When you look at Brexit it was these “Patriots” that caused all this shame. now they are leaving.



I see that sterling has bobbed under 1.08 euros again. Trend is still down.



Britannia incapable of ruling the waves

In an email sent to the BBC in error, it is clear that DEFRA is worried about whether the UK has the capacity to patrol its fishing grounds:

Perhaps it will be helpful if Scotland and NI eventually secede from the UK as it will make patrolling the English fishing grounds more do-able?


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A definition of delusion…failure to realise that you’re part of the problem but not part of the solution.

A ‘Unity’ government is doomed to failure…Dominic will be happy and has probably factored that into the algorithms of Cambridge Analytica.


Funnily enough the 3 words that give the location for Boris Johnson are:

  1. Brexit
  2. Balls
  3. Up


Arron Banks really is a scum-bucket.


Of course, Thunberg is very much brighter than the Boneheaded Right-wing knuckledragging Climate change deniers, including Banks, Farage and The Groper.

Good luck to Greta in her mission. She speaks for many of us.

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stange how so many Brexiters are racist and trump supporters and Climate change deniers’

Trump on climate change… who cares about future generations ??


…and on the subject of beautiful crystal clear water:

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Well worth a read on the Brexit Party and their views on Climate Change. What a bunch of arses.

Farage has a history of spreading misinformation about climate science, of which DeSmog has kept track over the years. He told an interviewer in 2013: “I’m all for pollution controls but to obsess with carbon dioxide, which as I understand it, is a perfectly natural occurring phenomenon, strikes me as strange.”

Farage has also called wind energy “the biggest collective economic insanity I’ve seen in my entire life.” That would be the cheapest source of new power, along with solar, energy experts now say.

Under his watch, UKIP’s 2015 and 2017 general election manifestos pledged to rip up green measures, including a promise to repeal the UK’s Climate Change Act, withdraw from the Paris Agreement and spur on fracking.

On the day of the Brexit Party launch, Farage told BBC Radio 4 there was “no difference between the Brexit party and UKIP in terms of policy,” which gives an indication of where the Brexit Party stands on climate change.




…companies report how Brexit is damaging their businesses. We can be sure that if they are being damaged so are the livelihoods of their staff.

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My guess is that a Unity government led by Ken Clarke as PM and Harriet Harman as his deputy would stand a chance of getting sufficient Parliamentary support…assuming that Corbyn doesn’t have a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted (to be PM himself).

A Unity government is guaranteed to stop ‘No’ deal Brexit (as far as I can tell) but may be difficult to get support. I believe it could also be formed quite late, with a ‘No’ confidence vote circa 2 weeks before the 31st October cliff edge.


You could email Corbyn to urge him to stand aside in the national interest.

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Any normal person I probably would…but this is Corbyn we are talking about. He has shown that he doesn’t change his mind. The Labour anti-semitic issue and 2nd referendum debate rather proves that.

I suppose I could sign my email ‘Vladimir Putin’ and he might take more interest in it :wink:


I think if enough people do it, it has an impact. Of course JC doesn’t see them personally but his office does.



Everyone likes to blame Brexit when it suits - but hasn’t the majority of the past 3 years been a spectacular bull run?
Profits are hit - blame Brexit
Share prices down - blame Brexit

Let’s just ignore the fact that many companies are simply over valued. Let’s ignore the fact that there is a large trade war. Let’s ignore the fact there’s political unrest in HongKong. Let’s ignore the tension in the Middle East. Let’s ignore the fact that output in Germany is falling. Let’s ignore the fact that markets are cyclical.

At the heart of it, I think Brexit was partially to blame for the 2008 recession; after all, it appears to be the single cause of all that is wrong with the financial markets.

Sarcastic rant over.


And who has said that?

You just made it up.


Looking at the FTSE 100 and 250 charts since 2016, what you actually see is that after the referendum in June 2016 there was a jump in the stock market. This was caused by the devaluation of sterling caused by Brexit. Then if you look at the levels since, you will see that we are now where we were after that rise and at roughly the levels we were at at the beginning of 2017. Currently the ftse average p/e is just under 16 so down a bit from the post referendum period but roughly what would be considered average.

You are right that markets are cyclical and also that the tariff wars are having an effect on markets. The world markets may, just may, be on the brink of recession and this is not caused by Brexit but more by The Groper’s destabilising trade wars. The point being made by most economists is that if we do Brexit that is when the problems start for us, even more so if there is a no deal Brexit. All the Treasury projections are that our economy will be hurt by Brexit. Doing Brexit in the teeth of of world recession is a particularly worrying prospect.

A lot of people do understand that manufacturing and farming industries could be damaged by Brexit but fewer understand that our most successful industry, financial services would be more seriously, if less visibly, damaged as big parts decamp to the eurozone and take with them billions in Treasury receipts.

If you voted Leave and our economy is damaged then you will own it.

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It was sarcasm, as stated in my post.

The point is, people are only blaming Brexit