Once again you refuse to comment on the case in point peterthenovice, your avoidance tactics speak volumes, would you allow Farage or Widdicombe the same respect should they be found guilty in a court of law regarding a shady Fraud Case ?
I rest my case…your credibility is beyond recovery.


Seems to be a repeated libel going on here.


Google may help you, as your well aware from having a friend also suspended, no linky’s from the greyed out peasants.


Ive asked this question many many times its not that difficult. Its you who uses avoidance tactics

Are we better off in the EU or OUT

Any positive benefits for UK ? answer appreciated


Not just the Scots but the Welsh…

If there was a new referendum on EU membership in Wales today, the poll commissioned from Beaufort Research by WalesOnline, suggests that Remain would have a 10 percentage point lead over leave.


It seems to me like you are spreading fake news.

Next moment you are accusing her of being guilty of fraud.

I think appointing the head of the IMF sounds very much to me like they’ve got someone regarded as very capable of doing the job.


Where have I posted she has been found guilty of Fraud ?


Threadbare - What were your reasons for voting for UK to Leave the EU ?


I see. You are retracting your libel and admitting she is the best person for the job? About time.

For someone who complains about unfair treatment you certainly like to throw a lot of mud (lies) about hoping some will stick. Goebbels and Hitler used to like doing that too.


So you cannot provide the proof for your unsubstantiated claim, I thought you were better than that.


The proof is in your previous posts for everyone to see in black and white.In other words, it isn’t a claim, it is a fact that you have been caught out spreading fake news.

You can wriggle all you like. It is completely clear that you are throwing mud in the hope that some of it sticks. I can’t say I’m surprised. Its completely in character and a blatant tactic we see time and again from Brexiteer leaders such as Farage, Johnson and Witchycombe


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is investing hundreds of millions of pounds to build a range of electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham.
Initially the plant will produce an electric version of the Jaguar XJ.



…more information comes to light showing why Johnson is a very unsuitable person to become PM. It has now come out that when he became Foreign Secretary that there were some in No.10 who didn’t trust him with top secret material. Well, he is a bit random isn’t he?

All good stuff to throw at him in any election he leads as PM.


Frog in a tree


No response to being caught out posting fake news then? just another attempt pretending that Jaguar Landrover is investing hundreds of millions when in fact even with this surprise announcement there is still a net loss due to Brexit.


Now, the reality…

Jaguar Land Rover, owned by India’s Tata Motors, has previously warned that a no-deal departure from the EU could cost it up to £1.2bn a year.
Like other car makers, it relies on just-in time delivery of imported parts to ensure the efficient operation of its production lines.

Jaguar Land Rover said:
We are making this investment because the ongoing Brexit uncertainty has left us with no choice, we had to act, for our employees and our business.
We are committed to the UK as our home and will fight to stay here but we need the right deal.
We will continue to work with government to secure a deal that support business.


No comment on the US employment data ? Shouldn’t you EU Groupies be looking up to President Trump for the 224,000 increased jobs and credit him ? My US co-workers are in complete awe of the most important man in the world. Tape doesn’t lie.


That’s right. Unemployment rate UP in USA, average wages DOWN.

What do you as a Trump Groupie have to say to that?


You see, if you’re going to comment on data, don’t pick and choose it to give a false picture that suits your twisted view of the world. That’s why no one bothered commenting here, although I did discuss it elsewhere where it was more on topic in terms of the thread.


Eadwig ,I’m afraid you just cannot see good in any data that doesn’t reflect doom and gloom. The core EU Groupies on here have really broken you.
It’s a shame to constantly read your negative view of the world, you show concern for betting shop staff feeding off people’s misery, yet cannot raise a smile for an additional 224,000 US health care, business services and transportation workers.
Sad :frowning:


Come on @GreyCarpet - surely you can think of some?