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Hydrogen stock doing Ok. PPS up 21.4%. CWR up 4.7%. PHE up 10.2%. AFC, and ITM both down at the moment.

PHE will make me a fortune I expect it to be up around 300% by year end. So my stock will be a lot higher late this year.

This is from another board.

(PHE won’t have to pay for any plants unless they chose to they will just be collecting lovey nice royalties from the plant operators

1,000’s of £500,000 a year royalties

The dividends will be substantial )

The money will roll in later this year.



Hello every one.

This is my best start to any of my years investing I have well over 50% gains in my share. Due to PHE going up a lot this year. More to come as it gets its unit running later this year. It is a company that has its own product, only one in the world.

Every one wants to get rid of Plastics, and make money at the same time.



Hello every one.

It has gone up from mid Dec last year to 0.27p+0.27p+0.27p up to around 0.87p well over 200%. That give me over 50% in my shares for this 2020 year.
It is having a unit built that could be finished by June or later. they have some vole animals to look after that are protected. So it could take longer to complete.
When it is finished it will go all over the world and all the money will come back to PHE Old plastic will be used to make hydrogen, and electricity.

The UK government have loads of plastic waste returned to us, why don’t we keep it for PHE to deal with…Get rid of it and generate hydrogen, and electricity. Soon our government will wake up to what they could do.

PHE will make lots of money later this year, I will have several % for me, maybe 300%, or 400 % gains in my share. I dint know but it will be a lot.

As Buffet would say invest and wait for the money to return.

If you had a buy when I suggested this one a few weeks ago you would have a nice gain by now. Invest and wait. This is a one off unit that PHE can make.



@loadsadough, here is some share price information

1yr ITM +488% PHE +109%
6m ITM +211% PHE +119%
3m ITM +142% PHE +125%
1m ITM +75% PHE +96%

I’m a happy holder of both. I’m a little concerned to hear about the delay to the start of PHE’s latest project and expect the share price might well slip back at the next trading update because of that.


Hello S123M

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Bosch invests more in CWR
Today 08:01
The issue you might all wish to consider is that whilst both Linde and Ceres have raised circa £38 million from strategic partners this type of funding would be wasted on PHE
we are in the process of agreeing to a transaction acquisition of W2T once completed all we need is for Peel to arrange funding for the commercial roll out - we do not need the quantum of R and D for our project to succeed commercially -
We will start to receive engineering fees and annual royalties for a minimum of 11 projects.
which means we will be in profit way before companies like ITM and CWR and our market is substantially bigger with no existing competitors

Look at their mcaps massive in comparison to ours PHE is way undervalued at present (MASSIVELY )

Self explain.

From me I like the way ITM has done well, but IMO it will soon go down as it cannot make any money. Just look at the Hargreaves financial board.

PHE will go up sooner or later and by year end it will be around 300% higher than today.

OK lets wait and see.



@mememe, good news from AGL today, share price up 16% as I type. Did you sell in the end?


@share_123_maiden, yes I sold its only up 2% from when I did invested in Tesla instead


@share_123_maiden, I accidentally deleted my last post not sure how to recover. WDC up 29% since 31/10/19 .


Worth having a look at the Hydrogen stocks. Over say three months share charts.

PPS up 18.9%
CWR up 13%.
Have a look at PHE, and AFC.



Yes I shouldn’t have sold that on reflection. However I did bank a profit at the time. Bad news from Accesso today and from Air Partner yesterday, fortunately both small holdings for me. I had held on to Air Partner with a hope of a recovery after their previous accounting problems. I’d also hung on as their Stockopedia stock rank was still very good - note to self; this indicator doesn’t always work.

Lessons learnt, cut your losses quickly and run your winners. I’m getting better at that discipline fortunately, trying not to get emotionally attached to a share. That was definitely a problem for me with Accesso having held it for years, fortunately having made big profits in the past.


@share_123_maiden, ACCSO hasn’t been on my radar for some time nor Air Partner but PRSM went up 22% today on good results and Avast is doing well. Do you still hold AB Dynamics? wondering whether to buy on the dip but maybe not with Brexit round the corner.

