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PHE up 10% at the moment. It is now at 0.66p where as it was in last December 027p, that is well over 100% gain. I did mine with an average of 0.41p. So it is doing Ok for me. Last year I bought PPS, and AFC then they went up so I used the money in PHE. PHE will have a super gain this year. and over the next few years.

S123M PHE has more money now, Peel gave money to complete the work on the site, and Cheshire Warrington gave money to Wast2 which is now part of PHE. Money no problem with more coming soon. This is a much wanted stock.

Have a look at ITM it is losing money, maybe our government will help it out again? The gas pipes need repairs for the introduction of Hydrogen. Keep an eye closely on ITM it might go down soon. It has done very well recently but what happens next?

I use Warren Buffett idears buy and leave them to go up. It is better than to many stocks to look after, you give money away to all sorts buying, and selling all the time… This is my way.

Anyway good luck with your stocks.



Correction. 0.66p, 0.27p, and 0.41p

loadsadough ,


A computer simulation of the planned waste-to-hydrogen plant in northwest England.Photo: Peel Environmental
Turning plastic waste into hydrogen: first commercial plant moves step closer
Award of $1.6m grant will enable Waste2tricity to build the facility’s ‘thermal conversion chamber’, which will heat the plastic until it breaks down into gases.
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Green hydrogen ‘can beat fossil-fuel H2 on price by 2030’
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7 January 2020 15:36 GMT Updated 7 January 2020 15:37 GMT
By Leigh Collins
A technology company aiming to produce hydrogen from unrecyclable plastic waste has won a £1.25m ($1.64m) grant for its first commercial plant, to be built in northwest England.
Waste2tricity will use the funds to construct the facility’s thermal conversion chamber, a key component of the Distributed Modular Generation (DMG) system developed by its partner, AIM-listed waste-to-energy group PowerHouse Energy (PHE) — which is, incidentially, in the process of acquiring Waste2Tricity.

Seven emerging technologies that will be vital for fighting climate change
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The DMG process works by heating plastic waste (or old tyres) to temperatures of more than 850°C, which not only melts the plastic, but turns the molten plastic into syngas — a mixture of methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The hydrogen is then separated for later use, and the remaining gases are cleaned and burned to produce electricity, with waste heat also available for local distribution.
The £7m plant near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, which Waste2tricity is developing with infrastructure company Peel Environmental, will be able to process 35 tonnes of plastic waste and produce up to two tonnes of hydrogen per day, while generating 3.8MW of electricity (of which 3.4MW will be exported).
It is set to be the first of at least 11 DMG plants to be built in the UK as part of a £130m collaboration between Peel and PHE.
The £1.25m award came from the £4.1m Energy Fund of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership, a non-profit organisation operated by local authorities and businesses. It is conditional on the facility winning planning permission later this year.

Waste2tricity chairman Tim Yeo — the influential former UK environment minister — said: “This grant offer recognises the importance of the PHE DMG technology and the impact it may have on assisting Cheshire and Warrington and potentially the country to the target of net zero emissions — through the creation of hydrogen fuel from waste plastic.”
Europe _


Waste2Tricity is NOT yet part of PHE, there are ongoing negotiations but this will require shareholder approval, which they hope to get in Q1 2020.

PHE have very few assets, it has no income. The number of shares that have been issued has more than tripled in the last 3 years. It has an Altman Z-score of -168 which indicates a serious risk of financial distress within the next 2 years.

ITM may not yet be making a profit, but at least it is generating income and this income is increasing. It had a recent oversubscribed fund raise and it has over £5m in cash and its net assets are also increasing. It has entered a joint venture with Linde to deliver green hydrogen to large scale industrial projects. It has also signed a collaboration agreement with Iwatani Corporation of America for the deployment of multi MW electrolyser based hydrogen energy systems in North America. It already had an agreement with Royal Dutch Shell to provide hydrogen on its forecourts having opened its eighth one at Gatwick Airport in October.

This year ITM has announced the HyDeploy project is fully operational. The following extract is from the HyDeploy website, ITM have already operated a similar process in Germany.

