Touching concern for the US, Threadbare… we’ll see how concerned you are when they start raping the UK with their aggressive trade deals… all thanks to Brexit where the UK will lose the advantages of being part of the world’s largest trading bloc.


You Trump Groupies are just going to ignore the fact that unemployment has gone UP then?

Why would I care about workers in the USA over workers in the UK? Are you really that much of a Trump Groupie that American workers are more important to you? you really have been drinking the Trump Groupie Kool-aid.


Try some , it’s good for your wealth


GreyCarpet, undoubtably The Groper has support in the US.

The latest polling puts it in the minority at about 41% approval.




I think Threadbare thinks that by Leaving the EU… we become part of the US… thus he’s happy with their economic figures and loon for a President.

In a way… he is spot on.


Ooops it seems it’s a German bank with 2.5billion loss and 18,000 redundancies this time … can we blame this on Brexit? and is there more to come?? :wink:


Banks go broke from time to time like Northern Rock, Bradford and Bingley, RBS and Lehmann’s. I suppose you want to blame that on the EU?

So have your Greek friends voted for a Grexit party?



Not exactly, the impression I get is that tsipras was never forgiven for his about turn after the όχι vote.


There are millions more redundancies to come in the banking industry, with at least a million in the UK.

Brexit is just speeding up the process and is also a handy excuse for management.


Very true …


Deutschebank’s problems appear to be about its own mismanagement and misconduct and nothing to do with the euro or the eurozone. I am sure that along with all the other Brexiters who are still fighting WW2 that you are overjoyed. Stuff happens, just as it happened here after the financial crisis. Happy to hear any alternative evidence you may have.

Frog in a tree


He may never have been forgiven by hardcore Grexiters but they are a minority. The majority of Greeks favour Remain and keeping the euro.




I am far from overjoyed at the thought of anyone losing their job
Eadwig is right that this has far more to do with poor management… at the highest levels
Equally the euro is being propped up by similar inept management for political reasons (IMO) it’s just a matter of time …,


So why are so many UK Financial companies moving assets and jobs to EU countries?


I think it was me that said some of Deutsche’s problems stemmed from mismanagement.

As for the imminent collapse of the euro, you guys have been wishing this to happen for years, getting wet knickers about it since the referendum. Funnily enough, even despite the Greek crisis it never happened. Although Greece is still not out of the woods, its economy is in much better shape since the ECB/IMF intervation and support.


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I doubt the last line is true … trust and sincerity is a big thing here … bigger than just grexit !


You mean bailouts to pay off the interest … to whom did these interest payments go I wonder?
Jesus you’re a bit slow …


Anyway it’s late and I’m going to bed !!


More good news for the Tories…
He chooses country over ERG…


Of course Gauke won’t be able to resign…he will be sacked first.

Also interesting was Sam Gyimah’s estimate of 30+ Tory rebels who might vote against “no deal”. The trouble is that there could be a similar number of Labour Brexiter rebels. Still, we fight the battle a day at a time. The next battle will be by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire where the Tories are at risk of losing and so reducing their chance of achieving majorities in the HofC. Hopefully Labour Remainer voters will defect en masse to the LibDems.


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