“Under a temporary scheme…It would mean 82% of imports from the EU would be tariff-free, down from 100% now, while 92% percent of imports from the rest of the world would pay no border duty, up from 56%…Tariffs would be maintained to protect some industries, including agriculture. Beef, lamb, poultry and some dairy imports would be protected.”



…we hear from industry how this disheveled and chaotic government’s Brexit policies will harm our business community.

From the BBC News website:

"Carmaker Ford, which employs 13,000 in the UK, is urging the government to avoid a no-deal Brexit so that the tariff regime unveiled earlier does not need to be implemented.

“It is very disappointing that the UK government should unveil its planned automotive tariffs in the event of a no-deal Brexit without any prior consultation with the industry," Ford said.

"These tariffs would deal a devastating blow to much of the complex and integrated automotive industry, and would damage the competitiveness of Ford’s engine manufacturing in the UK.

"This is why it is imperative that a no-deal, hard Brexit is ruled out as soon as possible to avoid the imposition of such a draconian tariff regime on a large part of the UK auto industry.

"We sincerely hope that political differences will now be set aside, and that politicians will work together to avoid the country leaving the EU without a deal on March 29. Any deal must guarantee the principles of tariff free and frictionless trade.”

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More charges to add to Failing Grayling’s account.





…we see the evidence of how Elderly Brextremists have taken over the Conservative party driving out moderates who best represent mainstream opinion. Today’s victim is Nick Boles:

Boles has resigned from his constituency party but wants to retain the Tory whip. He ought to go the whole hog and join the Independent Group.

In truth those that drove Boles out are the Tory equivalents of Momentum. Truly our politics is in a lamentable state.

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…has joined the 20K club, along with Brexit Wars 3. Keeping these message boards alive!


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