"HyDeploy is an energy trial to establish the potential for blending hydrogen, up to 20%, into the normal gas supply to reduce carbon emissions.

HyDeploy is being hosted at Keele University in Staffordshire. It could be the first project in the UK to inject hydrogen into a natural gas network.

It will determine the level of hydrogen which could be used by gas consumers safely and with no changes to their behaviour or existing domestic appliances.

Subject to Health & Safety Executive approval in Phase 1 of HyDeploy, the aim is to run a year-long live trial of blended gas on part of the Keele private gas network in Phase 3 (2019).

HyDeploy is funded by Ofgem’s Gas Network Innovation Competition, Cadent Gas Ltd and Northern Gas Networks." (Italics are mine as it does not appear to need modification to the gas pipes as you suggested).

My average buy price for ITM is 45.5p (I have been buying since May 2019) so happy with today’s close price of £1.01 which is a gain of 122% over 7 months which I am delighted with. I may well top-slice at some point to protect my profits but do see this as a long term hold and a better bet than PHE at the moment.


Hello S123M.

I do not agree that ITM will make money soon, our government will have to top them up again. I am not interested in backing ITM.

PHE there is a lot that you have not mentioned. Do you realise that it has a new item and soon later this year it will be wanted all over the world. As well as here in the uk.

The one to ask about PHE is Manabouttown on the Powerhouse Ener Share Chat board.

Here is some information about the Japane.
Wed, 10th Jul 2019 09:15
RNS Number : 0774F
Powerhouse Energy Group PLC
10 July 2019

PowerHouse Energy Group plc
(“PowerHouse” or the “Company”)
10 July 2019

Japan Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry strongly endorses DMG Technology

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (AIM: PHE), the UK technology company pioneering hydrogen production from waste plastic, is pleased to receive a letter of support from the Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI).

The formal letter follows many months of engagement and review of the DMG Technology. The letter includes commendation from the Ministry that they consider the DMG as having many environmental advantages, and they view it as a major competitor within the low-cost production of hydrogen and incredible value to the promotion of energy transition and decarbonisation process around the world.

Powerhouse Energy looks forward to the future development of opportunities arising from this positive engagement in Japan, but notes there is no immediate commercial benefit from this letter of support.
PHE hydrogen will be around half the price of other Hydrogen manufactures. So the UK gas will want it when it is up and running.

It has gone up from 0.27p to 0.66p since middle of last Dec. A super gain, and more coming.



@loadsadough, you said:

“I do not agree that ITM will make money soon, our government will have to top them up again. I am not interested in backing ITM.”

It is already making money, (see sales revenue below) although not a profit yet. From their final results published in October
"· Total Revenue & Grant Funding of £17.5m (2018: £14.1m) up 25%, comprising:

o Sales revenue - £4.6m (2018: £3.3m) up 40%

o Grant income recognised on the income statement - £7.2m (2018: £4.1m) up 75%

o Grant income recognised on the balance sheet - £5.7m (2018: £6.7m), down 14%"

Since then they have had a successful oversubscribed fund raise of £52m to add to the £5.2m they already had in the bank at that time, so I doubt they will be going to the government for more funds.

We are obviously never going to agree about this, so I don’t intend to comment on here again. However, it is sad that no-one else seems to visit this board anymore.



Have a look at the information. for iTM.

Turnover 3.3mm, Profit -6.1 mm



mememe wants to speak to you.

Have a look at.
Volume 77.9 mm, and profit 8.5mm.
It shares have been going up for a few years.


Hi, Share Maiden, and Loads. Happy New Year to you both.
I have successfully completed my 80th year (4th Jan) and with age comes wisdom.
Well, maybe !
I still have a bee in my bonnet, still trying to interest the FCA in my concerns over organised shorting of a wide range of small/medium shares. They acknowledge my e mails, say they have passed the info to the appropriate dept., but nothing happens.
I will bore you one more time. 1st trades today : 0800 hr: AMS 3. APH 6. AMGO 1, AO 10,10,3 resp. ARW 2,11,1 resp, ENOG 1. HSW 5. IWG (not 1st trade), 8.03 1, 8.04 1, 4 and 5. MSLH 3, NCC 4.
It cannot be pure chance!
I will keep plugging away on this.
Apart from that I am very active, still dog walking, swimming and golfing.
Best regards to you both and any other “readers”
ps I hold ITM, but not enough. I am ruthless in shedding investments that go south.


