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@mememe, I’m still in two minds about Avast, so went for AVT instead in the end. It is interesting (and can be confusing) how many stocks I have whose name or epic begin with an A!

I still hold ACSO and am now just under break even, I will continue to hold for the time being. Found it somewhat annoying that the company didn’t give any indication of the prices that those who had shown interest were willing to pay. I’m finding it rather difficult to value the company at the moment.

I have held ASOS in the past but now prefer BOO as the management seem to be making a better fist of things. I’m also in for nothing with my current holding of BOO, having previously banked my purchase costs, so will create a CGT liability when I sell. My first buy in January 2015 was at 27p, my last buy in December last year was at £1.64.

Ansys looks interesting, but like you I find my portfolios rather overweight in technology stocks. I was reading an article yesterday about the last technology boom and bust and how the mining and industrial metals sector did well after it. My mining stocks are definitely showing signs of life at the moment, Bushveld Minerals, in which I have a small position, shot up 18.5% yesterday on no apparent news.


@share_123_maiden, thanks for the tip on Avast. I bought some late yesterday. I got rid of Bioventix made a small profit . I held BOO at one stage but sold out even now with ASOS not sure which way it will go.
Bushveld Minerals I got badly burned so staying away.
Hard to stay away from tech stocks - they are the future after all. Regards


@mememe, not sure why but ITM power is up over 16% as I type. I got about a quarter of the extra shares that I had requested under the open offer, as this was oversubscribed, along with my entitlement.


@share_123_maiden, I got the same broker said scaled back to 27% of excess shares +my entitlement.
Roku (I know how you feel about it) has gone up nicely too yesterday up 9.8%


@share_123_maiden, Plus500, GAN, Alpha FX and Avon Rubber not bad either.


@mememe, yes Alpha FX doing nicely, pity I can’t say the same about my holding in EQLS! Still share price seems to have plateaued there now. D4T4 showing signs of life today having been drifting down for a while. XP Power continuing its upwards trend since results at the beginning of August.


@share_123_maiden, I sold D4T4 back in July and it’s still below that sell price. However I saw a rise yesterday so decided to buy back but not sure how long I’ll hold. HIT had a big investment not sure if it’s still a major holding. Agree about XP Power. Tremor doing OK too.


@share_123_maiden, bought Western Digital on the dip today.

’ Hard-drive maker Western Digital Corp said on Wednesday its second-quarter profit would come in sharply below analysts’ expectations and that its chief executive officer would retire soon…’


Hi share_123_maiden.
Have you stuck with ACSO … i jumped in today @ 600p


@mememe, I decided to sell out and bank my profit on WDC and put it back on my watch list.

Have you looked at Lumentum (LITE), up 9.5% yesterday on the back of good news (see below)? They have been in the doldrums for a while. I bought originally as I believe they make components for the Apple iPhone amongst other things.

“** Shares of the mobile phone part maker LITE.O rise 10.3%premarket, and is set to hit near six-month high of $63.09 atthe open ** Stock is on pace to post its best day in three months ** Q1 results top estimates by strong performance of itsoptical communications and laser businesses”


Hi @Ripley94, yes I’m sticking with ACSO for the time being, still looking in oversold territory at the moment. I will probably wait until next set of results or when there is news of a possible takeover before making another move here. I am a reasonably patient soul!


Big gap up for Skyworks solutions (SKWS) today, another supplier of components for the Apple iPhone. Share price in a nice upward trend now, up over 45% in the last 6 months, but still off its previous highs. Results due on 12th November.


@share_123_maiden, do you mean you sold D4T4 and put the money into WDC?

I’ve held LITE for a couple of years when it was recommended by Marksman sold out for 18_19 CGT then rebought when it dipped.

I also bought Kraft Heinz on news of the new CEO and also to move away from tech stocks - yesterday it went up 13% .

Nearly all US stocks in my portfolio doing well today… ASOS is down 4% but AB Dynamics up 10%. GLA


No I sold WDC and have not reinvested the proceeds yet. I still hold D4T4. I did also sell 3 other non-performers yesterday, but fortunately don’t think I’d mentioned them here!


@share_123_maiden, not sure why you don’t want to mention non-performers that you sold. After all we are here to help each other.
I sold Blue Prism, Huntsworth, Croma Security and HSBC yesterday my loss makers.


I wasn’t trying to hide anything, I sold Gateley, Vivo and Zytronic, none of them large holdings, but I just didn’t think I’d suggested them as being buys here at any point, so didn’t think it would have been of much interest. Should have sold Zytronic ages ago!


@share_123_maiden, I hold ZYT too should have sold ages ago but didn’t. Hoping it will recover as it’s in my ISA. Never held the other 2. Gooch & Housego another loss for me at present.


Bought a few ZOO this morning on the big drop. I thought the outlook statement wasn’t too bad, the share price has recovered a bit as the day has gone on. I have held this before and timed my exit badly, so will pay more attention this time.


@mememe, did you buy any Capital Drilling in the end? It looks as though the share price has broken out today, it is up 12.9% as I type. Yesterday’s close was 66p which was the resistance level. Its all time high was about 110p back in 2012.


@share_123_maiden, yes I did and about 6% in profit. However bought ANGLE at the same time which is doing badly… Said I would never buy back again and got tempted. Hopefully it will recover and I will get out. Got rid of ZOO and ZYT both losses.
Ah well, at least my foreign stocks are doing well.
Did you buy Alpha FX it took some time to recover but look at it now.