…another civil servant breaks cover. Today we have the former civil service head of the Brexit department, one Phillip Rycroft warning about the dangers of a no deal Brexit. He should know.


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One thing I’ve always said is all this talk of leaving on 31st October with or without a deal is going to change once the new P.M. starts getting shown the data projections by the cabinet office.

Or at least, I hope that neither of them are so dogmatic as to not change their position once they have it in black and white in front of them showing what a complete disaster a No Deal would be. In fact, they must be both getting briefed by now, I would have thought.

Also, what advantage is there in a No Deal? We still have to negotiate a trade deal with the EU anyway and its isn’t going to be any easier if we deliberately cause as much damage as possible to both sides when severing the relationship. The EU will just cost it out and add it to the bill for doing trade with them in the future.



…more voices speak up to warn of the dangers of a no deal Brexit. Today its Lord Jim O’Neil. The BBC reports:

Can a no-deal Brexit be carried out successfully? Not a chance, reckons former Conservative Treasury Minister Lord Jim O’Neil, vice-chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership and also a former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. When asked by BBC Radio 5 Live whether a no-deal can be carried out successfully He replied: “No. Because the word here that is crucial is successfully. "It can be carried out but it would be utter chaos. How would any business know what the rules of engagement are supposed to be conducting the day after it happened.”


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More evidence of how bad Brexit is to the UK.

Brexiteers- don’t bother reading… you are too thick to understand.

The head of Ford of Europe has issued a new warning that a no-deal Brexit would be a “catastrophe” for the motor industry.
Chairman Steven Armstrong said the motor giant would have to look again at its manufacturing “footprint” in the UK in the event of a disorderly departure from the EU



Good to see that Trump will no longer work with the U.K. ambassador that thinks they are above the law,
Will be interesting to see what “Downing Street has reaffirmed Full Support “ actually means in the real world…Uber on route would be my guess.


I see that Mr Carpet has failed to understand the case. It is extremely unlikely that the Ambassador had anything at all to do with the leak. There is much speculation about whether this leak was done for political advantage in the UK political sphere. Hopefully the investigation will establish what has happened. Other than that, the Ambassador has simply confirmed what most of us have known for several years that The Groper’s administration is chaotic and infected by infighting.

The trouble with our right wing friends like Mr Carpet is that they are so besotted with The Groper’s racist, sexist and bullying antics that they even lie to themselves.

BTW, it was good to hear that a CNN TV report from France had background chanting from US women supporters chanting “F*** Trump” repeatedly. Them too!


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Yes. Typical Brexiteer - We’ll leave Europe and let USA run the country for us.

May won’t sack him and it will be political suicide for the next P.M. to be seen kowtowing to Trump. And rightly so.


Closer relationship would be for the best wouldn’t you agree earwig? I wouldn’t view it as a negative which is how the EU Groupies appear to view all positive news regarding U.K. PLC these days…That’s when you are not supporting the deaths of the most venerable members of our society in a final ditched attempt to stop Brexit. Disgraceful and deeply offensive to read the cheering of OAPs passing over…shameful.


Congratulations on the most stupid post of the week.

What law are you referring too? Are you accusing our Ambassador of the leaking? If so you must be in a madhouse.

The leak will have come from a RW Brexiteer source - if it can ever be proved. It is they who had the motive. Note the last Brexit supporting Minister who recently got sacked for such leaking: Gavin Williamson.

If the offender is identified he/she should be charged with treason. This affair has left us open to domination by our enemy the USA and its fellow travellers here with vested interests.

No doubt we will see Johnson get on his knees soon, begging Trump for some crumbs to help his dwindling army of dim racists* betray the country by leaving the world’s most important economic and political union in which we are equal partners . So that we can become the 51st State of the USA. Might as well shut down Parliament altogether then.



  • Another 1500 going out the door today.


I think the truth is for the best GreyCretin. Which is what our ambassador wrote of Trump’s administration, along with a dozen or two authors/journalists who have had access to the White House
and its open nepotism.

Can’t you admit the truth, you Trump-Groupies? Trump doesn’t care his administration is dysfunctional, you know? You don’t have to wait for permission, or have you already forgotten how to think for yourself?


I’ve no problem with what the ambassador wrote earwig, It’s the “leak” I take issue with, bit like you choosing to miss quote me on the Brexit thread you’re EU Groupie leader has had me barred from ? Freedom of speech has its place, but not around ambassadors imho.



Are you actually saying that you believe our Ambassador was responsible for the leak?

Yes or no?




Maybe Threadbare could also explain his initial remark:
“Good to see that Trump will no longer work with the U.K. ambassador that thinks they are above the law”

a) Why was it “good to see”?
b) In what way did the UK Ambassador think they were above the law?


You are wasting your time JW. Mr Carpet is not the sharpest of the old biddie brexiters. He has difficulty in expressing himself coherently and grammatically.

I don’t know why Carpet keeps accusing others of having him banned. I hadn’t actually noticed, but when I just checked I see that he hasn’t posted on BW3 since last Wednesday. I haven’t noticed that he has done anything worthy of flagging and so I assume that the mods are keeping an eye on him. It may be that they object to his EU Groupies phrase. It doesn’t bother me as I just regard him as an "Old Brexit Biddie.

If the mods are reading this can I suggest that Mr Carpet has full posting rights restored?


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Maybe GC is speaking a language that I cannot understand but I’m fairly sure that he thinks Darroch is behind the leak?

How can that be? I’ve not seen any suggestion of that anywhere?

What would his motive be? Everybody knows what he wrote is true and has been said openly by legions of in the know commentators already. Secondly, if he had done so it would obviously lead to the debacle we now see and the last outcome he would want to for UK - US relations. And from a personal view he is now condemned to leave his 46 year career under a cloud.

No, I believe the leaking was done by a RW traitor or traitors, possibly in collusion with Far Right US Republicans or the Russians - both who after all bankrolled the Brexit campaign.

Whatever, I think that the British Government should stand up to Trump or continue to be further regarded across the world as a puppet of the USA and a laughing stock.




I agree. We need something to walk over and use our Dyson on to hoover the muck up.




Part 1 complete.
Sir Kim will now no longer meet the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump as scheduled on Tuesday, the BBC has been told.

As I said , when your position is described as “full support” you know your days are numbered.

The “wacky” Ambassador is a very stupid guy, Mr Trump has tweeted.


Sounds like you can’t stop yourself committing libel. There is no evidence that the ambassador leaked at all, and nothing to gain by him doing so either. A stupid assumption to make.

I think I got your meaning across entirely properly.

More project paranoia from the Brexit side.

and would freedom of speech have its place in a secret document ? You idiot.


not to mention Trump


Having been printed in the “mail” it’s not quite so secret anymore?
1, leaked by the government (for their own reasons?) and no more action will follow.
2, leaked by someone high enough to have access without government authority… he should be sacked and possibly prosecuted.
3, leaked via the Americans to get him out the way … as no1 above
… I suspect 1 or 3