…even though the election is done and dusted, motor manufacturers and no more happy with the plans for Brexit:

It seems as though many car factory staff must have been turkeys who have voted for Christmas.

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…we will see that fears of Brexit damage continue. From the BBC website:

By outlawing an extension, it leaves very little time in which to agree a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU and means the clock is now ticking down to a firm cliff-edge next December. Sterling’s impressive gains following the exit poll and election result have now been completely wiped out as markets are reminded that Boris Johnson’s promise to leave the EU is something he intends to fulfil, possibly without negotiating an amicable future relationship.

Andy Scott
Associate director, JCRA

It didn’t take much time for the euphoric increase in the value of sterling to crash to earth.

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…there is another victory for progressive values. I have just watched and emotional Samira Ahmed on TV after her employment tribunal victory against the BBC in her equal pay case. Good also to see her referencing other women who have fought for their rights in the past including those at Dagenham and Grunwick.

One day maybe this kind of unfairness will be confined to history.

Hope so,

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FIAT - hi

Excellent result - but it shouldn’t need a court case to get the Woke Broadcasting Corporation to pay it’s staff properly!
.‘One day maybe this kind of unfairness will be confined to history’. - along with the BBC. Now it will have to pay all it’s female staff more (with zero chance of getting any more money) . So presumably redundancies will follow shortly?
Another nail in it’s coffin
Hope so


Looks like we will need a court case to get Bojo to release this … the smell is getting stronger by the day…


Yep… a month since the GE and still not organised enough to release the report or form some committee.

Makes you wonder how they think they’ll get a comprehensive trade deal with EU in 10 months… and it is 10 months as no negotiations until March.


The Tories are clearly twitchy about the Russian report in its current form. All these delays make me suspect that they want to either doctor or junk the report.

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I also note that the EHRC took less than 3 months from receiving complaints of unlawful discrimination because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs before they had enough evidence/material to launch an investigation into the Labour Party but given that the Muslim Council of Britain (and other bodies and individuals) made compelling cases to the EHRC in May 2019 (and earlier) of similar discrimination taking place in the Conservative Party that they are still “considering the complaints” more than 7 months later on.

It would appear that the EHRC is discriminating (applying different weight and severity) between one body with reports of discrimination (antisemitism) and another with equally poor reports of discrimination (Islamophobia).


You make a good point JW.

Both parties need to clean up their acts and chuck out the racists and, as a statutory body, the EHRC needs to act even handedly.

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JW - hi

Maybe the Tories will release the Russian report on the same day the EHRC reports on Labour’s antisemitism! :innocent:
I see the Momentum Party is tying itself in knots on who to select as their leader and how to ‘sell’ itself to the (sceptical) electorate. The good news is that it will be even harder next time as there is now nothing stopping the much needed changes to electoral constituencies that currently give Labour an undemocratic advantage.
It takes fewer votes (on average) to elect a Labour MP than it does a Tory one. The boundary changes have been stopped by the Lib Dems (in the coalition) and Theresa May’s lack of a majority recently. Now with a massive Tory majority it will be definitely be done for the next election.

Interesting quote from the article:
'The most famous MP facing wholesale change under those recommendations is Jeremy Corbyn, whose Islington North constituency would cease to exist.
The redraw, which would create redrawn constituencies across North London, including the creation of Finsbury Park and Stoke Newington, would affect a swathe of Labour MPs including Mr Corbyn, Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and Diane Abbott.’

The good news keeps on coming.


You might well be proved right there.

Do you really want Tory Governments forever?


JW - hi

One of us does m8


It can pay all its men less instead.


Its nothing like 10 months. There will be a 2 month summer break and everything has to be decided by around the end of September to allow the member parliaments to debate and vote on it.

Being generous they have about 6 or 7 rounds of discussions to settle deals across every sector of business, manufacturing and services between 2 of the 7 largest economies in the world.

The only way it can possibly happen is if Johnson completely caves in AGAIN and gives the EU what it wants, which wont be good for the turkeys that voted for this, or the realists who voted against it.


Eadwig - hi

Of course it could, it’s their call - but then will probably lose some of the men to competitors.

Of more interest to me is that the license fee for the BBC is passed it’s ‘sell by’ date. When it was formed and the BBC was the only broadcaster the idea of users needing a license was valid. Especially as it’s charter called for impartiality.


  1. there are many alternatives to the BBC (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Amazon , Netflix etc. ), plus online content who do not get money from an obligatory ‘tax’
  2. the BBC has become more liberal / left wing so is no longer impartial

John Humphrys attacks BBC’s ‘liberal bias’ days after retiring
Mark Townsend- Guardian
Sat 21 Sep 2019 17.28 BSTLast modified on Sat 21 Sep 2019 20.29 BST

'Humphrys described what he labelled the “institutional liberal bias” at the BBC and condemned the “Kremlin”-style corporation for being out of touch.
He writes that BBC bosses were devastated by the victory of the Leave campaign, and likened their expressions following the referendum to a football fan whose team has just missed a penalty. ’

There is a place for the BBC but has to adapt to the media world as it now is.
Provide what it’s customers want and attract them with either a subscription fee or adverts (as it does outside the UK) - or a mixture of both.



…we hear the sound “drip, drip”. Today it is Total planning to move its financial management from London to Paris.

There will be a lot more of this to come.

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FIAT - hi

But will it stop Brexit?
Answers on a postcard please to …
B Johnson
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Tick … Tock…
16 days to go


I did not say it would stop Brexit. It will be a consequence, one of many negative consequences, courtesy of Leave voters. You voted for it and you will own it.



FIAT - hi

So - your posts will have no practical effect then.
I suppose the ‘displacement activity’ gives you something to do


So what. i am not trying to stop Brexit with these posts. I am simply commenting on the likely consequences of Brexit Your responses will not deter me from discussing this.

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