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@mememe, no I didn’t buy Alpha FX, I’m still stuck with my holding of EQLS, rather annoying as it is in my ISA, but I am going to wait until their next set of results, as it appears to be in oversold territory now.

I sold Check Point Software today as the performance has been poor. I have replaced it with Jabil (which I think you mentioned previously) and the Renewable Infrastructure Group (TRIG). I’ve also taken a small position in Judges Scientific which I have held in the past and very much regret selling. It is looking quite expensive at the moment, but I like the management as I think they centre on shareholder value, it pays a small dividend too.


@share_123_maiden, I’m stuck with EQLS too but not in an ISA.
I sold Checkpoint over a year ago made a small gain. I hold TRIG and Judges the latter for many years. It’s had it’s ups and downs. Ergomed and Oxford Instruments doing well.
Yes I mentioned Jabil. GL to both of us. Edenbridge was up 17% a couple of hours ago.


@mememe, I can’t find Edenbridge anywhere, what’s the EPIC and where is it listed?


@share_123_maiden, sorry I meant Everbridge (NASDAQ:EVBG). Cognex (Terry Smith holds) doing well too.



. Can anyone explain the following small, clearly uneconomical trades:
GAMMA trades:
18/09: 1, 9,2,9,1.
19/09: 11,1,11,11,11,7,11,11,11,11,11,1,4,2,5,8,9,3,5,1,6,5,4.7,11.
This pattern of trading is evident across numerous shares, e.g:
HGM: 18/10 8,17,24,19,5,6,5,21,5,1.
HNT:18/10 10,10,31,23,6,6,6,3,9,10,12,10.
Also: 888, ALM, AMGO, ARW, AMS, AO, APH etc., etc.


@Moonsurfer, sorry no idea.


Good morning @Moonsurfer, nice to hear from you again, I hope you and your wife are well.

With SharePad I have level 2, this shows these small trades are marked as AT i.e. automatic trades that have been computer generated. I assume these don’t incur the charges that we PI’s do with these trades.

Are you still in contact with Dr M?


Hallo share_123_maiden,
Yes we are well, thankyou. I hope all is OK with you and your family. Pat and I will both be in our eighties come January !
I am still an active investor but I have not been in touch with Marksman.
I believe the small trades are signals between a group of investors to short the shares involved. Small trades on penny shares suggest that up to 150, possibly 250 people are involved, up from around 50, 5 years ago. I have been watching these trades for up to 10yrs. I have sent info to the FSA/FCA several times over this period . They are still investigating. Not sure how the trades are automatic if I am right.
Maybe I’m a bit paranoid. Not causing me any problem anyway.
best regards


I’ll try again to raise some interest.
AMGO trades, sp £0 79.
23/10 53, 60, 46, 19, 50, 3, 62, 1, 7.
23/10 1, 7, 5, 1, 7, 8, 3, 66, 50, 53, 60, 46, 19, 50, 3.
6/11. 2, 2, 2, 2, 19, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 84, 2, 2, 2, 14,2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 12.
I accept advice that these are automatic trades. Still need explaining.


Worth a read


@mememe, I made a couple of share purchases last week. First was the Kainos group which has seen the share price rise about 20% over the last couple of months. Q2 results that were out on 11 Nov looked ok too. The second was Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP) which is up 18% today as I type. I was looking at this one as my holding in the much smaller Horizon Discovery (HZD) has proved profitable already. Both are involved in gene editing and it looks as though there will be some exciting treatments along the way. Also an attempt to diversify away from the technology sector a bit.


@share_123_maiden, I hold Kainos. I’ve been burned by biotechs bought AGL and currently down 20% . I held Abiomed made a good profit and got out. Its plummeted 50% since. I hold HCA Healthcare
Target is up 13% as I write, CLG up 19% on bid talks, Kape Tech up 20% yesterday.
Also bought Ramsden on the dip yesterday saw an article about loan problems but decided to take a punt (only small).
Not sure what’s up with Akamai Tech - not rising with the rest of the sector. I bought Checkpoint Software.


@mememe, I still hold and will continue to hold AGL, I’m just below break even on my 3 tranches there. I think the crucial thing here will be the FDA approval in 2020 (see RNS from 30th October). As I have said before I am an investor not a trader.

Kape is a no no for me personally as I have been bitten with Israeli companies in the past and although its head office is in the Isle of Man, the majority of the trading companies are in Israel. There was some interesting discussion over on Stockopedia about this.

I didn’t add to my holding of Ramsden on the dip as I had already reached the maximum size of investment I had planned there. I’m happy holding this going forward as they confirmed that they don’t offer unsecured personal loans nor high-cost, short term credit loans. It also has a decent dividend yield.

I sold Check Point Software at the beginning of this month as my holding had gone nowhere over a 15 month period. Whereas Akamai is up 20% since the beginning of June, so perhaps pausing for some consolidation, the share price is still well above the 200 EMA.

ITM power has been doing quite well, but is now approaching resistance level. Sadly I missed the chance to top up the other day when the share price dropped about 10%.


