are my recent purchases of AT&T and LMT. Teradyne is up over 80% since the start of the year and still on an upward trend, ASML up 60% over the same period and WDC by 50%. Even my holding in ATIV is showing signs of life again.

In the UK BOO is doing nicely, up 70% since the start of the year, as is Wizz Air up 25% over the same period. I’m continuing my roller coaster ride with IQE (up 9% on Friday).

Otherwise I have a lot of holdings that are range bound at the moment, so it is just a case of waiting patiently to see where the market is headed next. At least by the end of this month we should have a better idea over what might happen with Brexit.


@share_123_maiden, I’ve held TER for some time it’s one of Allianz Tech top holdings. Have Wizz Air but staying away from UK retailers.

Ring Central up nearly 8% today another that’s doing well is Jabil. Most of my US shares are in good territory even with the tariff woes and talk of a recession - fingers crossed.
UK so so most profits reduced but no major losses yet - let’s see what happens with Brexit.


Hi share_123_maiden
What do you make of today’s news .
Big fall .



Disappointing. The price is now back to where it was when I moved it to my ISA. I will continue to hold for the time being.

Fortunately I have had some better news with other UK holdings such as DTG, CER, INL and CAPD.

Sadly the recent strength of the pound has also impacted the value of my US holdings, but that is unsurprising and I have benefited from the reverse situation in the past.

As with all of these situations the only prices that really matter are your purchase price and sale price. The only thing I have bought or sold in the last month was my holding in VOF which I moved to my ISA when I received the proceeds from the takeover of TEF.


@Ripley94, are you referring to Accesso Technology?


@share_123_maiden, do you have a multicurrency account? I convert when it’s to my advantage.
Did you take a look at Roku? I know you said you don’t have time for the ASX but I’m very pleased with Fisher & Paykel a good solid company.


No I don’t , I don’t think it would work well for me. I did look at ROKU but it looked too expensive for my risk profile since no profits are expected in the next couple of years.

Australia is not an area covered by my preferred research tools unless I am prepared to pay an additional premium, which I am not currently. As I said before I have enough other shares to consider in Europe and the US.

I’ve applied for my quota of shares under the ITM open offer. I have also made an excess application but don’t know if that will successful.


Yes mememe, share_123_maiden replied post above yours .
Do you have a view ?


@share_123_maiden, not sure why a multicurrency account would not work ‘well’ for you. I can only see it as an advantage no FX charges and exchanging when the currency is at a high. My spreadsheet tells me I’ve saved a bundle. Each to his own though.
I put Fisher &Paykel as others who read this bb might be interested.
Roku is up over 100% since March. It invests equal amounts in R&D ($170B) as in running costs hence no profit. There are big name investors inc. Morgan Stanley which increased its holding by over 500%.
I took up the offer for the basic and excess application for ITM.
I struck lucky recently I had 3 holdings in Sophos .


@Ripley94, no sorry I don’t have a view. I had quite a few ACCSO shares but sold out in Oct 18 for CGT . I then bought a very small amount last month but read some bad reviews the next day and sold out immediately. Staying away from UK shares until Brexit .


@mememe, the reason I don’t think multicurrency accounts would work well for me is because I do not keep a lot of cash in my portfolios, as I tend to be pretty much fully invested. As dividends arrive in my accounts I tend to amalgamate them and after a threshold is reached, often take a position in a new stock. Given that most (but not all) my dividends can arrive in GBP, $, €, CHF or NOK I find it easier to monitor when all in GBP.


@share_123_maiden, I don’t keep cash either but I 'm probably more of a day trader than an investor as you are so FX charges would hit me badly . Dividends I leave in cash or convert .
My spreadsheet monitors the different exchanges and what I would have paid if the FX rate had been applied. As I said I compared to before I used multicurrency accounts and there was a vast difference in costs. But each of us must do what’s best . Regards



Interesting article about Instem (INS) which I have mentioned previously, up 60% YTD, I have a small holding.


@share_123_maiden, thanks but not for me I had EMIS which didn’t do much.
Do you know why Barco has fallen? I was thinking of buying.
Bought more TEAM on the dip today. Still in profit on Okta but only just. Wait and see.


I agree EMIS share performance is rather disappointing, but it does pay a dividend and guidance for the year was unchanged. The profits were down slightly for the half year because of reorganisation costs of £2.2million, which hopefully are a one-off. Volumes are down and it is heading towards oversold territory. Share price is still 10% up on where it was at the beginning of the year.

I’m not aware of any particular reason for the share price fall for Barco, it is still well above the 200 day ma and the volumes aren’t particularly high.

Okta looks slightly more worrying as the share price has dropped below the 200 day ma and the volumes are higher than they have been, suggesting some profit taking.

When you talk of TEAM, I assume you are referring to Atlassian rather than Team Inc (Epic TISI).


@mememe, have you looked at AVST? It has been on my watch list for a while. Good recent trading update, undemanding forward PE of 15.8 and dividend yield of 2.8%, share price just off 52 week high. Only listed in May 2018. I may be tempted.


@share_123_maiden, I’ve been monitoring EMIS since the start of July and its 21% down since then haven’t looked into the reasons for the fall.
Barco has fallen considerably over the last 3 months. Will monitor for now but also depends on whether the Brexit deal is agreed in which case the £ will rise sharply. I hold Recordati (my only € stock) and am thinking of selling. I pay 1%FX charge on € stocks so not good for me (different broker)
Okta suffered yesterday just like many other US tech stocks. I made a good profit on the lot I sold before it plummeted. Will it be another BUR or ACCSO which have not so far recovered. Again will watch closely. MU is volatile too.
Are you still holding CAML? I’ll take a look at ANGLE and CAPD again which you hold.
I did mean Atlassian TEAM is the ticker code for it. It has done me well and yesterday announced OK results but fell with the rest of US stocks. I’m already over 1% nett profit on the lot I bought yesterday.
AVAST I bought at the IPO stage but as a Czech based company not sure how it will be affected if we Brexit. It’s rival is Sophos of which I have 3 tranches it went up 35% last week Thoma Bravo has bid for it. Not doing too well on some UK stocks but hoping the market will pickup - so it’s a balancing act.
Take a look at PSDL.


@mememe, some good news from EMIS this morning has lifted the share price a bit, obviously not the 21% you mentioned but up 8% as I type.

Yes I do still hold CAML, this has always been a play on copper. I expect the demand for that to increase with the rise in the number of electric vehicles, as they require much more copper in their manufacture. While I wait patiently for the share price to increase I do receive a nice dividend.

Some good Q3 figures from Tomra (OSL:TOMO) have lifted the share price here by 12% having been in the doldrums for a while.

I’ve made my first purchase in a while this morning taking a small position in Avingtrans (AVT). It’s been on my watch list for a while and had a decent set of results in September. It goes ex-div later this week, so expect the share price May dip a bit further.

Congratulations on your Sophos holdings, I sold out (with a small profit) back in April sadly. PSDL I have held in the past but sold in April amid concerns about a rent freeze in Berlin where most of their property was situated. I’ve no idea if this has been resolved yet, guessing it might have been given the rise in share price.


@share_123_maiden, good luck with AVT. I thought you were going to buy Avast today
Not sure if I mentioned I bought ASOS at the end of June. AOS and Ansys doing OK too(Fundsmith holds).
Craneware I should have stayed away - let’s hope it recovers!!
Keep looking at ACCSO but perhaps too risky for now. Are you still holding?