I don’t use Stockopedia not sure I want to either - perhaps one day


Hello everyone.

I have my own way with stocks. I only have one stock PHE since last November, like Buffet just buy and wait for it to go up. I have done very well with around 100% gain so far, 50% this year. . With to many shares you spend a lot time working them out, I use to be like this in the past but now I have a different way. It might go down for a while, but later this year it will go up a lot. The voles have been sorted out between Peel, and Natural England organisation.

Watch out for the Chines Coronovirus it might send the shares down? We do not know.



Dilution of shares from announcement today. I pointed out previously that this was going to happen. Thus we all now have a smaller share in the company.

                    ("PowerHouse" or the "Company") 

                            Issue of Equity 

PowerHouse Energy Group plc (AIM: PHE), the UK technology company
commercialising hydrogen production from waste plastic, announces that the
Company is issuing a total of 57,728,139 ordinary shares of 0.5p each in the
Company (“Ordinary Shares”) further to the exercise of warrants at 0.5p per
Ordinary Share and to various service providers for the settlement of fees.

5,500,000 Ordinary Shares are being issued further to the exercise of warrants
at 0.5p per Ordinary Share. 47,732,518 Ordinary Shares are being issued at 0.5p
and 4,495,621 Ordinary Shares are being issued at 0.717p to various service
providers based on the average closing price for the relevant periods as set
out the in agreements with the relevant parties.


@loadsadough, you said:

It will be totally dependent upon the size of your portfolio and your attitude to risk. I would. NEVER
put all my eggs in one basket, however small the basket. I expect different parts of my portfolio to perform different functions, thus some shares I hold because they generate an income for me where with others I will look for capital growth. If I get both I will be delighted.


@mememe, yes I do still have a large holding in AB Dynamics. I did think the share price had got ahead of itself after last year’s placing, but it is looking less over bought now and outlook statements have been positive. Had I been a trader I would have probably sold out somewhere near the high and bought back in later, the majority of my buys were under £5 back in 2016 and 2017, so still very happy with my holding.



You it out many things. PHE was given money by two rencetly, and it when up a lot this year.

One thing I don’t agree with you is ITM, unless they get money from some where they will go down IMO. It would be better to invest in CWR IMO.

Unlike ITM, and AFC they both have money from our government, but PHE has nothing. they are getting money from Peel.

I justb like ivesting in pHE


Sorry for that this computer is very strange.

Give PHE time and they will be ok.

All the best with your shares.



@loadsadough, I don’t understand your comments, ITM have recently had a large fund raise, this is from their RNS in October last year:

“ Result of Open Offer

The Open Offer closed for acceptances at 11.00 a.m. on 21 October 2019 in accordance with its terms and was oversubscribed. The Company therefore announces that is has received valid acceptances in respect of 17,053,126 New Ordinary Shares pursuant to Qualifying Shareholders’ Open Offer Entitlements representing a significant oversubscription of the new Ordinary Shares available under the Open Offer. Accordingly, the aggregate amount raised pursuant to the Open Offer is approximately GBP6.8 million and the aggregate amount raised pursuant to the Share Subscription, Firm Placing and Open Offer is approximately GBP58.8 million.

Application has been made for the 147,053,126 New Ordinary Shares to be issued pursuant to the Share Subscription, Firm Placing and Open Offer to be admitted to trading on AIM. It is expected that Admission and dealings in the 147,053,126 New Ordinary Shares will commence at 8.00 a.m. on 23 October 2019.

Upon Admission, the Enlarged Share Capital will comprise 471,062,527 Ordinary Shares with one voting right per share. The Company does not hold any shares in treasury. Therefore, this figure of 471,062,527 Ordinary Shares may be used by Shareholders following Admission as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change in their interest in, the share capital of ITM Power under the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules.“

ITM results will be out next week.


@share_123_maiden, will stay away from ABDynamics for now added to TEAM instead yesterday.



Interesting article re use of hydrogen in steel production.

The hydrogen company thyssenkrupp is working with is a French company called Air Liquide.

Exciting times for hydrogen going forward.