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Of course it could, it’s their call - but then will probably lose some of the men to competitors.

Of more interest to me is that the license fee for the BBC is passed it’s ‘sell by’ date. When it was formed and the BBC was the only broadcaster the idea of users needing a license was valid. Especially as it’s charter called for impartiality.


  1. there are many alternatives to the BBC (ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, Amazon , Netflix etc. ), plus online content who do not get money from an obligatory ‘tax’
  2. the BBC has become more liberal / left wing so is no longer impartial

John Humphrys attacks BBC’s ‘liberal bias’ days after retiring
Mark Townsend- Guardian
Sat 21 Sep 2019 17.28 BSTLast modified on Sat 21 Sep 2019 20.29 BST

'Humphrys described what he labelled the “institutional liberal bias” at the BBC and condemned the “Kremlin”-style corporation for being out of touch.
He writes that BBC bosses were devastated by the victory of the Leave campaign, and likened their expressions following the referendum to a football fan whose team has just missed a penalty. ’

There is a place for the BBC but has to adapt to the media world as it now is.
Provide what it’s customers want and attract them with either a subscription fee or adverts (as it does outside the UK) - or a mixture of both.



…we hear the sound “drip, drip”. Today it is Total planning to move its financial management from London to Paris.

There will be a lot more of this to come.

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But will it stop Brexit?
Answers on a postcard please to …
B Johnson
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Tick … Tock…
16 days to go


I did not say it would stop Brexit. It will be a consequence, one of many negative consequences, courtesy of Leave voters. You voted for it and you will own it.



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So - your posts will have no practical effect then.
I suppose the ‘displacement activity’ gives you something to do


So what. i am not trying to stop Brexit with these posts. I am simply commenting on the likely consequences of Brexit Your responses will not deter me from discussing this.

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I’m sure the other Remainers will carry on doing the same displacement activity as you to keep each other happy (or is it miserable?).
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This will help m8 :laughing:

’Oh Rebecca Long-Bailey’

Jeremy Corbyn’s hard-left protege Rebecca Long-Bailey takes a shock five point LEAD over centrist Keir Starmer in Labour leadership race, new poll shows
Hard-left Corbynite Rebecca Long-Bailey is in the lead for the Labour leadership
She is the leading choice of figures such as John McDonnell and Diane Abbott
The survey stated that if an election took place she would win with 42 per cent
PUBLISHED: 22:03, 15 January 2020 | UPDATED: 00:23, 16 January 2020

The good news keeps on coming



…we hear news, that isn’t always as bad as we were led to believe.


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Agree m8. In the remainers parallel universe … good news is bad news.
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No it wasn’t. No other country in the world required you to pay for a license for owning a TV. It was a joke then, it is unbelievable today.

Typical Tory. Tax, Tax, Tax., the more regressive the better.


Are you really pretending the RICS index wasn’t down 12% in December?


Oh yes you are. What a short-sighted idiot.



I’m highlighting a report showing an improvement to the housing market, following the election. Given the uncertainty over how Brexit would pan out, or who would form a Government after the election, it’s of little surprise the housing market was massively subdued in the latter half of 2019.

However, that has now passed, 2019 is now history, and RICS are reporting what appears to be some positive news. No need for anyone to get carried away, least of all Brexiteers, but if you want to rubbish it, discredit it, or turn your nose up then carry on.

This is the Everyday thread - a thread designed to publish bad news stories about Brexit.

I thought I’d publish a positive one.

I must say, I’m rather shocked that you’d jump to find fault.


Eadwig - good morning

As selective and blinkered as usual I see.
I referred to the BBC (the clue if it helps your comprehension deficit), is that it stands for the British Broadcasting Corporation.
The examples I subsequently gave were of competitive companies it now faces in the UK.
Good to see that you (apparently) think that the ‘tax’ (aka licence fee) the BBC receives is wrong - and always has been!
No other country in the world required you to pay for a license for owning a TV. It was a joke then, it is unbelievable today.
Typical Tory. Tax, Tax, Tax., Wrong again m8- as a Conservative I want to reduce taxation.
A good start is to abolish the BBC (just to remind you again British ) License Fee



…we hear of how Brexit is damaging our car industry. Here is another story about how how seriously damaged the industry is and about the weakness of government action to protect it.

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Using the GOVS figures shows BOJOs deal will be even worse than Mays… and they think theyve won something ??


only an improvement over the previous historically terrible month.

However, the real torpedo already in the water is the growing proportion of new mortgages reported are actually equity release mortgages.

The bank of mom and dad is taking back their own cash and letting their kids rent instead. Typically selfish of the Brexit voting generation.

Just as all that cheap ex-farm land is about to come on the market as well.

What is that going to do to the housing market given that the builder’s land banks were bought at prices which may very soon be deeply undermined?


Why are you so hell bent on rubbishing a positive report? Why can’t you take it for what it was - indicating that there has been improvement in the house buying market?

For clarity, I didn’t link those posts to say how wonderful the world is, more that things aren’t as bad as predicted on this board.

One of the reports I linked up was with regard the house buying market and therefore nothing to do with Equity Release - which is a completely different product. So no torpedo in that report.

No. Simply not true. The housing market, over the last 20 odd years, has ballooned to the point where some cities are simply unaffordable for people early in their careers and unless the bank of Mum and Dad is awash with cash then they can’t help. Absolutely nothing to do with selfish Brexit voting generation.

Take this @Eadwig

The average house price for a flat, in London, according to Zoopla, is £497k. Assuming an 80% mortgage, then Bank of Mum and Dad would need to provide £100k (ignoring associated fees). If they have more than one child, then it’s crippling - and all that assumes that their child can borrow £400k, meaning they’d need to earn £100k!

What on earth has that to do with the selfish Brexit Voting Generation? This has been going on way before the Referendum.

And if Brexit is going to be as bad as you reckon, then house prices will fall and become more affordable to a generation that was previously priced out.

But hang on, what’s going?


Read the reports your posting up, its obvious enough.

100% due to Brexit, or are you going to argue now we’d have been having an election in December as a matter of course?