Drop today



ADVFN shows a 6% drop at present.
Any views on why?
Douglas Caster retires this month. Any connection?
Yours Aggrieved Re New ii Website


Drop due to todays news. Profits reduced in first half of year.
Yours Hoping Someone Else Finds this Board


I’m only here because I used to be. What an absolute disaster! (Not Ultra where the RNS was disappointing in the near term but I thought it was relatively up beat.) It’s as though the designers of the upgrade took all the best features of what they used to have and said, we don’t need any of this.

If anyone knows of any better sites to monitor portfolios I’d love to hear from them (although I may never check this discussion board ever again,)


And another drop today for no apparent reason.
London South East lse is good for tracking your portfolio. The chat is ok. Still not as good as the old ii website.


Half year report indicates drop in profits. Hence the fall


Ultra Electronics Profit Declines On Lower Revenue, Finance Costs
by Alliance News | 6th August 2018 09:40
Ultra Electronics Holdings PLC on Monday posted a significant reduction in profit in the first half of the year due to higher finance costs and lower revenue.

In the six months ended June 30, the technology company recorded a pretax profit of GBP20.0 million, down from GBP30.9 million the year before.

Revenue dropped to GBP350.5 million from GBP366.4 million, though Ultra reduced its expenses and costs resulting in an increased GBP30.4 million operating profit from GBP25.4 million.

However finance costs, including a substantial loss on closing out a foreign currency derivative contract, helped dragged its pretax profit down.

The company’s interim dividend for 2018, 14.6 pence per share, equals the 2017 interim payout.

“From advfn website news”




I gave up with the portfolio feature here, (not sure why I persist with the BB), I use which is easy to set up and has a huge advantage of being real-time data which I only saw in google finance before and that was killed off. needs to text a code for initial sign up which some found to be a problem but it worked fine for me, even though I was using a number in SE Asia.

Charting is a bit fiddly so I also use Yahoo finance for charting.

If you do move on good luck, it’s been good to exchange thoughts with you over the years.



I’ve set up on the lse site with is good for the portfolio and has a reasonable chat feature for each share, each contributers re ULE. It doesn’t have some of the etfs unfortunately.
There’s nothing that compares with the old ii website. Such a shame it’s become one of the crowd with no usp.
Good luck


H2 & Vb, thanks for your thoughts & opinions. I use the site too. I find it good for taking a snapshot of all my shares, but (unless I’ve not found it) it lacks the chat facility and what I relied on ii for so much is the recent news releases. I also used the ii portfolio pages to keep track of my gains/losses each day, and doesn’t seem to do that.

The real time aspect is very useful on the opens, thereafter it is of less importance for me.

I also use the LSE platform - good for monitoring prices and for recent news items, but again I’ve not found the chat facility, nor been able to monitor gains & losses.

Morningstar does allow me to set up a portfolio and measure the gains/losses, but it’s a lot more fiddly than ii used to be.

So what I used to do on one site simply I now have to do on 3 sites, and still I have been unable to find anywhere which offers such good discussion boards. Someone has suggested ADVFN, but I find that over populated with adverts and much too busy altogether.

I visit Yahoo Finance occasionally, when I start monitoring a share I like to keep an eye of volumes, and yahoo is the only site I have found which gives an average daily volume figure (over 3 months) so I find that useful.

I still use ii to trade - which is does perfectly adequately, but otherwise more or less ignore it. I only came on here now because H2’s post appeared in my inbox.

I do miss the views and inputs of the various excellent posters, you 2 included, so I wish you well, and maybe I’ll discover you on another board someday.


The lse site portfolio does show the daily profit and loss on the desktop website but not on the mobil website.
Chat is accessed by clicking on the share symbol and finding the chat button.


I use HL now I only came to look at the posts


20% up in the last 2 days. An opportunity to sell my final tranch.
Yours Good Luck to Holders