@share_123_maiden, I’ll stick with KAPE for now up 11% yesterday and another 4% today. I don’t read Stockopedia.
As you know I have ITM power too as you say resistance probably reached.
I bought PDD ( an e-commerce company) on the 26% dip on 20/11/19 made about 10% so far. I was about to sell STNE but fortunately didn’t up 20% today on good results.
I only hold a small amount in AGL so unlike you not prepared to wait 'til 2020 - will probably get out soon if I see no recovery and invest elsewhere in the hope of recovering my losses.


Disappointing Q2 results from D4T4 today, but better Q4 results from Cerillion (CER) which I have mentioned in the past. Q2 results out tomorrow from GB Group, whose share price has recently been reaching all time highs and has just broken through previous resistance levels. On Wednesday we have Q2 results from Iomart (IOM) the share price has been hovering over the 11, 22, 50 and 200 EMA’s in the last few trading days. On Thursday the Q2 results for Discoverie (DSCV) which has had a good run recently and is not far off its all time high of £5.85

Sold my position in Flowtech Fluid Power - should have done that a long while back, but it was in my ISA and I was hoping the share price would recover, but no sign of that sadly.


@share_123_maiden , I think I mentioned D4T4 but then later also said that I did well and sold out in July. GB I’ve traded for years (for CGT) still hold. IOM sold out. DSCV one of Marksman’s tip.
US shares have shot up today on China-US trade talks improving. Bought more PDD up 7.8% as I write
Take a look at Leifheit AG ( XETRA:LEI)paid a good dividend too (not sure if it was a one off)


@mememe, interesting few days on the markets. The strength of the pound has obviously had a downward impact on the value of my US investments. Today I thought I would take advantage of the strength of the pound to buy some PHPT which is priced in dollars. I continue to hold PHPD which is still doing well, but I believe platinum now has some catching up to do, so might make more going forward on today’s purchase.

Fortunately the recovery in some of my UK stocks has lead to some very positive results. Inspired Energy (INSE) doing well today, along with MBH (a recent addition to the portfolio) and HEAD. Even EQLS is showing signs of life. I also made a decent addition to my ITM holding just before the election as the price had risen slightly after a short period of decline, following the testing of resistance around the 82p mark, in profit on all my positions here now.

It will be interesting to see how long this relief rally/Boris bounce/Santa Claus rally will last.


Hello Ripley, yes I still invest in PHE.
Hello everyone else, I don’t write on this 0ne much as they use my email too much. I usual invest on ADVFN Board under the drainpipe club. sometimes I use the LSE. Anyway about PHE.


PHE went up 32.5% yesterday after going down a lot in the last few weeks.
Go to ( the information is all there.
Have a look at.
CNN Business. 26.11.2019.
PowerHouse Energy has platform to establish itself as a sustainable and profitable business. 15.08.2019.
Powerhouse Energy Group. PLC. Half year report. 27.09.2019.
Two helping hand help PHE. Peel investments, and Waste2tricity. Waste have been all over the wold, and business come the PHE way. Peel own a lot of lane and they are investing 11 new businesses. Plus Peel help with money to keep PHE ok.
Have a look at Mail online. (Unrecyclable plastic waste found polluting the oceans and littering beaches can be turned to an innovative new world fist method)
PHE should have there first item up and running by May/June next year then orders come in PHE will go up a lot.
Keep an eye on PHE to see how it goes.
I often look at where all the information comes from about PHE.
Ripley have you looked at CWR it is doing ok.



Hi Share Maiden,
Regarding very small trades, I think I have now generated some serious interest at the FCA, or maybe they are just trying to get rid of me.
I will post two more pieces of “evidence” that these trades are deliberate signalling trades in the hope that someone else will also take up the baton. I have looked recently at early trading as opposed to my usual mid-morning and/or late afternoon checks on my shares.
First trade of the day unless otherwise stated :
HNT : sp 88p, 26/11th 1. 27/11th (second trade) 4., (third trade) 3. 2/12th (second trade) 1.
LTG: sp 116p, 28/11th 2. 29/11th 3. 2/12th (second trade) 2.
888: sp 120p, 28/11th 7
ALM: sp 50p, 28/11th 7 and 1. 3/12th 13.
ARW: sp225p, 28/11th 5 and 1, 2/12 1, 3/12 16
AO: sp70p, 29/11th 8 and 1, 3/12 10.
Rank: sp 250p, 28/11th 10 and 5 , 29/11th (2nd trade) 1, 3/12th 10.
NCC: sp 208p, 29/11th 8.
I have more but I think that’s enough to show a pattern.
Sometimes the trades, and I accept that these are set automatically, are quite ridiculous.
Just one blatant example and then I’m done(for good).
AO: 16th/12. 0800hr 1st trade 17. value £14.
Later trades 15.30 to 16.30 hrs:
1, 57, 25, 11, 15, 9, 5, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 14, 7, 4, 5, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 35, 18, 9, 11, 6, 9, 3, 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,9,4, 29, 64, 43, 2, ect., etc., 68 trades in 1 hr vs 23 trades > £1.

!st trade 17/12 1.

I now rarely trade in small shares.