You are looking at the wrong year’s results. That information was for 2018, look at RNS for 3/10/2019.


@Moonsurfer, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. I was delighted to see that you are still very active, I hope Pat is keeping well too.

I do think you have a point about the small transactions although my faith in the FCA sorting it out is probably small.


I already hold this stock. In fact I hold far too many stocks, I can never be accused of being a one trick pony. I was happy with the total return on my investments for 2019 of 20%, so will stick to my own way of doing things.


Hello moonsufer, and S123m, an eveybody else happy new year to you all

The infommation that I have for ITM comes from H l latest results,

Have a look at PHE
Look at the (Powerhouse enegy has Platform to Establish itself as Sustainable and Profitable business) only a few month old.

I was very well at science at school so I use this for PHE. It is up 17.3% at the moment, and it went up over 10% last Friday. I now have almost 100% gain.
it has the use old plastic and old car tyres to make a fotune coming now. Who want old plastic filling up oceans, dumpt in the land ect. Every one will buy PHE later this year to sort out the problems. It will get loads of money coming its way, no problem just loads of money.

Ripley 94 happy new year to you. Have you got PHE yet?



Hydrogen companies.


A few to look at that have done well over the last six months. IMO The best two are PHE, and CWR. Worth a look IMO.



@share_123_maiden, belated HNY to you too. I’ve held AMD for ever. I hold HCA, TNDM, Dexcom that’s enough. KMR not for me too speculative.

Tesla has rocketed (how right was EM) likewise Camtek, Beyond Meat all US stocks I hold doing well/OK all were positive cumulatively yesterday. The Dow and S&P500 each reached their highest point ever yesterday (or was it today not sure). JPMorgan reported today highest earnings of any US bank in history

I’m more of a trader whereas you’ve said that you’re an investor. Also I don’t trade much in the UK market prefer the US. Not sure what effect Brexit will have either. Where are you based?

I bought a few Boku shares on the dip today.
Good luck


Hello mememe.

The USA stocks are doing well so good luck with your stocks.

My one is as you know PHE. It has gone up nearly 200% since mid December, and I have nearly 100% from my 0.41p. It is around 0.78p at the moment. Any body who did not do it when I suggested has lose around 50%/60% so far.
PHE is a one off world new product and we in the UK are good at fining new products. What will happen is when the fist one is built later this year they will go all around the world. They have a small one built at the Cheshire university so we know it will work ok. Peel have ordered 11 one it being made the moment. Can you imagine what will happen when all countries want to get rid of waste plastic. All the money comes back to PHE. Should be interesting later this year. I am into science so I know what will happen.

Not sure what the stock does for a few months, but later this year it will be going up. Over the next say 5 years up she goes. A Buffett wold say, buy, and wait.



@mememe, I don’t hold Tesla as an individual share but have exposure via SMT. Camtek is probably a no no for me as it is v small for a US stock and is based in Israel. Beyond Meat has always looked very expensive and still does, so not one for me. HCA, TNDM and DEXCOM all look interesting going forward. I know that DEXCOM equipment is being used for the artificial pancreas project which is being funded by the JDRF charity. I invested in ABT because of their development of the FreeStyle Libra flash glucose monitoring system amongst other things.

Four relatively recent buys of US stocks that I don’t think I have mentioned are SPLK, OSK, CHTR and QCOM. Early days, but hoping for good progress with those. Two others that I have held for quite a while that are coming back to life are SWKS and LITE.

Looking at all my holdings I am absolutely amazed to find how many are at or very near new all time highs. This applies to funds I hold as well as individual stocks. With this comes the worry as to whether the markets likely to head into reverse soon.

I am based in Surrey, but have easy access to London, how about you?