It is no surprise at all. He has a lot to say in support of Israel all the time.
This is all about Israel and Palestine and zip to do with any discrimination of Jews in the UK.


Or…Corbyn will have someone (or a group of people) who he will blame for his defeat in the GE. The Left wing of Labour will not release their grip on power within the Labour party & Momentum…to think they will give up on power may be wishful thinking. Indeed they may get more extreme.


They will if they even half believe the accusations of the chief rabbi that there is basically an anti-semite conspiracy within the left wing of Labour and his allegation that it goes all the way to the top.

Not sure how he can quite get away with such language during an election when providing no evidence, frankly.

I doubt it will have much resonance amongst voters, but it will cause (more) disunity within the Labour party despite other jewish leaders refuting much of what he says - while other back his words and refer to a ludicrous poll about 47% of jews considering fleeing the country if Corbyn gets power being bandied about on the BBC as well.

A concerted and planned political attack at a time of national crisis that doesn’t appear justified to me and unfortunately has drowned out the far more sensible words of former Tory deputy P.M. Heseltine encouraging voters to do what they can to prevent a Johnson government.

I also wonder what muslim people are thinking to the apparent disproportionate levels of media coverage this is getting too. I’m sure far more of them ‘feel anxiety every day’ in the current political climate, but apparently don’t have the same sort of political organisational savvy to get their issues aired in the media at the same level.


I would have ‘hoped’ that Republicans & Trump supporters (especially women) would have turned against Hair Trump after his ‘Pussy grabbing’ comments in 2016…they didn’t!!

As you say, ludicrous.

I suspect 47% of Remainers would ‘consider’ leaving the UK if Brexit actually happens (without a confirmatory referendum)…what people say & what they do are ‘often’ totally different (IMO).


This is entirely coordinated and timed.

I do find it peculiar how a Chief Rabbi in the UK is all of a sudden treated as the voice of God.

Here’s an extract from a letter by Robert Cohen from 4 years back to the Chief Rabbi which is quite revealing:

Well, who am I to disagree? After all, you are the Chief Rabbi and your Jewish education far exceeds mine.

Judaism, Zionism, the modern State of Israel – it’s all one thing, all one natural continuum. This is our heritage. This is the faith of our people as it has been handed down to us.

In the past, I’d mistakenly tried to separate Judaism from the consequences of Zionism. I wanted Judaism to be pure, untainted by atrocity.

But how can that be if you are right?



It reminds me of a survey at Oxford Uni when more than 80% of respondents said they had been raped in their first year at Uni.

If the sample surveyed is sophisticated enough they will often give the answers they believe will result in issues being aired they feel are important (I know I do), and occasionally you end up with ridiculous numbers like this - which should never see the light of day on the BBc, frankly,


Quite. So the extremists will have us believe.

I once wrote a book I like to call the Holy Bibble. If you read that book it is apparent that my ancestors spake unto bog who granted them the wealth of the USA in perpetuity.

I’m starting a crowd funding campaign to sue for my rightful heritage, as set down in black and white, so it must be true. I’ll settle for California (with its debts forgiven).


Well… these are the words of the Chief Rabbi talking about Zionism :

“…a noble and integral part of Judaism”.
“…one of the axioms of Jewish belief”.
“…one can no more separate it from Judaism than separate the City of London from Great Britain.”

… from one of the many previous times he was taking part in politics to slag off the Labour Party…


This is at the heart of the current issues.
What some are referring to as antisemitism is simply about Israeli aggression and expansion taking over land that they do not own.

Thank heavens some politicians aren’t afraid to confront that.


I’m sure it is.

I am as sure as I can be without evidence, of which I am equally sure there is none, that this attack on Corbyn and Labour at this time can be traced back to agencies directly or indirectly acting on behalf of the Israeli state. There is a certain organisation and pattern to it that one comes to recognise when one has been a victim of it oneself.

I’m also sure that Corbyn’s unfortunate lack of leadership qualities has left him open to such an attack and it was likely to come at a time when it was judged it would do him the most harm politically.

The whole antisemitism thing should have been killed stone dead a long time ago and would have been by a natural leader.




It will be ‘interesting’ to see if people defend the Tories over Islamophobia claims in the same way they did Labour…just for a bit of balance!!

Interfering with the election, religious groups shouldn’t interfere in politics, where’s the evidence…blah, blah, blah!



…we hear more cries of concern from British industry at the damage is likely to wreak on their businesses. Today the car industry appeal again but is anyone listening, does anyone care at all?

Frog in a tree



…another story pops up to illustrate the stupity of Right Wing populists.

Here is something on The Groper from today’s Guardian:

Speaking to the press on Friday, with the hammer of impeachment poised to fall and countless domestic and international crises to consider, Donald Trump took on a pressing enemy: poor water pressure caused by conservation laws. “People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times as opposed to once. They end up using more water,” Trump said while talking with business owners about what he called ‘‘commonsense” steps to end overregulation. The government, Trump said, was investigating: “We’re looking very strongly at sinks and showers,” he said, prompting listeners to picture him staring as hard as he could at a tap._

Are we to suppose that Johnson also shares these concerns?

Frog in a tree


Why would you be using more water anyway? A lower water pressure would just cause the cistern to fill up slower… but it wouldn’t mean you had to flush more times.


Its more about him. He is well known as germ phobic.



exactly unless you were so full of st1t you have to go many times.
I might have posted this before but its Trump with Piers ??? on climate



…even though the election is done and dusted, motor manufacturers and no more happy with the plans for Brexit:

It seems as though many car factory staff must have been turkeys who have voted for Christmas.

Frog in a tree



…we will see that fears of Brexit damage continue. From the BBC website:

By outlawing an extension, it leaves very little time in which to agree a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU and means the clock is now ticking down to a firm cliff-edge next December. Sterling’s impressive gains following the exit poll and election result have now been completely wiped out as markets are reminded that Boris Johnson’s promise to leave the EU is something he intends to fulfil, possibly without negotiating an amicable future relationship.

Andy Scott
Associate director, JCRA

It didn’t take much time for the euphoric increase in the value of sterling to crash to earth.

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…there is another victory for progressive values. I have just watched and emotional Samira Ahmed on TV after her employment tribunal victory against the BBC in her equal pay case. Good also to see her referencing other women who have fought for their rights in the past including those at Dagenham and Grunwick.

One day maybe this kind of unfairness will be confined to history.

Hope so,

Frog in a tree


FIAT - hi

Excellent result - but it shouldn’t need a court case to get the Woke Broadcasting Corporation to pay it’s staff properly!
.‘One day maybe this kind of unfairness will be confined to history’. - along with the BBC. Now it will have to pay all it’s female staff more (with zero chance of getting any more money) . So presumably redundancies will follow shortly?
Another nail in it’s coffin
Hope so


Looks like we will need a court case to get Bojo to release this … the smell is getting stronger by the day…