…more news of Brexit related damage to British business. Today the BBC reports on difficulties in a Cornish pasty factory:

To be honest, I am a bit unsure how Brexit uncertainty affects this company as it wasn’t explained in the article.

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I like a bit of balance.



The management do blame Brexit uncertainty, it clearly states. Surely whoever wrote the report included their explanation for such a statement, but the editor has cut it.

Brexit is bad for the economy generally, it doesn’t have to be a business directly related to obvious Brexit issues to feel the ill-wind.


A ‘typically’ ambiguous statement from THE management. Any decent reporter would have asked the question: …“What do you mean by Brexit uncertainty?”

Instead we get an asinine puff piece of inconsequential journalism…‘the oldest pasty maker’ closes a factory from the 1970’s…surely Cornish pasties must have been made by this company well before 1970!?

The ‘Brexit uncertainty’ is a pathetic excuse for THE management to make people redundant…why not admit the truth…they needed to streamline the business, reduce costs and close a ‘probably’ inefficient factory that was surplus to requirements.

Or does Brexit uncertainty really make fewer people eat Cornish pasties??..answers on a postcard to Greggs!!


Clever people don’t believe the Tory lies…


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Oh look… it’s that chap who didn’t want to be addressed… the other chap with a yacht.
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Still making use of your EU privileges before they disappear?


BBC 1/2 apology for removing laughter on Bojo question time a few week after they doctored clip with the wreath…
something seriously wrong


It is not a privilege of the “EU” … quite how people manage to live within “EUROPE” or outside the “EU” must be a mystery to you.
Or are just bitter being trapped inside your little central (gas) heated shell?
Countries existed thousands of years before the “EU” yet now we can’t exist without their overriding control.
I have Greek citizenship and property… you think they’re going to kick people like me out???

Seriously … get a life and stop being so bitter !!


Becoming a Greek citizen for you was made a lot easier by being a national of an EU Member State though wasn’t it? You made use of that privilege.
And that ease is something you have chosen to deny to other UK citizens.


Is it me, or but did Elon get his 5 year old nephew to design the ‘truck’?


I suppose it was just a matter of time.


what did he say about this… and why are they all spending so much energy attacking labour if he polls are right…



I suspect it may be a case of ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’…although more likely he thinks anything is better than having Corbyn in No. 10…even a Johnson government & Brexit…possibly a hard Brexit next December.

Corbyn was warned that he needed to do more on anti-semitism within Labour…it looks like some people think he didn’t go far enough and hold a bit of a grudge.

The Chief Rabbi’s intervention isn’t going to be a shock to most voters…but it could reinforce what they think of Corbyn…but I doubt it will have much of an impact on his ‘popularity’ numbers in the polls.


Its greatest impact will be within the Labour party hierarchy. I think it pretty much guarantees Corbyn will be gone if he doesn’t pull off a miracle in this election now and he’ll take many of his closest supporters with him, back to the political wilderness from whence they came.

The fact the Chief Rabbi can make an attack like this during an election just underlines the lack of leadership qualities of Corbyn.


It is no surprise at all. He has a lot to say in support of Israel all the time.
This is all about Israel and Palestine and zip to do with any discrimination of Jews in the UK.


Or…Corbyn will have someone (or a group of people) who he will blame for his defeat in the GE. The Left wing of Labour will not release their grip on power within the Labour party & Momentum…to think they will give up on power may be wishful thinking. Indeed they may get more extreme.


They will if they even half believe the accusations of the chief rabbi that there is basically an anti-semite conspiracy within the left wing of Labour and his allegation that it goes all the way to the top.

Not sure how he can quite get away with such language during an election when providing no evidence, frankly.

I doubt it will have much resonance amongst voters, but it will cause (more) disunity within the Labour party despite other jewish leaders refuting much of what he says - while other back his words and refer to a ludicrous poll about 47% of jews considering fleeing the country if Corbyn gets power being bandied about on the BBC as well.

A concerted and planned political attack at a time of national crisis that doesn’t appear justified to me and unfortunately has drowned out the far more sensible words of former Tory deputy P.M. Heseltine encouraging voters to do what they can to prevent a Johnson government.

I also wonder what muslim people are thinking to the apparent disproportionate levels of media coverage this is getting too. I’m sure far more of them ‘feel anxiety every day’ in the current political climate, but apparently don’t have the same sort of political organisational savvy to get their issues aired in the media at the same level.


I would have ‘hoped’ that Republicans & Trump supporters (especially women) would have turned against Hair Trump after his ‘Pussy grabbing’ comments in 2016…they didn’t!!

As you say, ludicrous.

I suspect 47% of Remainers would ‘consider’ leaving the UK if Brexit actually happens (without a confirmatory referendum)…what people say & what they do are ‘often’ totally different (IMO).